Seiken Episode 4:Shadows of the Past
by Duran the Warrior

>Dragon's Hole, a few weeks ago (before Episode 3)
<A ninja picks up a piece of a sword.>
Ninja: (Oh yes! I can feel the dark essence form this blade. So this is where the powers of such beings like the Dragon Emperor, Thantos, and that Masked Mage are. <A wave of power goes thru him.> I don't believe it! This blade is summoning mana from the cosmos, giving me great power. Appears the legend of the Mana sword was an understatement, after all if a piece of this can do this, imagine what the whole sword will do. First things first; time to revisit Riesz, and to crush those heroes.)
>Present; Forcena; Duran's House
<Duran reads a section of the class change book carefully.>
Duran:(Is this what happened to Kevin back there; a temporary boost in class? What if he were to go through that boost again at his current class and level; the results would be staggering. It also seems that the conditions depend on the person who's undergoing it. For Kevin, it was his beastman aspect, and his feelings for Riesz. I wonder what mine are.)<Takes out a Hilt of a sword.>(I would have liked to seen what this sword could really do; since legends state that this is the most powerful of all weapons.)
<Enter Kevin.>
Kevin: Duran, it almost time to talk with others.
Duran<Putting his Hilt away>:Ok.
<They leave.>
Outside Palo
Hawkeye: Yeah, that Dragon Emperor was real wicked, enough for anyone to sense.
Duran: Speaking about that I just felt a cold breeze, like the Dragon Emperor, but more stronger.
<Riesz immediately curls up into a ball.>
Riesz<Sobbing.>:no, no ,no
Kevin: What the matter, Riesz.
Angela: Guys, I think this information might be relevant now. When I asked her what over guys she went out with, she just clammed up. At the time, I thought it was a sour relationship, but now I think it's worse than that.
Kevin: You can tell me what wrong.
<Riesz whispers something.>
Kevin:....Duran, what this word mean?
<They exchange quietly so that no one else hears.>
Duran: That is a really bad thing to do to a girl, worse than hitting her.
Kevin: Angry; Really Angry; no, me totally P***ed off! Me want to cave his skull in.
Duran:(One of the words that I taught him; really angry words.)I'll help you out when you find this piece of trash.
<Riesz recovers.>
Riesz: Let me tell what I can. It was about 3 years ago, at a meeting between our kingdoms, I meet this seeming nice Thief by the name of Raven. We went out a bit, and then, then.......; after that, I just stopped going out with guys. Hawkeye kinda reminded of his nicer aspects. He just stopped coming by, probably because of the guards.
Kevin: That enough.
Hawkeye: So, that was the person who done that; right now he's a ninja. I'll take this up with my boss; since I doubt he'll let that slide at all. (He acted that!? I'll ask the Khan if I could kill him myself! How dare he dishonor the guild!)
Throne Room
F.Khan: So that what happen, and you want to kill him. Ok with me but he left somewhere to the northwest. He has a black aura and held a blacked piece of sword.
Hawkeye: I know where he is headed for Riesz, and I guess now he is more powerful now. I really have to go.
Outside Palo
Angela<jokingly.>:Oh look, I'm going to start this fire. <tries to cast a spell, and starts a fire.> What??? That shouldn't happen!
Duran: Let me see, teleporting, magic, this vibe, and Riesz reacting like she did, These are all connected. <The hilt flies out, glowing.> What the..... Might these things be possible because someone has a piece of the mana sword?
????<Standing a few feet away.>:Hahaha Yes, it is, he who holds the other piece of the Mana sword.
Riesz<In a ball, and sobbing.>:Raven...
Kevin: You?
<Tries to attack him, but Raven casts a spell, knocking Kevin down.>
Raven: Riesz, I didn't know you prefer weaklings. I want the other piece, knight, so I can become a god! Here's just a small taste of power the essences of evil, amplified by the piece I have. Black Rain!
<Strikes everyone.>
Duran:(Seems that he is a Nightblade, just like Hawkeye, but more powerful.)
Kevin:(Must do something.....Pain, Anger, Rage, Love. All these feelings; feel something awakening.)
Raven: You're still alive after that; I guess it's time to show you my true power.
<Sticks the blade piece in his arm, and the piece loses its blackness. He tosses it as he transforms into a giant of darkness.>
Raven: I now have the powers of Thantos, Arch-demon, and the Dragon emperor! As a show of my power, I'll control the mage. Go, beautiful servant, show them your power!
