Swords For Hire: Trap of the Bandits
by Doc Shinryuu

Hey all! Doc Shinryuu here. I'm back after a long absence. I haven't updated Swords For Hire in a while because my FFT Data got erased, so I had to start over. But I'm back now, so let the Fic continue!


"Ugh... That Math Master tournament was brutal!"

"Yeah, we know, Melissa. We were there." Stanley said through a mug of rather watery beer. "Geez. The beer wasn't this watered-down when we were here before the tournament. Hey, bartender. What's up with the beer?"

"Sorry, This stuff's the best beer we have since the monster attacks." The bartender responded.

"Attacks? What attacks?" Melissa asked.

"I might know something... If my wallet becomes a bit heavier..." The bartender said, implying payment.

"Alright, cut to the chase. How much do you want? Stanley said, implying a possible lack of it.

In case you're wondering why Silphy hasn't said anything for a while, she's been a bit preoccupied. In other words, she was watching some guy in a business outfit drowning his troubles with a drink. At about that time, Stanley finished "negotiating" with the bartender on a price to his info.

"ACCEPT 600 GIL OR I'LL RIP YOUR LUNGS OUT!!!" Stanley yelled.

"Okay, okay! 600 gil it is!"

"Uh... Stanley?" Melissa said, "If you're going to threaten him, at least take the info for free."

"Hey. I'm vicious, not evil." Stanley responed.

"Alright." The bartender began, "You've all heard of the Vaccas Brewery, right? Well, their carts of their 'Vaccas Liquor' are being attacked by a group of monsters led by a powerful monster, calling itself 'Demon Lylis'. Apparently, the monsters are attracted by the smell of the stuff and will attack the cart, even if the cargo is dumped. Vaccas Brewery is planning on hiring someone to defeat Lylis and disband it's group. To apply, you need to contact the president of Vaccas Brewery, but nobody's seen him lately."

"Say, bartender. Who's that guy over there?" Silphy (finally) said.

"Whaddya know! That's him!" the bartender responded.

By the time he finished, Stanley was already talking to the brewery president on the attacks.


As the cart trundled along, filled with it's cargo of Vaccas Liquor, three passengers prepared for battle as the driver shifted nervously.

"Okay g-guys," the driver stuttered, "th-the area w-w-where th-the attacks usually h-happen is c-c-coming up, so g-g-get r-ready."

"Believe me," Silphy responded, "we're ready."

As the cart rounded a corner there were four Black Goblins and another monster standing in the road. Seeing them, the driver turned around.

"Th-there they are! G-g-get 'em!" the driver shouted.

As the cart slowed to a stop, Stanley, Melissa, and Silphy hopped out and ran ahead of it, skidded to a stop, and stared in half-terror.

"You've gotta be kidding me..." Silphy muttered.

"It... It can't be!" Melissa whispered.

"Sweet Ajora... Lylis is an Archaic Demon!?" Stanley said.

Sure enough, the great Lylis was one of the most feared creatures in Ivalice, one spawned from the bowels of... oh, nevermind.

"Melissa, you'd better start jumping." Silphy said.

"I'm far ahead of you, Silphy." Said a Melissa-ish voice in her mind.

"Silphy, cover me. I'm going to take out the Black Goblins." Stanley said before charging a Bolt 4.

"Got it!" She said, throwing a Yagyu Darkness at Lylis to weaken it for Melissa's attack.

As the group of monsters charged toward the cart, Stanley's Bolt 4 released, killing off 3 of the Black Goblins, leaving one critical, and singeing Lylis.

Silphy quickly threw another Yagyu Darkness at the remaining Goblin, leaving Lylis charging alone.

"This looks like a job for Cyclops!" Said Stanley, preparing a summon.

At that moment, Lylis got into attack range of Silphy and began charging a spell, probably Dark Holy, considering the black symbols swirling around it. About a second later, Melissa came down from her jump, impaling Lylis and releasing an explosion of Holy magic.

"Perfect timing Melissa!" Silphy shouted.

"Yeah." Stanley said, "Now we can go collect our pay! Besides, we've earned some rest."

"Indeed." Melissa responded, climbing into the cart.

With that, the cart, cargo and all, rode off into the distance.

As the cart went out of sight over the horizon, a magic circle appeared on the ground, and out popped Cyclops.

"Someone called?" Cyclops said, "...Meh. This has happened before. I'm summoned, but the battle's over by the time I get here."



Author's Note: Ahh... Nobody respects the summons, do they. Apparently, Stanley's a distant relative of Locke of FF6. That's it for now. My next one may be delayed. School's starting soon

See ya next time,
Doc Shinryuu

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