Star Ocean 2: The Odd Guys; an independent fic (Trust me, the stories are better than the titles)
by Duran the Warrior (Of "A Night Out" fame)

Well, to start off, this is my first Star Ocean 2 fanfic. I have written some Seiken 3 fics, but one is on the web right now. But enough about the other fics; to get the "Seiken series, e-mail me @ The stars of this are Leon and Ashton, and was influenced by playing the game and the "Leon's Crush" PA in fun city.

>Lacour Tavern
<Leon and Ashton are talking about stuff like the ten wise men they just beaten a few months ago. >
Leon: Odd, why aren't you laughing or bragging like I do?
Ashton:It isn't me. Tell me again about that thing at Fun City again.
Leon: Why is that such a big deal?
Ashton:I may not be a big genius like you, but I'd figure that we'd have better stuff to do than be in this bar.
Leon: All right, all right, is this what you want to hear, that I gots the hots for Celine.
Ashton: You know what: this is funny! You said "you gots the hots" <Laughs> for Celine <Falls over laughing> Oh man that is just funny! <Continues laughing>
Leon: Speak for yourself, I know you gots the hots for that hyper girl. That sounds as odd as me "liking" a woman almost twice my age.
Ashton: <Stops laughing> I've just thought of something; let's team up for that we can win in our quest for love!
Leon:..........<Smacks Ashton across the face with his book of Chaos then starts laughing> Good idea, but you can't expect to succeed saying stupid stuff like that!
Ashton:I think we should get some help from that Bowman guy.
Leon: Why that moron?
Ashton: Because for one he'd help and second, he's married!
Leon: As much as I'd hate to say this but this is good logic.
>Linga, at Bowman's house
Ashton: We'd need your help with a slight matter.
Bowman: What would that be exactly?
Leon: Love!!!!
Ashton: Now it's my turn to hit you with something <Takes his glove and smacks Leon across the face>
Leon: Hey, old man, do you know Celine Jules by chance?
Bowman: Heh heh, I was about to marry her once. And since my wife is out I'll start telling you the story. <Tells it> Still the best way to succeed is be yourself while being heroic. Want to hear an interesting story about Noel?
Ashton: Why not.
Bowman: It's just that recently Noel has borrowed Claude's trumpet, and that means he's gonna do something.
Leon: I heard how Chisato rejected him cold.
Ashton: What use does he have summoning the Iseria Queen?
Leon: Ashton, are you stupid or something? She'll kill him! I saw the hard time you, Big siblings Claude, Rena, and Precis had with her!
Ashton: Precis...<Falls over>
Bowman: Does he always do this?
Leon: Yes, he does...
<Noel bursts in>
Noel: Guess what guys!
Leon, faking excitement: What?
Noel: Meet my new girlfriend, Isabelle!
<As the Iseria Queen walks in>
Leon: No way, this is nuts, and this is from a 12-year old who likes a 23-year old!
Isabelle: I'm not going to kill you all. It's odd seeing him on the field, and I was about to kill him, but then instead of attacking me, he asked me out. Then we talked and convinced me not to take revenge on some of his friends for killing me multiple times.
<Ashton wakes up, blood running from his nose>
Ashton: It's nice that you got a...OH TRIA!
Isabelle: What? It's not like I'm going to kill you.
Leon: Yeah Ashton! Noel convinced her not to!
Noel: Pardon me; I just came here to say that everyone else is visiting tomorrow for a reunion. I just can't wait to tell them the news. Well, We have to be going now. <They leave>
Bowman: That was interesting. Why not Snooze here for the night!
<They both fall asleep; later on there is some talking>
Nineh: How come you have to help everybody?
Bowman: Honey, it's just that they needed it, and I guess tomorrow they'll go on their own, Honey what are you reading?
Nineh: A collection of stories about this world by this guy who calls himself Duran the Warrior. Kevin and Riesz really do make a nice couple.
Bowman, breaking 3rd wall: (Isn't he the guy that is writing this?)
<End Scene>
>The Neumann house, next day
Rena: Hello Mr. Neumann, how are you today?
Mr. Neumann: Fine, but my daughter has been acting nuttier than usual. She's always thinking of this Ashton guy.
Claude: Ohhhhh...
<Precis comes in>
Precis: Hey, Claude, Rena! How do I get Ashton to notice me?
Claude, sarcastically: Why not wear a barrel.
Precis: Ok, bye!
Rena: Claude, what you do that for?
Claude: I just made a joke, and she actually believed me.
Rena: What else did I expect when I married you.
Mr. Neumann: Okay...
<End of scene>
>North Linga
Celine: It is so nice reading up on stuff in the library. (Why isn't Leon here; I'd thought that the little darling would be here reading like he always does.)
<She finishes reading and leaves; when a bandit grabs her>
Bandit: Got ya now, witch! You can't do anything now. Now give all of your money or else I'll have to do some slicing <Moves into an alley>
<Footsteps are heard>
????: Demon of darkness I summon you to do my bidding, and that is to bite the guy's head off!
Demon: Yes sir! <Goes after the bandit from behind>
Bandit: HAHA...<Gets cut off as the demon bites his head off, anime-style; then leaves, saying "tastes like chicken">
Leon: Once again Leon, super genius and super mage saves the day!
