Bound by Honor, Bound by Respect
by Megaman984

"Do you understand your mission, Ramirez?"
"Yes Elder Prime. I will leave to go to Arcadia immediately." With that said, the silver haired youth bowed and walked out of the room.
Back in his room, Ramirez thought of his mission, his job to gather the Moon Crystals. The people of Arcadia had once again become dangerous, and the Elders commanded Ramirez to visit Arcadia and retrieve the Moon Crystals. Recently, the Arcadians had become more and more warlike. The most destructive being the Valuan Armada and the Nasreans. The Elders knew that the Valuans might try to harness the power of the Moon Crystals and the powerful creatures they controlled, the Gigas.
The Gigas were fearsome creatures. Capable of destruction unlike any other force on Arcadia, the giant Gigas were powered by the Moon Crystals. Each civilization had a Giga, but most of them had long since forgotten about the Gigas. If the Valuans got their hands on the Gigas... It was too horrifying to think about.
"Ramirez?" Ramirez turned around quickly, shocked backed into reality by the voice of his dear friend and basically sister, Fina. "Ramirez, is everything okay?"
"Hmm... Yes Fina. Everything's fine." Ramirez was lying. He knew the Elders weren't telling him everything He suspected their intentions, but he couldn't tell Fina, not yet at least.
"That's good Ramirez. I heard the Elders were sending you to Arcadia. Is it true?"
"Yes. The Arcadians have become dangerous again. I have to keep them from getting control of the Gigas."
"The Gigas? They don't even know of their existence, do they?"
"Some do, but very few. The knowledge of their existence has been almost totally lost to the annals of history. I have to keep the few that do know about the Gigas from reviving them. I'm leaving shortly."
"Well, good luck, Ramirez. I'll miss you while you're gone."
"And I you, Fina. And I you." Ramirez grabbed a bag containing some of his possessions. "Walk with me, Fina. It will be a while until we see each other again."
The two Silvite friends walked down the corridors of the Great Silver Shrine to where Ramirez's ship was docked. Along the way, they talked of old times, almost as if they would never meet under circumstances like this again. After a few minutes, the two friends reached the ship that Ramirez would use to fly down to Arcadia.
"Good bye, Ramirez. I hope your mission will be successful."
"Fina, don't worry. I'll be back before you even realize I've been gone." The youth smiled at Fina, trying to cheer her up. It did. Ramirez put his bag in his ship, but before getting on, he turned back to Fina and kissed her on the cheek. He boarded his ship, and with a final wave to Fina, he embarked on a journey that would forever change him and the whole world of Arcadia.
The wind rushed past Ramirez as he made the many miles high drop down to the island planet of Arcadia. He enjoyed the thrill of free fall. The wind blowing through his silver hair. The blasts of air biting at his skin. For once, he truly felt alive. He thought of Fina and how she would enjoy and be frightened by this experience at the same time. After a few minutes, he could see the green and brown dots come rushing up at him. Soon, he would be the first Silvite in ages to set foot upon Arcadia.
At last, his ship slowed to a gradual descent and eventually stopped. Ramirez looked around. He had read about the beauty of Arcadia, but he never dreamed that it could be this beautiful. The vibrant greens! The brilliant blues! The clouds soaring above him! Even the dirt that Arcadians considered ugly and bland thrilled Ramirez. All of his life had been cooped up in the Great Silver Shrine. The colors astonished him and brought tears to his eyes. He was in love. He knew now that if the Elders were planning to do what he suspected, it would be a great tragedy. He could not let them have their way.
After about 30 minutes of just sitting there and looking at the scenery, he decided it was time to get on his way. Ramirez looked up to see if he could see any moons in the sky. To the East, he could see the Red Moon, and to the West, he could see the Yellow Moon.
"Hmm..." thought Ramirez. "I must be somewhere in between Nasr and Valua areas. I wonder where I am exactly." Off in the distance, Ramirez could see a ship. "Maybe they could tell me where the nearest city is. I should probably rest up."
Ramirez piloted his ship and moved it closer to the ship in the distance. Lucky for him, it was a merchant ship; pirates had been known to terrorize the area where he was. Ramirez pulled his ship close to the merchant ship and gave an age old symbol that he wanted to talk.
"Excuse me, but where is the nearest city?" asked Ramirez.
