Star Ocean: Red star
by E x o d i s e

Chapter 1: the morning after

It had been four months since the destruction of the sorcery globe. The monster population was very small. Almost everyone had recovered from the losses and hardships that befell them in the past. The world was good, the land had recoverd. And magical energy surrounded the two standing out in the feilds.

Celine and Leon were teaching eachother magic, acctually they were more or less using it on eachother. Celine heaved, looking over at Leon. "Wow, you're pretty powerful, for a twelve year old..." she said to Leon, as Leon looked at her confused and said "Oh yeah? And what is that supposed to mean?" Celine sighed, "Brat... Well, it's my turn, so why don't you try this one on for size... RAY!!!" Celines spell hit Leon hard, pushing him back on his bottem. And leaving back soot on his face. Leon wiped the soot off with his robe sleeve. "Interesting... But this one will put you into submission... EXTINCTI... Wha'.." Leon looked up into the sky as a large red star, flashing brightly. Celine looked at Leon, his face pointing up, looking into the heavens "What is it, Leon?"Celine looked up as well, she then cried "Ah, what is that!" Leon still looking up had replied "I don't know, I haven't seen it before either. It looks as if it is coming growing larger, at a excedingly fast rate, and it's still daylight outside.... So it coulden't be a star, maybe a meteor!" Leon said, staring at it in wonder... "I beleive we should go report this to one of the fellow scientests... Come on!" Leon yelled to Celine. As she was still staring at the star in amazment. They both ran to the castle to inform the other lab-workers of this, red star....

Chapter two: Rebirth

Leon turned around looking around for Celine. "Seems I have ran to fast for her..." Leon looked forward, hurrying on to the castle laboratory. Arriving, Leon had only seen one person in the lab, it was Bowman Jean. Bowman wasen't the most reliable person, but his knowledge was extensive...

Leon had slowly approached Bowman, seeing he was caught up in some sort of paperwork for the castle laboratorys. "Excuse me, sir? May I speak with you?" Leon said to him, looking up at Bowman. The tall man turned around looking down at the small twelve year old Fellpoolian. "Yes, may I help you Leon. Call me by my name...." Bowman said to him with a small chuckle. Leon having manners of a queen had replied "But, that would be una-"
Bowmans finger went over Leons lips before he could continue. "Now what is it?" Bowman said to him. "Well, Bowman, there is something you should see, it's something I haven't seen before, and it's growing larger at a fast rate, and well, it looks as a red star in the sky... But what confuses me is the fact that it is daylight outside.. An-..." Leon had been cut-off by Bowman again. "A red star you say? It woulden't happend to be in the western direction? Well, if it is, it's a sign of a bad omen... I'm not a firm beleiver in the miraculous, but everytime that red, star has shown it's face in the past. A demon has been unleashed..."
Bowman said in a deep voice looking up at the ceiling, "So boy, is it in the western sky?" Bowman said to him, noticing Leons ears perking. "Well, sir, I mean Bowman.." Leon said in a high toned voice, then nodding his head...

Chapter 3: Nameless

Leon and Bowman shuffled out to the town of lacour. On there arrival, they had not seen one person. It was like a ghost town, or something from a horror movie. "Bowman... What is going o- Bowman?" Leon looked around, he hadn't been around either. Leon gulped, then let out a small sigh.

What was going on here? That question was going through Leons mind over and over. And the sad part was, Leon hadn't a clue of what to do... Leon stepped outside, and into the foggy moors outside of town. Leon eyes shifted up to the red star, seeing it had grown a tiny bit. This had made him worry even more. Leon decided to head over to Linga, to see if anyone was there... When he arrived, to his suprise, the town seemed in order.

Everyone was in Linga. The town went on like it did every day. Since Precis and her father lived in town, he stepped over to tell them about the oddity that was going on at Lacour.

