Setting 22: 1733 DAY 23, Deling City, Caraway’s Mansion B1

"Man cannot be uplifted; he must be seduced into virtue."

-Don Marquis
The Almost Perfect State

<What is wrong now, QyQy>!? Specifically directed information interrogative, agitation, and slight exasperation

<’Caraway’ is breaking out of the trance again>! Awareness, declaration, alarm, fading confidence

<We should get him in here for immediate imprinting>! Hint directive, urgency, and disbelief.

<Registered> Concurrence and acknowledgement

<Should we also do something about the quadruped entity ‘Angelo’>? Awareness and interrogative

<I’m sure we can eventually find a better use for him> Consideration and dismissal

<… > Pause and assent

<… > Discomfiture

<What else is wrong>? Awareness, specifically directed, information interrogative directive, and dread

<FeFe, there is something you should know> Uncertainty, anxiety, and reluctance

<What>? Information interrogative and suspicion

<Search me> Specifically directed, self-evident imperative directive and disquiet

<… > Strain, suspicion and curiosity

<… > Internal conflict

<The Carrier is here>!? Imputed interrogative, awareness, shock, and disbelief

<Correction: It has been here for some time> Smooth check, information declaration

<Where is it>? Information interrogative and curiosity

<The only place on this primitive planet that has enough energy to sustain it> Complacent declaration and vestigial condescension

<Won’t it be discovered>? Interrogative and concern

<The Galbadians haven’t found us yet> Self-evident declaration, dismissal, assurance, and disdain

<Not the best justification in the universe, QyQy> Quasi-patronizing declaration, impeding reminder, and dissatisfaction

<We’ve brought down entire power-grids and still none of the natives have caught on> Information declaration, referential reminder, and haughtiness

<It will only be a matter of time till someone from the power company comes knocking> Solemn declaration, indirect caution, and hint directive

<Not likely> Complacent declaration, haughtiness, and apathy

<Don’t underestimate them, QyQy> Imperative directive, implied, imputed warning

<Then don’t overestimate their chances, FeFe> Imperative directive, purposive check, implied, imputed warning, and pugnacity

<… > Hesitancy, doubt, and closer inspection

<… > Indifference

<Back to the matter at hand, what is the Carrier doing here>? Awareness, befuddlement, and information interrogative

<Guess> Deliberate inattention and absurd suggestion

<… > Distrust, interest, strained patience, and resigned closer inspection

<… > Pause and ambivalence

<They are looking for PuPu>? Awareness, surprise, and self-doubt

<Yes> Assurance

<I don’t understand why the Clan would send the entire armada to recover one soldier> Information declaration, non-specifically directed hint directive, and disbelief

<Think harder> Imperative directive and latent humor

<…> Pause and closer inspection

<You’re getting closer> Feigned encouragement and condescension

<Heavens>! Awareness and surprise

<Yes, you’re right> Assurance and smugness

<Comrade PuPu is a member of the Royal Family>! Information declaration, exclamation, and disbelief

<PuPu was the alias of our Prince> Didactic explanation

<… >! Shock and dread

<You just realized what will happen to this planet if we can’t find PuPu, right>? Self-evident, rhetorical interrogative

<Something only the Carrier can perform> Weak acknowledgment, information declaration, and horror

<It won’t be long before the Clan holds ‘Squall’ responsible for the missing Prince> Information declaration and self-assurance

<Let’s hope the ‘Archangel’ unit will turn up something> Passive imperative, wishful thinking and worry

<He doesn’t have much time left> Quasi-critical declaration and impeding reminder

<Apparently now neither do they> Self-evident declaration, fading effervescence and jadedness

Chapter 23