The Epic of The Onion Knight
by Nick Fidler

A poem based on Final Fantasy 3 (The NES Version, made by Squaresoft)

A long time ago
In a far off land
A corrupt wizard, did raise his hand
And earthquakes shook lives of woman and man
‘pon the flying isle of the Onion-Clan.

By mistake,
Four boys did fall
Into a pit, within the halls
Of an Onion-Cavern, in forgotten lands
Beyond their reach: their father’s hand!

The Onion-boys, an altar found
And here the Crystal-Wind gave plight
Of the sorcerer’s dark clouds of blight
How people below, did live in fright,
So, began the tale of the Onion-Knights

‘Neath Onion-Isle, they found a world
Below the Wind’s Bright Crystal Hand
And sought to find this evil man
But all ‘twas water! Alas, no land!
A curse, here present, of Terror’s Brand!

Only one thing certain:
This empty world did stand below
The Onion-Lands they called their home
And so they waded in the water alone
They too – stricken by Terror’s bone!

Diving downward,
They sought their prize
And found the Water’s Crystal Eyes,
Prayed “Cease the rains that cloud the skies”
And from the depths, the land did rise…

At last he stood,
His time at hand
This mystic, Anti-Onion-Man
And thus, fallen, by Onion-hands
He uttered a last curse, on Onion-Lands…

His summoned monster
From the deep
Did waken, from eternal sleep
And innocent souls, she wished to reap
And cloud the world in darkness deep…

And so they stood
Onion-Swords in hand
In Armour, of the Onion-Man
And Banished this evil, from all the land
Delivering peace to the Onion-Clan…

Four boys came back
After years at hand
To their near-forgotten Onion-Lands
And embraced their mom, and Onion-Dad
Not as Onion-boy, but Onion-man…