Aftermath: Sequel to A Night Out (dialogue form)
by Duran the Warrior

After the events there, Duran, Kevin, and Hawkeye saved the world from the dragon emperor, the various cites involved got together to make a peace treaty, but there was another reason for it.
>Forcena (pardon the misspelling.)
King: Are you sure about this plan, Duran? Setting up a peace summit with the hidden purpose of reunited you and your friends?
Duran: Don't worry, with the recent events, it's needed; that and Kevin had been mopey since Riesz started to rebuild. Goddamn! I though of another one; Kevin having some beastmen help out with it! I have got to tell him this idea.
King: Shouldn't you get prepared; after all, the famed Paladin Duran of the golden knights should look his best, especially if a certain mage princess is coming.
<Duran blushes a shade of red that his hair is.>
>Forcena Inn
Hawkeye: So Kevin, what's your role in this summit?
Kevin: Me king now; Beast King stepped down, Beastmen try to get along with humans.
Karl: <barks>
Kevin: You think that life would be good, being king and having Karl back, but missing something.
Hawkeye: while I might just be a Nightblade, I get your drift: Riesz, right? After all she'd spent the better part of the time rebuilding Rolante.
<Angela and Charlotte enter>
Angela: What is with this peace summit? It didn't seem like it was long planned.
Hawkeye: As if by impulse.....Duran's behind this; I guess he must have talked the king into this.
Charlotte: Why mean red hair guy planned this?
Kevin: I saw him in Jad; talked with him. Said I shouldn't be "mopey". What that mean?
Hawkeye: I knew that Duran does some crazy things, such as charging into that group of frost dragons. I didn't know that he'd pull something like this....Well at least the world should be peaceful for a while.
Angela: He manipulated a king, involved the whole world, just so wolf-boy could meet his dream girl again? That thickhead isn't just stubborn and bad tempered, but smart in a crazy way.
Hawkeye: Let's turn in; everyone else should be here tomorrow.
Kevin: I go speak to Duran.
<while everyone else hits the hey, Kevin goes to speak with Duran.>
Duran's House
Kevin: So far, no Riesz
Duran: Don't worry, this has to work, since very monarch in the world will be here, and that involves Queen Riesz. What are you here for? Going with you dad here?
Kevin: Me Beast King now.
Duran: Wow... I guess then you can really send your fellow beastmen out to help rebuild.
Kevin: What?
Duran: Since you were moping around, I did more thinking in the last week than I did in my whole life; that's how I came up with this summit and the idea of you going to help. These things also have effects on the world; lasting peace and the co-existence of beastman and human. Even I'll help out if necessary.
Kevin: You good warrior, better guy, and great friend.
Duran: Heheh Thanks. I don't think I could have gotten through that waterfall cave by myself. Well Kevin, this is a formal occasion, and you should dress appropriately. Here's some clothes I'd figure fit your style.
<Hands Kevin an oriental style suit>
>Next Day
Stella: If I didn't know any better, you look like your father.
Duran: Thanks Aunt Stella; after all it's his golden armor I'm wearing (Father, I have avenged you and proved myself in battle. Time to prove myself in times of peace.)
Wendy: Brother, you look like one of those knights in those stories.
Duran: Thanks. (I'm glad I've convinced King Richard to have an audience for this summit.)
Later at the summit
Duran: Let's see who's here: The Flame Khan with Hawkeye and Jessica (I know of the contest of who has the better warrior; Flame Khan or King Richard, Angela and her mom (And I thought that Angela looked good before, but in that dress, it's like a spell cast on that I don't want cured.), Charlotte, Heath and her grandfather. (Seems that things have worked out between them.) King Richard (He's looking at Angela's mom as if he'd known her very well mmm...) Kevin (Well that suit fits him well; Riesz is sure to be impressed.) and ..... (HOLY SHIT!!!! She isn't here yet! What am I going to do now?)
Angela: What's a matter, Thickhead?
Duran: She isn't here yet; Kevin's going to get real depressed soon.
Angela: Well, I'm mad at you for the giant stunt you pulled ,but that will wait until this problem is solved. Despite that; it's real nice what you did for Kevin.
King Richard: Don't they remind you of anyone we know, Verta?
Queen Verta: Yes; us, but it seems that they truly like each other. By the way, you have a daughter, but keep it quiet.
Richard: (Holy F***! I'm sounding like Duran now.)
<Door opens; Riesz comes in an elegant dress>
Riesz: I would have arrived faster, but this dress isn't easy to move in.
Most people: ohhh...
Duran: (YESS!!!! Even If I do catch hell for it, it worked!)
Jessica: Hawkeye.... DON'T you dare think about it.