Duran: I know how much you want to kill him, but I'm going have to kill him.
Charlotte: Big evil, big evil, Wahhhh!!!!
Heath: I don't think that the priest of light can take this evil on.
<Hawkeye enters.>
Hawkeye: So Raven, you just aren't a Bastard, but a truly evil one.
Raven: Oh yes, Hawkeye, you here to try your luck against me?
Hawkeye: Not by myself, Hey Kevin, remember Kilgore?
Kevin:(Kilgore; he hurt Riesz, Raven hurt Riesz more. Feeling wall cracking.)
Duran:(I see... He's trying to get Kevin to do that boost thing again.)
<Duran tries to attack him, but gets hit by a dark blast from the controlled and boosted Angela.>
Duran:(Can't do anything at all against Angela, I've failed! She must have had a boost.) <Spies the discarded Blade piece, then puts the 2 pieces together. The sword glows.> Ok, you jack-a**, let go of my Angel before I slice you down the middle.<A sudden rush of power occurs.> (I don't believe this, it's happening to me, a boost!.)<Duran's armor turns golden as power shoots out from the sword knocking Raven back, and releasing Angela, who collapses due to the strain. Duran now has The true mana sword, a weapon of pure energy.> Take that you piece of s***!
<Elliot comes in, trying to attack Raven, but He swats the boy aside like nothing. Riesz starts to really tremble.>
Kevin:(THAT'S IT!!!!!) <Howls a earthshaking Howl as he turns into a golden, as in metal, 10foot werewolf.>
Duran:(That's Kevin's Boosted self.) Ok, Kevin I'll draw his attacks while you prepare to finish him. Everyone else, get outta here!
<Everyone else leaves. Now only the insane giant, giant werewolf, and Mana Knight square off. Duran fought him, getting in some blows and techs, like goddess smite in.>
Kevin: Now you die! Astral Crush! <He rushes forward, fist engulfed in sheer energy, and hits Raven on the shoulder. Raven feels his body begin to self-destruct.>
Raven: No..... I can't die, I'm a god! I'll take this whole kingdom with me!
Duran: Even though you beat me and him up, that ain't happening, Goddess Smite! <A giant blade held by a female hand slices through Raven as his body started bursting form Kevin's blow. Then Raven just exploded in blood and gore. They support each other to the castle, where they collapsed due to wounds and exhaustion.>
Rolante Castle
Hawkeye: Where to put the guys?
Riesz: Put Kevin in my room since I don't think I can sleep other wise.
Heath: Don't worry about that since the way Duran and Kevin are, they won't be able to do anything to really worry about.
Hawkeye: I'll put Duran in the guest room.
<Elliot enters. He seems to got only a few scratches.>
Elliot: I want to be like them when I grow up.
Riesz: Hehe, that's nice to hear. Good Night.
<Everyone else leaves or goes to bed, but Hawkeye.>
Hawkeye: This is getting too crazy; mana returning to the world, even if it's on a small scale. Not to mention this "boost class" thing going on. I've got to go to sleep so I can make sense of all this insanity.
<Goes to the quest room, and sees what's going on.>
Hawkeye:(I guess Angela wanted to comfort him. Hearing them argue is a good thing; it means that no nigh-godlike evil is about to turn a kingdom in a parking lot.)
<Goes to sleep.>
Next Day, Hawkeye's house
Jessica: You know Hawkeye, if she weren't with that beastman, I'd be angry at you.
Hawkeye: I just seen some stuff that no one would believe.
Beast Castle
<Duran, Riesz, Angela, and Kevin are talking about the last night.>
Duran: In short, Kevin landed the fatal blow; all that I did was just hasten the process. It is nice that you feel better, Riesz.
Riesz: That was a nightmare that I just woke up from.
Angela: Wait a moment! Let me get this straight, This guy controlled me in a "boosted" state and had me attack you, Duran? I know you just annoy me sometimes, but not enough to do that.
Duran: Don't worry about it, Angel. I know that you'd never do that.
Angela: It was nice to hear that you wouldn't strike me, even if I was forced to attack you.
Duran: Now, we have something important to do: make sense of boosts, the revived mana sword, and the fact that some mana has returned to this world.
That means the next episode will be about making sense. Boosts are something unwittingly introduced in "A night out" (episode 1), with Kevin. These occur under various conditions, or influences from higher powers, such as Raven. Please send all comments about the fic to my address.