"Hmm... Sailors' Island is to the West of here." replied the captain. "If you don't mind me asking, where are you from exactly? Your ship and garb don't seem to be from around this area."
"Oh... Um... I'm from a land East of the Nasr region." That was a lie, and Ramirez knew it; he couldn't tell anyone about his mission. At least, not yet.
"West of Nasr? But the only thing over there is the Dark Rift and the abandoned Valuan outpost of Esparanza. No civilization exists East of there."
"I know, but Esparanza isn't quite that abandoned, not yet. They've been working on ships, and this is one of their designs, and my clothes are all the rage over there."
"Hmph. I guess being in isolation that long has affected the Esparanzans. Oh well. Be careful in your journeys. I hear the great arcwhale Rhaknam is in the area. You don't want to meet up with him. May the moons watch over you!"
"Yes. Thank you for the directions and the warning. May the moons watch over you too."
The merchant ship sailed away to the East, probably on a route to Nasrad or Maramba. Ramirez took control of his ship again and sailed it West to try and reach Sailors' Island. While sailing, fog began to roll in and limit his vision.
"Fog? Here? Now? This seems very peculiar, especially if what the Silvite geographical records say about this region is true. I wonder what is going..." Before he could finish his thought, a deafening roar pierced Ramirez's ears. "What was that?!" yelled Ramirez. He looked below his ship and could see the silhouette of a gigantic purple arcwhale.
"Great. Rhaknam. I just hope my quest isn't over before it began."
The arcwhale surfaced next to Ramirez's ship, and like a dolphin in the ocean, dove beneath the clouds, his mighty tail sending Ramirez's ship spinning out of control. While trying to hold on for his life, Ramirez hit his head against the controls and was knocked out. His final thought was of Fina before he slipped into total darkness.
Through a groggy haze, Ramirez could hear voices talking to each other and could feel a bed beneath him and the gentle swaying of a ship.
"How is he?" asked the commanding voice of a man of about fifty years in age.
"He took quite a beating, but it appears that he will recover, Lord Galcian." replied the voice of a doctor.
"Good. Make sure to tell me when he is capable of being questioned."
"Yes sir."
Ramirez couldn't fight it any more. Through a combination of weakness from his encounter with Rhaknam, the bump to the head, and the swaying of a ship, he fell back into a deep sleep full of dreams of the greens, the reds, the yellows, the blues, and the purples that he had fallen in love with.
"Lord Galcian, the mysterious boy you rescued is awake!"
"Hmm... Thank you Doctor. I'll be there shortly. Vice-Captain, you have the bridge." With an air of command, the leader of the Imperial Armada left the bridge of his flagship and walked to the room where the mysterious youth was. Just one look at him, and one could tell that he was born to command. Tall, smart, well built. All are qualities that people use to describe Lord Galcian. He could command respect from anyone, even including the Air Pirates that he hunted. He had a bit of cockiness around him, but that is to be expected of anyone that leads the most powerful navy in all of Arcadia. After a few minutes of walking, Galcian reached the temporary infirmary and walked in.
"So," said Galcian "how is our shipwrecked sailor?"
"I'm feeling much better. Thank you for rescuing me." Ramirez could barely choke the words out. He could feel aura of sheer greatness surrounding Galcian. It left him awestruck.
Galcian smiled. This was a phenomenon because the Valuan Admiral rarely smiled, and when he did, it was more of a smirk that spelled doom for his adversary. "That's good. I hear you had an encounter with Rhaknam. You almost lost this sword too." Galcian brandished the blade. It seemed to suck in any light that touched it. "You need to be more careful, especially with a blade like this."
"Yes. I suppose I do. Thank you again, Lord... what?"
"Galcian. Lord Galcian. And what pray tell is your name?"
Ramirez was fearful about revealing his name. He knew it probably wouldn't endanger his mission, but there was something else about Galcian that Ramirez couldn't quite put his finger on. Oh well, it matters not. With that though, Ramirez brushed aside his worries. "Ramirez. My name is Ramirez. I thank you, Lord Galcian, for saving my life. By my honor, I shall repay you some way, some how."
"I'm sure you will. Doctor, leave the room. I wish to talk with Ramirez alone."
"Yes sir." The doctor walked out of the room and shut the door behind him.
"What do you wish to talk about?" asked Ramirez.
