Tales of Destiny II - Out from the unknown
by Tetsiaga

Chapter one - (Reid has some issues)

The sun hovered motionless over the Orbus Barrier, nearing sunset. Farah was out training in an endless field of hay. "Rrrr! I will not be seconded to that insolent pirate wannabe, Chat!! She mumbled to herself, beating upon a large bale of hay.
"Oh, so you're jealous, are you?" Reid teased, sneaking up on her.
"R-Reid!! No...I mean, Chat is SO arrogant. Absolutely everything has to be her way! And to top it off, Ras has been ignoring me. And all the time too. Every time I try to talk to him, he acts like I'm not even there. All just because I told him Chat was getting on my nerves, and that she is just some wannabe pirate who can't get a date without taking someone else's guy. Now, he thinks I'm just another stuck up loser who has nothing better to do than criticize others..." Farah whined.
"Don't let it get to you, Farah, he's a traitor. Remember at that restaurant in Inferia City?" Reid comforted, having a flashback.

Reid, Farah, Ras, and Meredy sat in a classy, expensive restaurant.
"I can't wait to eat, I'm STARVING." Reid complained as his stomach growled a beastly moan.
"Reid, you had a huge "snack" before we got here." Farah reminded.
"So! I only had three omelets and a parfait!" Reid protested.
"Uh! Never mind! Just don't do anything embarrassing, okay?" Farah pleaded.
"Okay!! Hand me a menu already, I can't wait anymore! Let's get some FOOD."
Farah handed Reid a menu.
"Satisfied? Hurry and pick something that isn't half the menu so they can take our order." She rushed.
"I'm going to run to the bathroom real quick..." Ras said, getting up from the table.
"Oh and Farah," he added. "could you get me two burgers?"
"Sure" She agreed, happy that Ras was depending on her for something. Ras left for the bathroom.
"(Hmm, he's up to something)..." Reid thought as he saw him leave suspiciously.
The waitress approached the table. "What can I get for you folks?" She asked politely, giving Reid a cute, innocent wink.
Reid ignored it, and handed her his menu. "I'll have the sweet and sour rice. And I'd like to order a hamburger for my friend who ran to the bathroom." Farah said.
"Okay...that's one order or sweet and sour rice, and one hamburger. And you ma'am?" She asked Meredy.
"Meredy would like one sandwich." She replied.
"Alright." The waitress smiled. "And how 'bout you cutie?" She asked Reid.
Reid blushed, giving her a funny look. "Eh, I'll just have two burgers and three steaks." He squeaked in an embarrassed tone.
The waiter gave him a funny look and then realized he must've been kidding. She put him down for one hamburger. "Alright, your food will be ready shortly." She said, heading back to the kitchen.
"She seemed to really like you, Reid." Farah teased as she smiled cutely at Reid.
"Hey, ease off. I'm gonna go to the bathroom." He remarked, seeing Ras heading back.
Reid got up just as Ras reached the table, giving him a look like he knew he was up to something, and then headed for the bathroom.
"What was his problem?' Ras wondered with a mystified look.
"Don't ask. He's been this way ever since we were little." Farah replied.
" That bathroom was disgusting. You'd think a nice place like this would clean tem every month or so...utterly revolting... But I can't wait to eat. You got me two hamburgers, right?" He asked.
"(Oh no! I only got him one!! Hmmm...I can give him one of Reid's! He'll understand. Yeah, no problem!) Yep, two burgers." Farah lied.
"Quicky hungry! Why Quicky not eat?" Meredy asked.
"Meredy...you didn't..." Farah began.
"Meredy did not what?" Meredy interrupted.
" You didn't bring Quicky with you, did you?" Farah asked.
"Yes! Quicky want to come. Quicky is Meredy's partner." Meredy explained.
"Meredy! Pet's aren't allowed in restaurants!" Farah reproached.
"In Celestia, Quicky go everywhere with Meredy." Meredy said.
The waitress brought the food over to the table. "Here you are..." She said, placing one plate of steaming sweet and sour rice, two hamburgers and one sandwich on the table. "Enjoy." The waitress smiled as she headed back.
Ras took both burgers and began to chow down on them.
Meanwhile, Reid was in the bathroom, searching for clues as to what Ras might have been doing in there.
"What is he up to? I know he couldn't have been washing his hands in here..." He said to himself searching high and low.
Back at the table, Ras had already eaten both burgers. "Reid sure has been gone a long time, I hope he doesn't get mad that I gave Ras his food...this is gonna be bad.)" Farah thought.
Reid came back to the table.
"Man, those bathrooms were disgus...hey, where's my food??" He asked, noticing there were no hamburgers left. Farah slouched down in her seat, guiltily.
Reid noticed two plates in font of Ras. "You! Ras you traitor, I'll kill you!!!"
"Huh?" Ras asked, as Reid pounced at him. He threw Ras on the floor, trying to strangle him.
"Eeehg! Reid, be reasonable!" Ras gasped, turning blue.
"Reid, get off him!!" Farah yelled, trying to pry Reid's hands from Ras.