Hawkeye: Yes dear...
Duran: (At least I'm not alone in catching hell.)
<All looked amazed as Kevin ran towards her, and just hugs her.>
Kevin: RIESZ!!!!
Riesz: Kevin..... I'd talk to you, but I have a kingdom to rebuild.
Kevin: Riesz, Me want to help you; with beastmen, myself, and Duran.
Riesz: Duran? How is he connected to this?
Kevin: Duran best human friend; he helped me, set this up.
Duran: I know, I know. I'm a thickheaded lughead...
Angela: Odd; why don't you yell back?
Duran: Simple I got a grasp of his feelings for her; and look at him now; he seems to feel happy. That's why I pulled this stunt. I'm in the same position with you, Angel
Angela: Same here; I doubt that any other man would pay this much attention to me despite my looks, because of how I am at times. Also seems you found a pet name for me, and a nice one at that.
Kevin: Me been thinking; me sure of something, something that no can be put into words.
<Gives her a very passionate kiss>
Duran: This may sound Hawkeye-like, but let's just go with the flow of this room.
Riesz: Me too, Kevin. Now I have someone to rely on.
Hawkeye: Well, Angela, with this much heat, Altena could be warm for a few hundred years.
Jessica: I know you're joking, but sometimes you shouldn't joke about stuff. Anyways I have been training since I came back. After all I don't want to rely on anyone for that and the fact I heard that you liked a certain blonde princess.
Hawkeye: Here.....
Ex-Beast King: Well, it seems that things are going well enough.
Flame Khan: I've got to stop Jessica before she causes me to lose that contest I have with Richard.
Richard: Enough of that; it was just a silly challenge after all. So you decided to come after all , person that was the beast king.
E.B.K: Yes, I heard of my son's adventures; and he seems quite able of leading the beast kingdom into a new age. One that everyone will be glad to see.
Richard: There are greater things at work now. I've seen all of them; and we're seeing stuff that defies logic: Duran giving in, Hawkeye loosing his cool, etc.
E.B.K: Hey, Heath!
Heath: What?
E.B.K: Look behind you.
<Charlotte starts kissing Heath>
Priest of Light: What will I ever do with her... at least he must like it, since he's not fighting back.
Heath: (Darn it, why can't she just leave me alone; guess I'll have to put up with this...)
Richard: Before I close this successful "summit" I have something to say: I am Angela's father!
Angela: (shocked)
Duran: (He was like a father to me, but since I decided to marry Angela, he will be my father; in law! I hope you can see this Father, and just laugh!)
<Everyone else was just shocked.>
Richard: And due to certain events; I will be seeing id Verta and I could succeed as a couple. We'll retire in about 10 years, so you two will have to learn how to run a country?
Duran: What?
Richard: Due to the fact, I have no son, I'm naming you my heir, Duran.
Duran: I know I could lead the knights and run a country, just look at Riesz!
Richard: Summit is over; let's just relax now.
Note that this will be split into a few parts (the rest of the day and the day after.)
Duran's part.
>At the Altenan Bar
Richard<Kind of drunk>: Well Duran, that's the rest of the skills a man needs.
Duran<drunk out of his mind>: huuuhhhuhhhh daddd.
<Duran collapses>
Richard: Guess I shouldn't have him drink beer. I'll tell Angela to talk to him in the morning. Time to try to talk to her and her mother.
>Morning, Altena Inn
????: Good Morning Lughead; heard you got yourself drunk as a sailor.
Duran: Morning Angel; it's nice to hear your voice behind some remark oww...
Angela: Hangover, eh?
Duran: You got it; good thing it happened here instead of at home, or my aunt would have killed me.
Angela: I might know something that can cure that?
Duran: Ok, give it to me, owww..
<She kisses and embraces him>
Duran: Whoa, that actually did work!
Angela: Some spells don't need mana, just compassion.
Duran: I'd be one of the first ones to say that! <Reads Richard's Note> I've got to go, Angel; Have some business to do. <Leaves>
Angela: What stunt is it this time?<Leaves>
>Hawkeye's Part, Hawkeye's house in Navarre
Hawkeye: What brings the former beast king here?
Mack: Call me Mack; since I don't want to be reminded of my pass; that and I forgot my original name. I came just to talk about the crazy stuff that has happened.
Hawkeye: For one thing, don't worry about Kevin, since I think he'll run the kingdom just fine. I'm glad he loves Riesz, otherwise Jessica would have my head.
Mack: Crazy stuff runs in the family; after all I did marry a human. I guess he'll break that barrier down easily.
Hawkeye: It might be difficult, but doable.