"You are a Silvite, are you not?"
Ramirez was shocked with disbelief. How could Galcian know that he was a Silvite? How?
"You're wondering how I know about your origins, aren't you?"
"Yes. How did you know?"
"Your ship gave it away. The Valuan Archives talk about your people and describe your ships in great detail. Most people wouldn't recognize them, but I recently paid the Archives a visit to read some of the ancient texts. I have always enjoyed history. So, what brings a Silvite back to Arcadia?"
"... I'm on a mission. Let's just leave it at that."
"Fine. I'll tell you how you can repay me though. We are currently aboard my flagship, the Serpent. My last Vice-Captain met a gruesome fate with Air Pirates while away on important business. I've been using a temporary one for a while now while searching for a permanent replacement. If the texts were correct, as a Silvite, you would be well schooled in sailing and military tactics. Are you?"
"Yes. In fact, sailing has always been a dream of mine."
"Good. You can repay me by serving as my Vice-Captain. Think about it for a while. I'll return in a short while to find out your answer." Ramirez got up and walked out of the room, leaving Ramirez to think about it.
And Ramirez did think about it. If he accepted, it would mean that he would have more resources at his disposal to find the Moon Crystals. If he refused, he would still have to find a way to repay Galcian. Ramirez knew that accepting Galcian's offer would endanger his mission, but he couldn't refuse. There was something about Galcian, something about him that attracted Ramirez to him. Some aura of power, an air of command, an impression that Galcian could change the world. He couldn't explain why, but this was to alluring to Ramirez. When Galcian later returned, Ramirez accepted his offer. He would become his Vice-Captain.
Back in Valua, the new Vice-Captain Ramirez was greeted with respect deserved by the seventh most powerful man in the Armada, but he was also greeted with resentment and jealousy. The position of Vice-Captain of the Serpent had been long sought after by many an officer, especially the experienced Vice-Captains of the other Armada flagships. To them, Ramirez was an outsider undeserving of his rank, but they knew better than to speak out against Lord Galcian's will. Even Queen Teodora was at first wary of one so young and inexperienced in battle to serve on the Serpent, but she knew that Galcian had his reasons. She agreed, but only because she knew that Galcian knew something about Ramirez that she did not. She would have to ask him about the boy later. Ramirez and Galcian could keep their secrets, but only for a while. It is not good to keep a queen in the dark, especially one as merciless as Queen Teodora.
"You may have your wish, Lord Galcian." said Queen Teodora. "Ramirez may be your Vice-Captain, despite his lack of experience. I'm sure you know what you are talking about."
"Thank you my Queen. I'm sure that Ramirez will prove his worth."
"Yes yes." said the Queen with a wave of her scepter. "I wish to talk about him with you though. Privately. Come with me into my study."
"May I bring Ramirez along, my Queen? Any questions you may have about can be more easily answered by him."
"Do as you like." replied Teodora, quite annoyed at her Armada leader. The Queen got off of her throne and walked to her study off to the right of the throne, looking at everyone to make sure they bowed.
"Come Ramirez. We have an audience with the Queen." Ramirez nodded in understanding and left the room behind Galcian. All around him, he could sense the jealousy, the looks of distrust, the pure hatred. Ramirez thought about how the Elders might be right. Maybe the Arcadians do once again deserve for the moons to rain down their giant meteors that had brought civilization to its knees so long ago. Maybe the Arcadians do deserve the Rains of Destruction.
Upon entering the Queen's study, Galcian whispered in his ear, "Remember, this is the Queen of Valua. You MUST answer her questions." Ramirez nodded again in understanding.
"So Ramirez," sneered the Queen, "where exactly are you from? You are dressed differently than most Arcadians."
After a minute of silence, Ramirez finally replied. "I come from the Great Silver Shrine."
"The Great Silver Shrine?" asked the Queen is disbelief. "I've never heard of any such place."
"I doubt that any Arcadians have. It's far above the clouds, near the Silver Moon. It is the home us Silvites."
"Silvites? But I heard that they disappeared forever. I always thought of them as fairy tales."
"Well, we did disappear long ago. Around the time of the Rains of Destruction to be exact. The Silvites of that time sensed the growing danger, and, well, just up and left Arcadia. As I'm sure you know, the Silvites were highly advanced."
