by FrijolDorado

NOTE: This is a "classic" work of mine. It's complete nosense! I'll understand if you print a million copies and send 'em to your best friends, then invite 'em to your favorite spot in the woods and burn my work along with a few pictures of me, some personal possetions, and the do rest of the hate demonstration stuff.

Through the game, Dagger sings a song in some unknown language that she doesn't even know, I thought of it as a song a mom would sing to it's kids to advice 'em what to do to be good citizens of the summoner village. Here's my translation:

Original song by: Likean the Summoner
Translated by: FrijolDorado

We run around with a horn
Over our eyes
And charge at whoever
Laughs at us.

On top of a mountain there's
Some gold
I hid it there from the thieves
But the map is lost.

Don't play with your
New toys out in the street
Someday you'll be old
And sell 'em as collectibles.

Never grow your hair
Too long.
When it's white it'll look like
Kuja's and Sephiroth's.

If you're wet don't get near
A black mage
They'll try to use firagga
On your neck.

Watch out for gnomes, goblins
And the Qu
They will punch you and
Make a meal out of you.

Eidolons have
Powerful attacks
But if you ask 'em nicely
They'll dance.

Play as much Tetra Master
As you want
But for goodness sake:

Don't leave the town until
You're sixteen
That's the age clowns can extract monsters from you
And leave you very thin.

That, my kid is what you
Should do
If you don't obey me
You'll become poo.


NOTE: I wrote this song when I was about to end the game. I fnished it and found out there's the same song in English at the end, but I still like my version better.