Out on the Moonflow
by Morgona Setterwind

Yuna sat near the Moonflow, waiting for night to come, so she could see the pyreflies light up the river. Yuna sat there, thinking of her journey with her guardians, her friends, with Tidus. “We’ve defeated Yunalesca, Seymour, Sin, and even Yu Yevon…and all for what? We saved Spira, but I couldn’t…I didn’t…I should have saved you”, crying so hard that she didn’t notice the small group of people standing behind her.

“Yunie? Yunie, what’s wrong? Talk to us; you haven’t spoken in days”, said Rikku, sitting down next to her.

Lulu, dressed in her usual black dress, placed her hand on Yuna’s shoulder, “You’re thinking about him again. I once told him not to fall in love with you; maybe I should have said the same to you.”

“Lu! Can’t you go easy on her for just once?” yelled Wakka, as him and Kimari ran up to the girls, clothes torn and blood flowing from many wounds. “Sorry we’re late; we got ambushed by some fiends back there.”

Lulu’s eyes looked worried and concerned as she surveyed Wakka’s wounds. “Drink a hi-potion you two, we can’t have you falling behind Wakka.”

Wakka just stared at Lulu and did what he was told, grumbling about controlling women. Muffled laughter coming from Rikku was quickly silenced by a stern look from the black mage. “Cunno”, she said, turning back to Yuna, “Yunie, talk to us.”

“It’s nothing. I was just thinking. I’m fine”, Yuna wiping away the tears flowing down her face with her sleeve. “I was just thinking about how beautiful the Moonflow is tonight”, giving the group a weak smile.

“Yuna thinking about Tidus again. Yuna shouldn’t blame Yuna for Tidus disappearing. He will come back”, said Kimari with that definite tone of his.

“Kimari…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry everyone”, Yuna bowing before them.

“No need to worry Yuna, ya. He’s out there, somewhere.”

“Maybe he’ll come back someday Yunie”, said Rikku, a somewhat hopeful look on her face.

“Enough”, Lulu in her Stoic and final tone of voice. “The faith has been set free from their dreaming. Tidus and Sir Jecht were part of that dream and are now gone. They will not be coming back. It is pointless and sad to dream about them coming back.”

“No, you’re wrong Lulu”, Yuna, holding her hand against her heart, “He will come back. Even when he is not here, I feel him. I love him.”

A silence filled the night air; only the sound of crickets and moving water fill the air. “Well, let’s go back to camp and get some rest”, Lulu walking away from the shore, Wakka and Rikku following behind her, Kimari staying behind with Yuna.

“Yuna will be alright?”

“I’ll be fine Kimari, I want to stay; I’m waiting for the pyreflies.”

Kimari grunted and walked towards the campsite, leaving Yuna sitting near the water.

“You said we would be together, always. Why couldn’t you stay with me?”, racking sobs overpowering her self-control. Suddenly the air was filled with pyreflies; they began to land in the moon lilies, a soft, multi-colored glow lit up the Moonflow and everything around it. A rainbow of colors swirled in the air, lighting up Yuna’s clothes and skin. Yuna looked up and stared in awe at the sight before her. “Wow, it’s so beautiful”, wiping the tears from her eyes and face. “Tidus, I wish you could see this too.”

“Yeah, it’s beautiful Yuna, but not as much as you.”

Yuna jumped and looked around for the source of the voice. Looking out across the Moonflow, a figure was forming from out of the pyreflies, growing more and more distinct as she looked on in wonder. She started to make out spiky hair, pants, with one leg shorter than the other, a sword, a necklace with that all too familiar J; Sir Jecht’s sign. Putting her hand over her mouth, she slowly walked forward towards the now fully formed figure. “Tidus? Tidus…is it…can it really be you?”, rushing towards him, tears running down her face.

Gathering Yuna into his embrace, he cupped Yuna’s face in his hand and softly kissed her on the mouth. “Yeah, it’s me, star player of the Zanarkand Abes at your service Lady Yuna”, bowing with that mischievous smile of his on his face, “I’ve come back, for you.”

They just stood there, together in each other arms; oblivious to that water moving around their legs, to the pyreflies dancing in the air around them, to the former guardians staring at the two of them in disbelief.