"Yes. I heard they were. But how do I know you are telling the truth?"
"I can answer that, my Queen." said Galcian. "Remember that ship I showed to your Highness? Good. There is a picture of one almost exactly the same in one of the ancient books in the Archive."
"Oh really? I hardly find that as enough proof to say that this boy is a Silvite. What else is there to prove his origins?"
Ramirez was quick to answer this time. "I'll tell you how. I, like all Silvites, know about the Gigas."
Both Teodora and Galcian were shocked. "But... but..." stammered Teodora. "No one knows about the Gigas! Not even all of the Armada Admirals know! Only a few scholars that have been sworn to secrecy, Galcian, and I know. I doubt even the wretched Nasreans remember them! How could you know?"
"As I said, all Silvites know of the Gigas."
Teodora was stunned. Maybe the boy was telling the truth after all. "So let's say you really are a Silvite. Why are you here, after so long of a time spent in isolation?"
"I'm on a mission, your Highness."
"A mission? Of what kind?"
Ramirez couldn't tell her the truth. He doubted that he could even trust Galcian. He had to lie once again. Oh how the Silvite blood in him hated lying. That was something only Arcadians do, not the mighty Silvites. But if he must to fulfill his mission, he would. "I was sent here by the Silvites to see if Arcadia is ready to be inhabited by Silvites again. We have been gone a long time. The Elders decided that it was about time to try and live on Arcadia again."
"Oh. I see. Well, then it truly is an honor to have a Silvite serving in the Armada. Galcian was right. I guess you might be qualified." Teodora waved her hand in a style that meant she wanted them to leave, but before they could pass through the door, "I hope you bring Ramirez to the execution tomorrow, Galcian." Galcian nodded, and with a bow, both Ramirez and Galcian left Teodora to herself.
Back in Ramirez's room, Galcian talked with Ramirez.
"So you know about the Gigas."
"Yes, Lord Galcian. Um... If you don't mind me asking, but what is an execution?"
"Hmm? Oh yes. I suppose they probably don't have executions in the Great Silver Shrine. It makes sense that you would be naive on some issues. An execution is, well, the public killing of a criminal convicted of some how conspiring against the government. In this case, it was some Air Pirates that raided Valuan merchant ships."
Ramirez was shocked. How could these Arcadians kill one of their own? They may've raided Valuan ships, but that doesn't mean they deserve death! Animals don't even resort to that sort of brutality. Eventually, Ramirez asked, "Do other cultures have executions?"
"I believe the Nasreans might have executions. I'm not quite sure... Why do you ask?"
"Just trying to get a feel for the world. That's all."
"Yes. I suppose you would want to. Well, we have to get up early tomorrow. You need to be fitted with a Valuan uniform for the execution." Galcian got up and left the room. For the first time since he set foot in Valua, Ramirez was alone. While he got ready for bed, he thought of all the events that had transpired since he had arrived on Arcadia. The colors. Rhaknam. Galcian rescuing him. Appointment as a Vice-Captain. The meeting with Teodora. The explanation of executions. It was almost too much for Ramirez to withstand. Ramirez climbed under his covers, and fell into a deep sleep full of the colors he loved and the heads of Air Pirates.
Ramirez fidgeted. He always hated being fitted for clothes. It took too long for his liking. "Will this be much longer?!" asked Ramirez in a harsh tone.
"Vice-Captain Ramirez," said the Imperial Tailor, "it would have been over about thirty minutes ago if you hadn't kept fidgeting. Just stand still. It shouldn't take more than ten more minutes to make sure all of the alterations are correct."
Ramirez frowned. He hated being fitted for clothes. And it was only through a sheer force of will that he kept from fidgeting even more. The tailor was right though. It only took another ten minutes. After the ordeal was over, Ramirez stepped down. It was a nice uniform, but something was missing from it. The first to see the new Vice-Captain in his Valuan uniform was Galcian.
"Well, well, well. It looks like our Silvite is a pure blood Valuan. Heh. What do you think of it?"
"It's okay, I guess. It seems weird to be wearing clothes that are not of Silvite design. It also feels like it's missing something. I just can't say what."
"Yes. I figured you would say something like that. That's why I brought the gloves from your Silvite clothes. They're the only thing that will fit in with the rest of the uniform." Galcian handed Ramirez the gloves, which he took gratefully. Ramirez put the gloves on, and for some reason, they seemed to complete the ensemble.
