Story of puns and a few other games with words
by Weiila

Ah... ehm... this isn't really a fanfic. It's just a silly game of words that's been wobbling around in the back of my head ever since the Secret of Mana jokes in "Hanging around".
Yeah, yeah... I can do better than this, don't give me those weird looks. One word; school. Give me a break, people ;) *weak groan*
I'm sure there's a lot to be added here, but I use whatever I can think of to use...

Just by the Edge of a Cloud an Eagle circled around, using his sharp Hawkeyes to spy on the ground for something to Heath.
In his search for food he floated past a castle, through a Square window seeing a wise man intending to Slash an author. (Think ol' blue hair will notice that one...? *yikes!*)
The Eagle went on over the sunbathing landscape, scanning the lush grasslands. A river peacefully caressed its way through the meadow, the water seemingly made of floating Jade as it reflected the heavens.
Even the smallest animal was spotted by the bird's sharp eyes, but the Frog had jumped into the water before the Eagle had time to dive at it. Anyhow, the proud bird wouldn't have eaten such a Wart-carrier anyhow.
Without rest the hunter of the blue Skies (of Arcadia) went on, entering the winds above a forest.
A Girl sat in the Shadow of one of the outer trees. She absentmindedly fondled the back of her Katt while reading a book about king Arthur and the Knights of the Round... table. At least until the little Tiga went to hunt a Flea in it's fur.
By the sound of footsteps the Girl looked up and smiled. Coming towards her over the blossoming meadow was a young man of her age. The harp on his back told the world that he was a bard. For the moment he wasn't singing though; instead he was eating from one half of an Orange (kid), digging out the contents with a spoon.
"Hi," the Girl smiled.
Her friend was about to answer, but stumbled on the Katt and fell to the face of the Planet, dropping his spoon and fruit.
"Stupid Cait!" he muttered, "Sith..." *What? What?*
He said it in a low voice since he didn't want to make his dear friend angry by saying bad things about her pet, but he felt a desperate urge to let out the hot Mist inside.
The Girl went over to him in order to help him get up again. They sat down in the Shadow together.
"Sorry for that," the young woman said, a bit embarrassed.
Her friend smiled calmingly.
"I have a Leonheart inside my chest," he said, "been into much worse, you know."
"Here," the Girl said and opened a small food sack, "have a cookie. It's chocolate with a taste of Mint."
"Thanks," the bard smiled, "would you like an Apple (kid)?"
The Girl took the fruit with a grateful smile and bit it.
"Thank you."
The bard performed a Bow even though he was sitting down.
"I treasure your smiles above everything else," he said with a wink of his eye, "keeping them behind a golden Locke in my heart."
"Aww, you sweet talker..." the Girl said and warmly looked into his deep Bleu eyes.
High above them the Eagle restlessly went on in his neverending search for the next meal.

Umm... now lets see here. After this one, Shadow needs surgery...
"Groan... my stomach!"
I think Katt smashed Flea pretty bad...
"That was fun!"
"I'm... ugh... getting you for that..."
The Apple and Orange kids don't look too good either.
Ahem. Frog needs dry cleaning...
"I thank thee for the compliment about my skin, too!"
And Edge, you can let go of Cloud now.
"Let us down from here first!"
Sigh... now how are we going to get Squall out of the bard's chest? Hey, come back here you!
"Nooo waaay!"
And while we're at it, how many caught the one about the bard and the spoon? Oh, and one final fact; "Katt" is the Swedish word for "Cat".
Well... short, silly... but I just had too! :)
"Hey Weiila, I think Magus cracked that 'wise man' nut..."
Ah... later! I'm outta here!
Hey, hey... I'm not deaf... just hiding behind the fridge. ;)