Mana Knight Anonymous Part 2


The next morning the ship reached Maia and its passengers got off. Angela turned to Spencer, Kevin and Carlie to speak.

"You guys are trying to go to the Holy land right?" She asked.

"Yup!" Carlie answered.

"We go there. Why you ask?" Kevin said.

"I was wondering if I could go with you... So I could learn magic and stuff!" Angela said.

"Certainly. However, we don't exactly know where to go now." Spencer said.

"Well," Angela began," King Richard, The hero of the Thousand Year War, he'll like, probably want to know if The Dragon Emperor is back, and he knows where the Mana Stones are!" Angela said.

"D-Dragon Emperor?" Carlie and Kevin exclaimed.

"Oh, yes I haven't told you yet." Spencer said. He then went on to explain about The Dragon Emperor's appearance in the Grand City. As he did Carlie and Kevin's expressions went from bad to worse. It was only when Spencer had finished that Kevin pointed something out.

"What in Grand City that Dragon Emperor want?" Kevin asked.

"Well, when he appeared he seemed to find it interesting that he had never found the city before. I think that he may have been attracted there by our Mana Stone and-" Spencer said.

"There's no Mana Stone there.” Angela said. "It's impossible. The Glass Desert couldn't have any Mana Stone in it. There were no battles fought for one there. Unless..."

"Unless what?" Carlie asked. "You're right Carlie knows this too! No Manai would stay there!"

"Me think we should let Spencer tell us." Kevin said.

"The Mana Stone of Time-" Spencer began.

"There's no such-" Angela interrupted.

"NO interruptions!” Kevin roared as they entered the inn.

"The Mana Stone of Time is held there. No one knows about it because it was sealed in the city with us. I think, that just like Altena, The Dragon Emperor is collecting the Mana Stones to get The Sword of Mana!" Spencer said as they paid for there rooms. "I might not be right, but maybe The Beast Kingdom and Navarre may be after The Sword, too. If so, let's hope we are not too late to get it." At this point, Spencer and Kevin separated from Carlie and Angela to go to there rooms. At last, Spencer could rest.

Spencer couldn't sleep. He just lie there on his bed tossing and turning silently so as not to wake Kevin. There was simply too much on his mind. The Dragon Emperor free to wreak havoc; Mana's weakening; Altena, Forcena, Wendel, Beast Kingdom, Rolante and Navarre all at war for the Mana Stones; and Lise. Her image had entered his mind again and taken permanent residence. He continuously rebuked himself for not helping her find her lost brother.

(I should have helped her.) Spencer thought. (She was so helpless, I left her to suffer. Why do I care so much? I barely knew the woman, and yet I can not extinguish my burning desire to help her. What is wrong with me? I have a job to do; I can't waste time on such a trivial thing as... What is it? Love? No. I can not love; I am incapable of it, having never known it in the first place. Still... No! I must focus Mana is at stake here!)

But still he could see her tears, feel her voice tremble, and see her undying sorrow. Spencer continued to writhe in his bed the whole night through, and was very tired when he awoke the next morning. He rose and walked down the stairs to the kitchen, opened a cabinet, and ate half his breakfast before noticing it. There was no inn. He looked around and found himself in a huge forest.

The forest was breathtaking. With huge waterfalls, massive trees, and beautiful animals everywhere. There where also ruins of buildings scattered around. As Spencer walked he began to notice where he was. This was the Holy land. This was the remains of Mana City. Racing, Spencer began to look everywhere for survivors, though he knew they where all long dead. He eventually came upon a sight that he had seen only once. The Mana Tree and The Sword of Mana. He drew slowly nearer before a voice began to speak to him.

"Hello, Chosen One. I have some things to tell you." It said.
"Who is there?" Spencer asked.

"Gaze upon one of the Three Fates of your world. If Something does not change in the Past, this will happen." It said.

The Tree began to wither and then the ground exploded. A massive beast arose from the crater and began spewing death everywhere. The beautiful forest was charred in seconds. Spencer was about to shout, when the forest returned to normal.

"What the...?" He said astonished.

"If something in the Present does not change, this will happen." It said.

Suddenly The Dragon Emperor, Koren, The Dark Knight, A woman in a shimmering outfit who resembled Angela and Kaiser appeared around the Mana Tree. Kaiser drew the sword and showed it to the Dragon Emperor. Smiling the Dragon Emperor spoke.

"Excellent. Now bring forth the Mana Fortressss ssso we can destroy thisss world!" He said.

All the horrible figures laughed as they vanished. The Sword fell into the Tree again and It spoke once more.

“Now I will show you what will happen if something in the Future does not change. Be prepared 'Hero' this is not for the weak of will." It said.

Spencer saw himself lying before the Tree of Mana which had burned to the ground. Black ooze slid its way towards him and then assumed a perverse copy of him. It burbled an evil laugh and then spoke.

"Father, don't cry. What's wrong with a little bloodshed?" The copy laughed." Even if it is godly blood. Want to know why I did this in your name? Because I want what I deserve even if it kills me!"

"You bastard!" The future Spencer cried.

"You know, you are right. You definitely weren't married when I was conceived, but hey, why the &*^% do I care? Now Papa it's time to die!"

The Image drew The Sword of Mana and Impaled the future Spencer on it. thus the images died away and It spoke again. "You can not escape all Three Fates, so beware Chosen One... Now go home and find the Manai. I grow weary of your presence."