"Well, it's time for the execution, Ramirez. You will also need this." Galcian handed him the sword that Ramirez brought with him. "No Valuan uniform is complete without a weapon."
Ramirez took the blade. Since childhood, he had practiced with the same sword. Although the Elders abhorred war and violence, they knew that a Silvite would need to be trained one day. They recognized the warlike behavior in the Arcadians. They knew that one day they would need to send someone like Ramirez to Arcadia to gather the Moon Crystals. Ramirez hung the blade on his side.
"Let's go, Ramirez. The execution starts in an hour, and I wish for you to talk with the other Admirals before it."
Ramirez still couldn't understand Galcian. He knew he was the enemy. He knew he shouldn't be a Valuan Officer. He knew he should be out looking for the Moon Crystals, not about to watch an act of less than animal brutality. But something kept him here. He still sensed that there was something different about Galcian. Something that made him feel right with Galcian. Something that made it seem like Galcian was just what Arcadia needed.
The two walked in silence toward the box that they would watch the execution from. Ramirez could hear some of the Admirals arguing; he just wasn't sure what about. Galcian entered the room first, and all of the Admirals were immediately at attention. All at once, they bowed to Lord Galcian. Galcian beckoned for Ramirez to enter the room.
"Greetings Lord Galcian" said the Admiral with a blonde curl in the front of his hair. "I see you brought your new Vice-Captain." The Admiral smirked and pushed the curl back with a wave of his hand.
"Indeed I did, Alfonso. I figured that this would be a good time for you to meet him, and to discuss a few, hmm, plans."
Galcian introduced Ramirez to each of the Admirals then sat down. The Admirals followed suit, and Galcian told them of their plans. He told them of the Gigas. He told them about Ramirez's past. He told them everything. Ramirez paid no attention to it however. He had already walked to the window and was watching the people file into the stadium. He saw the look of entertainment in their eyes. He saw them treating the execution like one would treat a sporting event. He was disgusted by it. All he could think about was that maybe they do deserve to be destroyed, but maybe there is someone out there that could lead them. Someone that could bring order...
"I can tell by the look in your eyes that you are disgusted by this" said an elderly voice. Ramirez turned around. It was Gregorio, probably the most honorable of the Admirals. "I too am disgusted by it. He won't admit it, but I believe that even Galcian hates the way executions are turned into spectacles." Ramirez looked into Gregorio's sorrow filled eyes then turned his head back to the stadium. Gregorio took one last look at Ramirez then returned to his seat.
"Trying to make friendly talk, eh Gregorio?" asked Alfonso in a snide voice. "Don't try. He probably think he's too good for us with his whole 'I'm a Silvite so I'm better than you' attitude."
Galcian glared at the First Admiral of the Armada. "Quiet Alfonso. You know not of which you speak."
Alfonso looked flustered. He knew not what to say. De Loco sneered at Alfonso and his predicament. Vigoro chuckled to himself. Gregorio stared sorrowfully off into space, obviously lost in thought. Bellezza watched Galcian, making sure her desires were not shown on her voice. Galcian just continued to glare at Alfonso.
At last, Galcian spoke again. "So we all know the plans. We are to search all of Arcadia for the Moon Crystals and the Gigas. With them, no power will be able to stand against the Valuan Empire!"
Vigoro was the first to respond. "But Lord Galcian, where are we suppose to find these Gigas and Moon Crystals? From what you mentioned, not even the ancient texts know their exact locations."
De Loco sneered again. "What do we need those brittle books for? We have our own living history book." De Loco pointed at Ramirez. "He most likely knows of the locations. Probably all Silvites know."
Galcian nodded. "Exactly De Loco. He has yet to tell me though."
"Do you want me to get the information out of him?" asked Bellezza. "I am a master of espionage after all. I should be able to get the locations."
"No" replied Galcian sternly. "He will tell us in his good time. We have nothing to fear. The Nasreans haven't even recovered from the war that occurred a few decades ago. The most we have to worry about is Air Pirates, and after today, we'll be short a few of those too."
Ramirez walked back to the table and stood by Galcian's side. He knew that it was not his place to sit unless asked to. All of the Admirals stared at him, and he stared back. Finally, he spoke. "Admiral De Loco, have you looked at the ship that I came to Arcadia in?"
