by Zyro

It was a fairly warm day on the continent of Spira; High Summoner Braska’s daughter, Yuna, had saved the world from Sin. Tidus, her loyal guardian had died in defeat of Sin. Along with Auron, her father’s guardian and a guardian to her.

Even though the day was warm, a strange sadness swept over the small isle of Kilika. Wakka and Lulu had gone on one of their many strolls. Rikku was off on some great adventure with Cid. And Kimahri had left to find what was left of his Ronso tribe.

And then there was Yuna, the saviour of the world. Yuna stood there on the end of the Kilika pier, staring out at the open water. She had trained herself to hold her breath for over two minutes but that really wasn’t on her mind right now. The only thing she ever thought about anymore was Tidus, her one true love.

She still remembered his blonde hair, his baby blue eyes, and the jingle of the chains that were attached to his belt. The black overall type shorts he wore and the yellow shirt underneath them. She even remembered the sword that Wakka had given him, the Brotherhood. It made her heart ache every time she thought about him.

“I wonder if he remembers me?” She asked herself, hoping for an answer that she knew would never come. She put her fingers to her lips and whistled, just the way he taught her to. ‘Whenever I’m not around, just whistle and I’ll come running’ was what she played in her mind every time she whistled out the sea.

She whistled again and again until it hurt to take a breath. Then she fell to her knees and cried softly into her hands. Why couldn’t he come back, why? It was unfair how he was so wrongfully taken from her just when she began to think of a future for them.

“Damn you Tidus! Damn you!” She cried until she couldn’t cry anymore than picked up a blitzball and threw it as far as she could into the sea. She stared at it and turned her back tears swelling in her eyes again she began to walk of the pier.

Suddenly the blitzball went zooming by her head.

“Damn you Jassu I said don’t try the Sphere Shot near me! Didn’t you-” The words where stolen right from her mouth. Her blue and green eyes filled with tears as she ran towards the beach. It was him!

She knew this was most likely a dream but she didn’t care, she never wanted to wake. She threw herself into his arms and cried into his chest, she cried hard and just let the tears come.

“Hush Yuna, hush.” Said the man that she loved. “I’m here, I’m here for good.”

It had been a crazy couple of hours since Tidus had returned and Yuna had decided to go for a rest.

Tidus sat by the centre of town smiling to himself and leaning back on his chair. He looks up and saw Wakka and Lulu strolling towards him.

Once Wakka had seen Tidus he broke into a run and embraced the man with his strong arms. “Oh its so good to see you, Tidus.” He stepped away and looked him up and down.

“What Wakka?” Tidus asked

“Nah it’s just that. Aren’t you dead?” He said as Lulu held onto his arm tightly

“Heh, well that’s quite a long story.” Replied Tidus with a quiet laugh

“Hm, well we have the time Tidus.” Lulu said in her soft whisper of a voice.

Tidus sighed and sat down on his chair again and began his tale. “Hm, well yes I was dead but for some reason I don’t really know why, I’m back. I came back in the ruins of Zanrkand, and you know how far that is. So I thought to my self ‘Why are you back here? How did you get back?’ but my questions were never answered. So I just started walking, I cam back with all my weapons.” Tidus reached down to pull up the brother hood and twirls it before Wakka’s shinning eyes. “Well then I just continued to walk and then I remembered my promise to Yuna, ‘I’ll be there for you, always’ and I was, I ran and moved myself to get to Kilika. Which I thought where she was. Then I watched her for one day and saw what she would do, because I wanted the best time to show up. An-”

“Wait a minute Tidus.” Lulu said. “You waited an extra day just to come up with the “right time”.” She laughed

“What?” He asked.

“Tidus man! Yuna’s been out on that pier every day since you bin gone. There is no “right time” because its you Yuna would think it’s the right time, no?”

Lulu nodded to her husband’s opinion and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Gah…Should I continue.” He received no answer so he just kept going. “Well I guess you know the rest. I showed up and everyone freaked out. So what about you two?”

“Well Tidus.” Lulu smiled. “As you can see me and Wakka are together. We were married afew months ago and…” She patted her stomach. “I’m with child.” She smiled brightly as Wakka kissed her lips softly and smiled brightly at Tidus.

Tidus stood up and brushed himself off and taking Wakka’s hand and brining him close for a hug. Then the man hugged Lulu and smiled. “I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.” He turned to walk off and turned into the forest.

He stood for a long time alone in the dark forest. Thinking about everything that had happened. He couldn’t remember much of his afterlife only that it was very lonely without Yuna. The one thought that played in his mind nearly every day, in his dreams was the Macalania Woods. He had remembered her face, the tears in her eyes and the soft glowing of the water against her gorgeous face. Her hair was damp in afew places but not like his. He couldn’t hold back his feelings anymore her pulled her close and kissed her. They kissed for what seemed like forever but was only maybe afew minutes. The two loved each other dearly and maybe one day he would ask her hand in marriage, maybe. He just held her for afew more minutes and wished this moment would never end. Not knowing where he was going he tripped over a large log and fell flat on his face. He kicked himself off the ground and landed on his feet laughing and turned only to face Kimahri, one of Yuna’s old guardians. He stepped back as not to run into the Ronso and coughed standing tall. “Hey Kimahri.” Kimahri said nothing for a long time just stood there looking at the man who he didn’t know whether to hate or admire. “Tidus.” Kimahri finally said in acknowledgment of the man. Tidus smiled and nodded, knowing Kimahri hated people thinking that he were growing out of the hating everything faze. But Tidus knew that this Ronso didn’t hate him. Kimahri took a deep breath and walked off towards the town. But Tidus could swear that he saw a smile on Kimahri’s face as he turned from the man.

She woke up hours later in her bed with the blankets tucked tightly around her. It was all just a dream.

“Damn…” She said softly as she stared into the black depths of her room. It was indeed night out and she slowly stood and walked outside. She had been fully clothed in her bed, which made her wonder, but she stood around the fire near the centre of the town and sighed softly.

Someone snuck up on her and wrapped his arms around her stomach then rested his chin on her shoulder.

“What the?” She said as she turned her head only to meet the lips of her love, Tidus.

So it wasn’t a dream after all! She closed her eyes and embraced the kiss, as she felt great waves of happiness rush through her body.

Tidus pulled away from the kiss and stared into her blue and green eyes. “Yuna. I love you.” The world rang into her head like wedding bells and she buried her face into his chest and cried, pounding softly against his chest with her fist.

He laughed softly and kisses her head as she turned her head up to face him. “I love you too Tidus.” She let the words come from her very heart. “Tidus I…I don’t want to loose you again.”

The man smiled and kissed her softly almost in response to her and stroked his fingers through her silky brown hair.

She loved the strength of his arms around her and he loved the way he touched her. But most of all he loved him. She never wanted this moment of bliss to end and she now knew it wasn’t a dream.

Suddenly Tidus did something Yuna had never expected he would ever do. He grabbed her hands gently and dropped to one knee and stared into her eyes smiling he took a deep breath and began to speak.

“Yuna, I know we haven’t known each other for a long time but I feel as if I know you like we’ve been together for years. Well I don’t know your answer but here goes. I love you, with all my heart and I hope you feel the same way but…” He pulled out a soft velvet box and revealed a beautiful silver ring intertwined with gold and a small diamond in the middle of it.” Yuna, will you marry me?”

It was such a surprise to the now eighteen-year-old girl a million questions raced through her mind she searched to find the right words to fill her happiness she felt tears run down her face but only one word filled her brain. “Yes…Yes Tidus, yes I will!” She was embraced by the stronger man and tears fell down her face and she laughed softly, she could know think of the future. A future for both of them.