Celine: Leon darling, why did you have to do that for? I know you were trying to save me, but my clothes are dirty with the guy's blood.
Leon: Sorry about that. Well, there goes that plan, I try to be heroic and I end up messing up her clothes.
Celine: Darling, would you know where a washing place is?
Leon: I know! I've been working on a washing machine and Dryer that Big brother Claude told me about! (I wonder how Ashton's doing.)
>South Linga
Ashton: (How am I suppose to be heroic? I could really look at a barrel right now.) <Sees a Barrel with arms and legs> Whoa! A walking barrel, I've got to see this! <Walks over to it>
Gyoro: (The idiot, that's the girl he likes.)
Ururun: (I think she is wearing a bikini; you know what this means.)
Gyoro: (Either nosebleed time or time for Ashton to finally grow up)
Precis: Like what you see, Ashy boy?
Ashton: In fact yes. I think now I'd rather look at you than a barrel.
Gyoro: (Well; that's a first)
Ururun: (I think if she popped up first, Things would have been sped up, instead, he looked at the barrel and didn't noticed her.)
Precis, out of the barrel: Come on, I know that we much rather talk now and have you look at me in a bikini, but we have the reunion to go to.
<They go to her house, while Bowman looks on>
Bowman: (It's nice that one of them has succeeded, that and I got to check out a cute girl.)
<End Scene>
Linga Inn
Soldier: Here is the washing machine you wanted, Master Leon.
Leon: Good, now leave, I've got company.
Soldier: Yes sir (I think he has a girl in the room.) <Leaves>
Celine, from the bathroom: Darling, who was that?
Leon: A Soldier who dropped off the washing machine. Um... Could I ask you something.
Celine: Sure darling, just as long as it isn't about coming in the bathroom right now.
Leon: (Okay) Doyouwannagooutwithme?
Celine: I was thinking about it, since you told me that you liked me, and I figured darling, why not? All the normal relationships I'd have failed, so yes.
Leon: Oh look the clothes are done.
<a few moments later>
Celine: Why do you like me?
Leon: Um... You're good with magic, I like that high-up personality; that and you look good as well.
Celine: Darling, that's the first time that someone actually liked what some would call 'stuck-up'.
Leon: Oh, look at the time! We've got to go!
>The Neumann House
Claude: So Dias, so that what happened.
Rena: I'm really happy that you found somebody, Dias.
Dias: Well; I guess opposites attract, since Chisato isn't like me at all.
Chisato: I've heard some odd things, like a barrel over bikini outfit, or that Noel using that trumpet the Claude loaned to him to summon something, some real crazy stuff.
<A loud crashing sound is heard>
Mr. Neumann: Another meteorite, I'll go look at it <leaves>
Claude: I think some really crazy stuff will happen.
<Bowman comes in>
Bowman: Anyone heard about Leon?
Rena: No; though I think I saw a soldier from Lacour bring a type of machine over to the inn.
Bowman: I met Noel's new girlfriend; for some reason Ashton freaked when he met her; the name was something like Isabelle.
<Leon and Celine came in>
Leon: Hello everybody.
Celine: Hello Darlings.
Bowman: I guess they both succeeded then.
Dias: What are you getting at?
Bowman: Ashton and Leon came to me for help, and I helped them with matters of the heart. Anyone heard of this bandit that is outside the library, he robbed several scholars this month.
Leon: I think he won't be doing that anymore.
Claude: What makes you say that?
Leon: He can't rob when he has his head bitten off by a demon.
Rena: Leon, did you summon a demon to bite his head off?
Leon: Yes, how else was I suppose to save Celine in a heroic and dramatic way?
Celine: Still, that was pretty messy; but Leon's washing machine worked great.
<Ashton and Precis come in>
Precis: I would have come in earlier, but I don't think the outfit I was wearing was inappropriate.
Ashton: Great idea, Claude.
Claude: So far this is nuts; a boy dating a woman, Ashton dating a girl that wore a barrel. Ok; what else is next?
<Mr. Neumann comes in>
Mr. Neumann: Hey I found some guests, Ernest Raviede and Opera Vectra. Their ship crashed.
Ernest: We were going somewhere, but we had a slight argument and the ship wasn't on autopilot.
Opera: It's just that he seems to always avoid me, and I'm getting sick and tired of it.
Ernest: Well; it isn't my fault that you always follow me.
Claude: (OK, this has gone into insane territory. I guess something truly insane will happen next.)
<Noel and his girlfriend come>
Noel: Meet my girlfriend Isabelle
Ashton: Don't worry, I met her today, and she isn't all that bad of a person.
Isabelle: OK; I guess this should make things well <Proceeds to dump out a lot of Angel armbands, Levantines, and holy sword farewells.> That way now you won't have to go after me again, and here's a game shark.
Claude: What's that for?
Isabelle: Simple; so that you won't have reason to go after me again.
Claude: I must say this has been one of the oddest days in my life, and I wound up really far way from the planet I was on.
Bowman: I guess today was a good day for everybody. <Starts reading the manga version of the "Seiken" series> (I'm glad I've got this, since there are serious hot babes in here.)
Well; note about the Iseria Queen, she looks like a six-winged angel in a black dress; but I guess SO2 fans know this well.