De Loco sneered. "Yes. Quite a clever design. There's some technology there that even I don't understand."
Ramirez smiled. "I'm sure it would please all of you to know that my ship can travel through Sky Rifts. If you want, Admiral De Loco, I could help you modify that technology so the Valuan ships can travel through them."
"Hehehe. Yes. That would be useful."
Ramirez was about to say something again, but he was cut short by the cheer of the crowd and a blast of trumpets. The execution was starting. Galcian, Ramirez, and the Admirals moved to the window to witness the execution. Normally, Valuan Admirals wouldn't attend an execution, but this one was different. The Air Pirate being executed had plagued the Valuan Empire for far too long. Being a Black Pirate, he and his crew raided Valuan merchants, Armada ships, and even ships belonging to regular Valuans.
And then there was an even bigger cheer from the crowd. The Executioner stepped into arena, his armor glinting yellow in the light, and the light that bounced off of his ax seemed able to slice through the darkness just like his blade sliced through his victims.
"Black Pirate Skartor!" boomed the Executioner's voice. "You have been tried in Valuan courts and found guilty. Because of the severity of your crimes, you may not plead for mercy. For crimes against the Valuan Armada and Empire, your sentence is death! For crimes against Valuan merchant ships, death! For crimes against the people of Valua, death! For pirating in Valuan Airspace, death! For general acts of terrorism, death! Step forward and receive your punishment!"
The Executioner's Wardens stepped forward and grabbed the Air Pirate. He struggled a bit, but it was all for naught against the Wardens. Even while he struggled, the Wardens placed the Air Pirate's head on the chopping block and paralyzed him with a spell to keep him from getting free. The Executioner stepped down and brought his ax up. The crowd chanted for the Air Pirate's blood. The Executioner slowly brought his ax down upon the Air Pirate's neck to line himself up. He brought it up again, and with a vicious blow, he ended the Black Pirate's life. The crowd roared with excitement. It was all a game to them.
Up in their own viewing box, the Admirals watched with faces that betrayed no emotions. Well, one let his emotions show. Ramirez. It was too much for him to bear. His face turned ghostly white. His jaw dropped. His whole body shook.
Alfonso brushed the front of his hair away from his face. "Well Lord Galcian, it looks like our dear Silvite just saw his first execution." Alfonso sneered and left the room. Ramirez glared at Alfonso while he left. All he could think of was wiping that sneer off of his face.
One by one, all of the Admirals left the room leaving only Galcian and Ramirez. They stood there in silence for a while until Ramirez finally asked something that had been puzzling him.
"Lord Galcian, why was the execution treated that way?"
"Treated what way?"
"Like a sporting event. Why did the people get such enjoyment out of the execution?"
"Because," replied Galcian, "they have no guidance. No one to steer them in the right direction. Sure, they have Teodora, but she knows not how to guide them. All the people of Arcadia are like this. Without direction. With too much freedom. They need someone to guide them. Someone to save this damn planet from themselves."
There was a long pause. At last Ramirez said something, "Someone like you?"
"Perhaps" responded Galcian. "Perhaps."
At last, Galcian turned and left the room. He told Ramirez to be prompt for dinner with the Queen, but it wasn't for another six hours. He had free time until then. Ramirez spent the first half hour just staring out the window at the pool of drying blood on the ground and thinking. He walked through the halls lost in thought. He eventually found himself in a tower looking at Lower Valua. He watched the Lower Valuans, the ones who cheered when the Air Pirate died, and thought. He watched them live their lives aimlessly, with out purpose. He also thought about Galcian's words. After a while, he knew what drew him to Galcian. He was a visionary. He, and he alone, could lead these people. He could save the world, but only by uniting it. Ramirez clenched his fists and walked back to his room to clean up before dinner. He knew what he had to do.
It was an extravagant meal, fit for one as exalted as Queen Teodora. There was roast pork dripping with flavor. Fruit so delicious looking that it was hard for one to look at it and not have his mouth water. There were as many types of fishes prepared in as many ways as there are stars in the sky. Even the drinks were delicacies. Loquas of green that seemed to be made of leaves. Loquas of so deep a blue that they looked like melted Blue Moon Stones. Yellow loquas that seemed to energize someone with the power of lightning. Loquas of red that appeared to be liquid fire. There were even loquas of purple, as cold as ice. It truly was a feast.