Mack: I have to go now; got to see how my son's doing. After all I didn't deserve father of the year awards for about 15 years.
<He leaves>
Hawkeye: Mmm.. Maybe I should just go with my feelings. Life is crazy after all.
Sand Fortress, next morning
Hawkeye: Pardon me Jessica, but I need to improve some of my stealing stills.
Jessica: Huh????
<He embraces her and states a small poem.>
Hawkeye: Don't worry about her; after all it's just a rumor that people spread. Seems that they think me and her go well, but I personally think that she goes better with Kevin, since the major losses they felt. I meant stealing hearts just to let you know..
Jessica: Ok, you're out of the doghouse.
(Charlotte's part involves Talking with Heath about some of what happened. As well as Mack apologizing for the beast kingdom.)
>Kevin's Part
Kevin: Ok Karl Elliot, Elliot Karl
Elliot: Is this wolf friendly?
Kevin: Yes, So am I.
Riesz: Really Elliot he is.
Elliot: Ok, sis.
Kevin: Karl Riesz
<Karl acts like a puppy in front of her.>
Riesz: Yes what a good doggy..
Kevin<Grinning>: You good with animals; me have no regrets.
Elliot: Come on, Karl, let's leave them alone.
Riesz: Well, seeing you with Elliot made me happy.
Kevin: That make me happy. Me tired from worrying.
Riesz: Worrying about what?
Kevin: You not know? Me worry about you coming to Summit. How does being queen feel?
Riesz: Odd, but not much different.
Kevin: Father step down; me king now, feels strange, but you here. Good dreams.
<He goes to sleep in a guest room.>
Riesz: I don't worry about those. If I can't handle them, I know who to run to.
<She puts Elliot to bed, and goes to sleep in her room.>
>Next Morning
Mack: Kevin, wake up and see what's going on
<Kevin sees Beastmen, some Knights, and Duran help the amazons led by Elliot>
Kevin: What you doing here?
Duran: I told your father about my idea, as well as gotten some knights. I said that I'd help too.
Kevin: You crazy.
<Reisz and Angela enter>
Both: What is going on?
Duran: Well Kevin thought of this idea of having others help rebuild it, isn't that right Riesz's Brother?
Elliot: It's Elliot, and yes it was Kevin's idea
Duran<whispers>: Go along with it, it makes you look like a real big hero.
Duran: That and I got the note for the king to go help out with some knights. I met up with Kevin's dad and told Elliot about it.
Elliot: Yeah! I wanted to help sis out.
<Angela walks up to Duran>
Angela<Whispers>: You lie; I read the note you dropped, but you have good reason for it, right?
Duran<Whispers>: Angel, I did it to make Kevin look real good; that and he would have done that anyway since I told him about it. But since he slept in I decided to make it look like he did it in surprise.
Angela<Whispers>: You're one crazy guy, Duran. It's not everyday that a knight takes on dragons, woos me, set up a peace summit, and make someone else look good.
Duran<Whispers>: Nor casting a spell on one of the greatest swordsman in the world, even without mana.
<the whispers continue>
Elliot: What's going on with them?
Kevin: You find out soon.
Riesz: Yes; that's right, soon.
Karl: ???
>Later at Jad inn
Hawkeye: So that how it went?
Duran: Yep, Kevin's the big hero, in fact the rebuilding is done now. Now he can spend more time with Riesz.
Charlotte: You not mean (mean to me though, meanie!), but purple hair lady told me that you're nuts.
Riesz: I think little people know what "sane yet insane" means; that means they haven't heard Duran's antics
Duran: (Only if they knew. I think Father even thinks I'm crazy.)
<A flash of light appears ghosts of Koran and Loki appear>
Loki: No, son, you are a brave man as well as one who is sensitive.
Koran: Hello, Duran and Angela. Loki has told me of the events taking place. You appear to have done great things that no one in their right minds would predict.
Angela: Koran! Stop pumping his ego!
<Smacks Duran behind his head>
Duran: Oww...
Angela: Sorry about that, but I had to take you back to earth.
Loki: I have to say something; I didn't know what Richard started by going out with Verta. Well, every adventure has some crazy things; too bad that they're taken out of the history books... Blah blah.
Duran: No offense, but could you please leave?
Koran: Sure.
This ends this fic, but I think I'll turn this into a series on to itself. (Probably, "Seiken", like Sienfield.) As the readers might have noticed, I did not see all the endings and second, I did not have any sex parts, as I felt that would cheapen the emotional aspects of it at the moment. And about multiple things going on, such as kisses; such things can't be helped due to the number of couples involved. Well each part is different in aspect (comedy, drama, etc.)