In a flash Spencer found himself sitting at the table eating breakfast with Kevin again.
However, he decided it would be best if said nothing of it. Angela and Carlie joined them for breakfast and then the heroes left for Forcena...


"There's supposed to be a cave that leads to Forcena up ahead.” Angela said. "At this rate we should get there by nightfall."

"Uh-oh! Monsters!" Carlie shouted.

"Earth Mother! The whole Golden Road swarming with them!" Kevin roared.

"Well then,” Spencer said becoming quite enthused," let us prepare for battle. Aaaah!"

Spencer rushed forward and began hacking at the buzz bees that drew near. Meanwhile, Angela began bashing a rabite's skull in, and Kevin was karate chopping another monster. All the while Carlie was climbing her way toward the cave she saw.

"Raaaar!" A monster cried as it died.

"Hey? Where's Carlie?" Angela asked.

"She on way to cave!" Kevin shouted.

"Ahhh!" Spencer shouted after a monster died. His body had begun to glow and he felt very powerful at the moment.

"Wha!?" Kevin shouted seeing Spencer's body lose control.

"I've heard of this!” Angela shouted. “It’s called a Limit Break! It releases a class's hidden special move. Almost all the monsters are dead now, let's watch!"

Spencer could see but nothing else. His body was no longer his to control. If what he had learned was true, he'd be able to control this later. He began to spin and then thrust forward, dealing death to the rabite before him. Slowly the ecstasy and light began to fade away, and Spencer regained control of his body.

"Wow!” Spencer exclaimed quietly.

"Cool!" Carlie shouted from down the road. "A cave!"

"No time!" Kevin shouted as he ran after her.

"That was excellent!” Angela said to Spencer before running to the cave.

"Ow." Spencer said as he ran after them.

The inside of the cave was surprisingly dry in comparison with the cave of waterfalls. The main room held a silver statue at which the heroes prayed for luck. This was Spencer's first encounter with modern religion being practiced, and it quite fascinated him. Carlie had dropped to her knees, and began moving her hands around her body in a cross shape, while Kevin had produced a buzz bee's carcass and began burning it and mumbling, Angela, had simply gotten down on one knee and clenched her hands together. Spencer couldn't guess the significance of this 'praying' since he had lived when The Goddess had spoken directly to all. Never the less, Spencer felt this reverence of this moment, so he too began to pray, though his prayer was only thoughts in his heart.

(Please, please don't let me screw this up!) Spencer prayed/thought. However The Goddess did not respond. She had become to weak to speak through the gate. First Angela got up, then Carlie, then Kevin. Angela turned to the rest of the group before speaking.

She smiled softly, and then said," Forcena's just beyond this cave!" With that she turned and ran down the stairs. Kevin and Carlie followed right after. Spencer lingered only a moment more staring at the statue, before he too went down the stony stairs.

When Spencer reached his group, They had their weapons drawn and were facing out onto the huge rope bridge. Spencer ran forward, and saw what it was that had caused them to draw their weapons. On the bridge was a man, about seventeen, with long red hair, and a suit of body armor. His sword was drawn also, and his eyes were filled with hatred. He smiled when he saw Spencer.

"Sorry, I'm afraid I gotta kill this Mage @#$%^, though." The man said.

"Why is that?” Spencer asked.

"Because, as long as I live, I'll hate those traitorous Mages. I'll hate them forever, or my name ain't Duran the Warrior!" The man said.

"You no Duran Warrior! Duran Warrior is good man, he no hurt innocent royalty!” Kevin shouted.

"Royalty?" A voice shouted. Mages surrounded the group and raised their staves. "Princess Angela! We found you! You are hereby terminated! Queen's orders!"

"See! I hate them just as much as you do!" Angela shouted to Duran." So are you going to help us or not?"

Duran paused for a moment and then spoke, "I'll help!"

The Mages turned to their leader and then ran about. "Release the Machine Golems!"

"Wha!?" Kevin said.

Two massive robots walked out onto the bridge and began to fire rockets. Amazed by this technology, the heroes took a few moments to react.

"Princess! You and the Beastman start pummeling that one while this pseudo-Dragon Emperor and I beat up that one!" Duran shouted.

"What about Carlie?" Carlie asked.

"Got and round drops?" Duran asked.

"Yeah..." Carlie said confused.

"Good. You can give 'em to us whenever these )(&*^ beat us up to much. Got it?" Duran said.

"Yeah!" Carlie answered.

Spencer and Duran ran up to the first machine golem and began slashing at it with their swords, while Angela instructed Kevin on how to dodge the rockets. Carlie, kept herself occupied, by staying out of the way. Spencer Limit-Breaked and destroyed the first machine golem. Angela pulled out a coin and began to pray, as she did this the coin began to glow. She tossed it at the second machine golem, and it burst into flame before collapsing.

"~Initiating self-destruct sequence, 5~" the golem said.

"It's gonna blow!" Duran said as he ran off the bridge.


"Let's get outta here!” Angela said running toward the bridge's end.


"Me no want die!" Kevin cried also running toward the bridge's end.


"Waaaaaaaah!"Carlie cried.


"No!" Spencer roared.


Time seemed to stop momentarily as the golem's body burst outward and began to destroy the bridge. Only Duran was on the other said when it happened. The rest of the group fell, down and down. Deep into The Cleft of the Earth....