At the head of the table sat Queen Teodora. To her left was her son, Prince Enrique. To her right, Lord Galcian, and to his, Ramirez. All of the Admirals were there too. Even their Vice-Captains were invited. It was indeed an important meal. It was a meal that would change the course of Arcadia's history.
After the meal and some small talk, Queen Teodora brought order to the room. She told everyone her plans, even though the Admirals already knew them. She told that they would need to somehow destroy Nasrad before the Nasultan could catch wind of their plans. De Loco told her of the technology on Ramirez's ship and the ability to fly through Sky Rifts with it. Vigoro informed Teodora of the status of his new Draco Cannon, a cannon powerful enough to destroy small islands. Teodora was content with all of this, but she informed them that they did not know the locations of the Gigas yet. That was when Ramirez spoke up.
"Queen Teodora, as you know, I am a Silvite, and all Silvites know about the Gigas. If it pleases your highness, I could tell you their locations."
Teodora was ecstatic. "Go ahead, Vice-Captain Ramirez."
Ramirez bowed his head and continued. "Near Maramba, there is an ancient temple. The Red Gigas is located there. Under the Maw of Tartas, the Yellow Gigas Yeligar sleeps. Grendel, the Green Gigas, is to the far South, under the Green Moon and near Ixa'taka. To the East of here, there is a city called Yafutoma. The Blue Gigas is encased in Mount Kazai north of Yafutoma. Admiral Vigoro's cannon should be able to destroy the White Stone Reef west of here to give us passage to Yafutoma."
"Very good, Ramirez." said Queen Teodora. "One question though, what of the Purple Gigas or the Silver Gigas?"
"I was just getting to that, your highness. The Silvites don't know its exact location, but we have come to believe that the Purple Gigas is some giant animal, most likely Rhaknam."
"Rhaknam?" question Teodora. "How are we supposed to control him?"
"I do not know. We may need to just kill him to keep others from possibly getting control of him. As for the Silver Gigas, it was destroyed long ago. The Rains of Destruction destroyed it. It is no more."
Teodora nodded. "Thank you, Ramirez. That info will be of much use to us." With that, the meeting was over. The people made small talk again. All except for Galcian and Ramirez. Galcian excused Ramirez and himself saying he wanted to get Ramirez more acquainted with the Serpent. The two bowed and left.
After a short walk, Galcian stopped. "Why did you tell her, Ramirez?"
"Tell her what?"
"Tell her that the Silver Gigas is destroyed. I have a feeling that you're lying."
Ramirez bowed his head in shame. "You are right, Lord Galcian. The Silver Gigas is not destroyed. I'll tell you why I lied." Ramirez looked around to make sure no one was in the hallway. "The Silver Gigas is located in the Silver Continent, Soltis, in Deep Sky. When the Silvites left in the Great Silver Shrine, Soltis sank to Deep Sky. In fact, Zelos, the Silver Gigas, was used to call down the Rains of Destruction."
Galcian was shocked. "The Silvites called down the Rains of Destruction on Arcadia? Why?"
"Like you, they felt the people were with out focus, becoming dangerous. They felt it was the only way to preserve Arcadia. Destroy all civilizations to keep Arcadia from being destroyed."
"Hmm... That makes sense." replied Galcian. "But only somewhat. I too have a plan to keep Arcadia from being destroyed."
"You do?" asked Ramirez quizzically. "What?"
Galcian told Ramirez his plans. He told him of his plan to preserve Arcadia. Once done, Ramirez nodded.
"I understand, Lord Galcian. You are what Arcadia needs. Only through you shall Arcadians survive. I vow to follow you to Deep Sky itself." And so, Ramirez swore himself to Galcian out of respect and admiration. Up until now, he was bound to Galcian only out of honor because he was rescued. He was now bound by respect.
"Do you understand your mission, Fina?"
"Yes Elder Prime" replied Fina. "I will go collect the Moon Crystals, and if possible, find Ramirez. Come Cupil." Fina bowed and left the room. She walked to her ship, climbed aboard, and fell to Arcadia. And so the final gear fell into place. The gears of destiny began to turn. There was no stopping them now.

The End