Sibling Rivalry
by Richard B. Sampson Jr.

A Story And Addendum For Memoirs Of The Heroes. (Previously "Memoirs Of An Adventure's Child."))
(All Characters Are Ficticious And bare no resemblence to living people.
Any resemblence to fictional characters is only by chance. Special Thanks to Howard Phillips Lovecraft)

I knew it was risky staying at my old stronghold, but I also knew that my daughter still hadn't controlled her new powers yet. Until she could control her powers, I could not return to the Guardian Base. Besides, I had to search the old books I had at my fortress. Long ago, I had read in one of the books about a legend detailing the four Horsemen. When I had found the right book, I looked through it with incredable intent. I needed to find something that would help us stop the darkness. It was then I found it, the legend of the Horsemen. I then started to read it aloud. "When the horsemen arrive, they will be given magical Runestones. These Runestones will have two purposes. One will be to make the dark forces stronger, but also to be charged full of dark energy. Once the runestones are charged, the Horsemen can be safely destoried so the gateway could be formed." Right then, I thought about what they had said happened to Lena. She was called Portal by the Crystoids. I read the book some more and read something I truely feared. "Once the last horseman is destroied, and the power source assembled, the dark portal will open." It was a doomsday legend, and it meant the doomsday, Sherp, was fast approaching. I then noticed another passage, and it brought hope to my mind. "It is said that if the Horsemen are destroied before the source is assembled and the gateway is prepared with seven gems, the runestones will be destroied, and the evil stopped." I put the book in a parcel, so I could send it to the base, and said, "We have a chance now."

I was almost startled to hear someone behind me say, "A chance at what?" I turned to see one of the other Guardians, holding a note in his hand. He looked at me and said, "It's from JaNa. She says that Hope can control her powers."

I nodded and said, "That is terrific. I'll be along in a moment. Take this book to Radr. It contains vital info."

It was then I heard one of the Guardians that had been stationed at my fortress shouted. "The Crystoids are attack. They've discovered us."

I quickly donned my mask and said, "Give the messenger cover. He needs to get back. Once he is clear, we fight our way out of here." I watched as the messenger ran out and headed out into the desert. Only the guardians knew how to get to the path in the sand, which led underground. As he ran out of sight, I looked out at the oncoming Crystoids and said to others. "Alright people, it's do or die time. If we fail, we might be failing our only chance at winning." I watched as my followers headed into battle. We were fighting a great evil, and we needed a win. As the battle started, I noticed various projectile weapons flying our way, and none of the Crystoids were giving chase after the messenger. Then I remembed one thing Radr had said. The seventh crystal was my mask. They were after me. Just when I realized that, I felt something hit my head, and everything went dark.


When I came to, I was greeted to the feel of cold metal. The only thing I could think of was that I was in the Crystoid home world. The only thing running in my favor was that they hadn't absorbed me into their group. I then felt an arm yank me up and said, "Up, humanoid. You have something for Portal." I looked over at the figure the Crystoid mentioned and saw it was Lena, but her hands and legs were connected to metal rods, but two of the runestones were at the ends of two of the rods.

I watched as the Queen Crystoid walked over and took my mask. She smiled and said, "Our great Portal thanks you for keeping the last crystal safe. She knew you could do it." I noticed that my sister's face was somewhat blank. As the Queen took the mask over and placed it on Lena's face. She turned and said, "Now, we can absorb this human into our collective. He will help us attain our goal."

As I was picked up, I just shouted. "You won't succeed. We know what you're up to, and we will stop you." I also looked at Lena. Part of me was about to shout to her, asking her to break free.

That's when I was shocked. Lena just said, "Leave us alone. I must talk with him. He will not hurt me." I watched as all the Crystoids left, except the Queen. Then Lena said, "I said alone. Leave, or else." For a moment, the Queen shuddered and ran out. Soon we were alone, and Lena said, "Max, I'm so glad you are here. I don't know how, but I still have some free thought. I know what they have planned for me, and it's terrible."

I looked up at my sister and said, "I know what they have planned. I can only think of two ways to end it. One is mentioned in a book I read, but the other I just happened to think about." It was true. The only other solution would be to kill my own sister. She was to be their portal.

My sister looked at me and shook her head. "Max, there is only one way. You can't kill me. You don't know what they did to me. You remember our father telling us about the Time Bomb."

I thought back to the stories our father told us as kids, and then started to remember the tales of the device. It was a doomsday device, constructed by the Ancients. I then looked at Lena and said, "You don't mean that they..." I watched as she nodded. I realized I couldn't even try to kill her. It would kill everyone. I then said, "They made it so you can't be killed. No one knows how to stop that thing."

She nodded and said, "That's why you have to get the guardians up here to destroy Death and then the Queen. She's the last part of the energy source, and if you destory Death before you destroy her, you may save us all."

I looked at her and said, "Death is up here, why is he up here?"

She closed her eyes and said, "He's powered up his runestone, and when his two other Horsemen fell, the Queen told him to stay up here. I think she has made plans to terminate herself, so you must keep her alive before you kill Death."

Now I understood. The Crystoids were planning something, but not even Lena knew everything about it. It was as if they didn't share all there info with her on purpose. The only thing we could do was destroy War, and then come up here and destroy Death. I looked at her and said, "Lena, can you get me out of here?"

I watched as a door openned and Lena said, "Not all the Crystoids know every detail of the structure. Down this secret hall is a teleporter. I'll set it for your fortress. You have very little time to escape. Go now." I nodded and ran down the hall. When I noticed the door was closing, I heard Lena say, "Attention. The prisoner is escaping." She had to say that. If she didn't, it would appear like she betrayed them.

When I finally found the teleporter, I heard footsteps nearby. There must have been a door nearby. I quickly activated the teleporter, and soon, I was back at my base. I started to run into the desert and finally to the path. When I finally entered the path, I looked back and said, "I hope you are right, Lena. We all need for you to be right."

As I made my way down into the base through the secret path, I heard Radr say, "MAX, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? YOU HAD DISAPPEARED."

I just continued running down and said, "I'll tell you when I get there, but everything just got trickier." Now we had to figure out our best course of action to stop the Crystoids.

Countdown has begun...3