"So, you're saying, one minute everyone was a there, and the next they just, vanished?" Mr. Neumann said to Leon with a confused expression on his face. "Yes sir... It all has started since that red star appeared... Before Bowman disapeared , he told me.. Demons come when it appears. It occurs every one hundred years or so... " Leon said to him, Leon could see that Precis had a scared look on her face. "And I just notice-" Leon hesitated to continue as the ground had shook lightly, like and earthquake. It only lasted for three seconds maybe... Leon looked up at Mr. Neumann confused. "Just a small earthquake... Continue.." Neumann said lightly. Leon then cleared his voice "As I was saying it just appeared this mor-" Leon stopped as the earth was shaking even more. Very powerful this time. And it showed no signs of stopping anytime soon. They all ran outside, seeing the town was on fire. A large beast lay in the middle, breathing fire everywhere, everytime it stepped the earth shook. "Are these the demons, he was talking about?!" Precis said to Leon trying to keep her balance. "I, I don't know!"

Chapter 4:BEAST!

Leon had jumped to his feet finally, the earth still a bit shakey. Leons eyes gazed to the right of him, Precis was getting to her feet as well. He began to run over to the monster, for some reason, it was a moment he was filled with bravery.

"Well, I'll fight fire with fire! DAEMONS GATE!"

A deamon was summoned, it attacked the large beast that lay in front of him... The beast let out a loud cry after the attack. Leon looked up at it, stepping backwards a bit...


Leon was then cut off by a womens voice yelling.


Opera Vectra, the women with the big gun, jumped out in front of Leon. Many rays of energy escaped the guns barrel hitting the monster in different spots each time. The last beam left the gun, it hit the monster with a large blast. The whole town had gotten quiet for the moment, the monsters dead body began dropping, and fast, with Leon and Opera right in the way of the drop zone. Opera turned around dropping her weapon, running tworeds Leon, she swiped the 4'5 fellpool up and ran out the zone, just escaping death. She let Leon to the ground, looking down at him with all three of her eyes.

"Are you ok?"

Opera said to him. Leons ears wilted a bit.

"Yes, thank you for saving me back there..."

Leon said to her, while nodding. Opera looked down at him, messing up his blue hair.

"Cute kid... So, what was that thing?"

Leon looked up at her.

"Come to Precis's house, I'll explain there..."

Leon said to her.

Chapter 5: FREAK of nature

"And that's what has been happening...."

Leon finished his explination to Opera. They sat around the table at Precis's house drinking tea. Opera then let out a sigh... She looked at Leon...

"I guess we might have to gather the crew once again... This looks like it could be serious. And I haven't seen anything like that.. Than monster that attacked Linga, ever since the distruction of the sorcery globe...."

Leon looked at Opera from across the table.

"Neither have I... Looks like we might have a limited group though, Bowman and Celine are gone as well... An-"

Opera interupted Leon.

"Gone? What do you mean by that?"

Opera had said to Leon looking puzzled.

"Well, I can't exactly put my finger on it... But Celine wound up missing, with the rest of the people in the town of Lacour.. And while Bowman and I were walking out... He had suddenly, well, vanished."

Leon looked puzzled as well, as did Precis, Opera, and Precis's father. Opera had begun to speak once more.

"Maybe we should go investigate... You know, check out the city.. See if we can find some clues..."

Leon had nodded his head, as did Precis. So they had set off, crossing the feilds, stopped by a few of the monsters in the area. Of course for there skill, it was nothing. They arrived in Lacour, everything seemed normal... Too normal, everyone was back in town. Precis looked at Leon.

"Is this some kind of sick joke, everything is fine!"

She gave him a dirty look, Leon had been lost in his words. Not knowing what to say. Opera shrugged.

"I don't know Leon, everything seems to be in order... Besides, your story was pretty farfetched anyhow...."

Opera and Precis had stepped into the city crowd, Leon sat up against the gate walls, letting out a small sigh...

"But... How could this be, they were not here one minute, then they just show up, like nothing occured... I wasen't lieing..."

Leon got up, walking into the city, people had stared at him. One man bumped into him yelling.


That wasen't normal... People stared at him still he heard rude comments as he walked by such as,

"Look at that kids ears" or "There is that spoiled brat!"

One kid that was playing, had pushed him down, called him cat ears... Leon was on the brim of crying...