(Back to reality)

"Oh yeah, I remember that day all too well. However...I don't understand how that makes you think Ras is a traitor." Farah said.
"You don't?! Of course it makes him a traitor! First he sneaks off to the bathroom, most likely plotting how to steal my food, and then when I'm not around, he swipes it! It's almost like treason!! Taking the food of one person and giving it to another!!" Reid argued.
"Whatever you say Reid, none the less, tomorrow we set out, and like it or not, Ras is coming." Farah replied. "Yeah...Chat's coming too, so I guess now we have to watch both them flirt all day." Reid complained.
"I wonder..." Farah sighed. Together they sat, resting on a bale of as the orange sun set peacefully in the distance.

Chapter Two-Abiding Affection

Reid awoke in his bedroom in the serene village of Rasheans. The sun had already risen, and it seemed as though it was already noon.
"Ugh...why didn't anyone wake me up?" He asked himself, looking out the window. Chat sat on top of a house roof, staring into the sky, as Meredy and Farah played below. Reid put on his shoes and walked outside. "Hey!" Reid yelled
"...Reid? Come on! Lets play!!" Farah called back.
"...Wha...Aren't we supposed to be going?" Reid asked, perplexed.
"Going...? Where were we going, Reid? I thought we were gonna spend more time together...here...?" Farah replied as Reid reached them. Reid's face became flustered, filled with many different emotions.
"But...our trip. Weren't we supposed to head out today? You, me, Chat, and Ras?" Reid asked. "Reid..." Farah smiled and clinged to him, showing her undying affections for him.
"Lets just stay here. Meredy, Chat, Max, and Ras can make it without us. Besides, you promised..." Farah said.
Reid backed off, feeling somewhat uncertain and mortified.
"I...did?" He wondered.
"You, don't remember?" Farah replied.
"Come on, Reid. We are worthy of a vacation. Pleeeaase?" She pleaded.
Reid awoke in sudden surprise, He found himself in his room.
"A...dream?" He asked himself. He sat up. The sun was only just rising. "::Sigh:: Farah..." he thought.
He sensed a hint of uncertain affection for Farah. Dreaming of her so often lately, and only wanting her to need him. Could he be jealous...or worse, in love? All these feelings rushed throughout his entire body.
"...Naw." He said to himself, hopping out of bed, and slipping on his shoes.
The darkish sky was beginning illuminate with the light of the rising sun, flooding the world with a vibrant pinkish-orange.
He stepped outside his room. His house was dark, and nearly the only light was that of the fireplace, which flickered and crackled in the center of the room. Reid let out a deep yawn. He walked over to the front door, rubbing his eyes. As he opened the door, and immense wave of morning light and crisp air surged in.
The entire town rested; it seemed as though Reid was the only soul in the entire town that was wakeful. He squinted, looking up at the submissive orange sun, hovering at the ridge of a outlying hill.
He recalled all of the past battles and occurrences. Meeting so many new people, fulfilling so many quests, saving others, and virtually defying death. And right there beside him, Farah had been there, witnessing everything, tempting fate, and comforting him in all his times of trial. He couldn't tell her how he felt, not when she had become so attached to Ras. He wasn't sure what to do.
Keel had recentally left them, betrayed them, in Reid's eyes. They had all been childhood friends, Keel, Farah, and Reid. But as the time flowed on, Keel moved on to bigger, better things, leaving Farah, Reid, and the town of Rasheans all behind, purely to become a student at Mintche University. And soon after that, he had essentially sold himself to Inferia's Institution of Astronomy. It seemed as though friendship meant nothing to him, he was willing to sell his soul in the name of science.
"Tch." Reid cringed, disgusted at the mere thought of Keel.
He got up, and began walking. The sun had risen, absolutely now, and the sky was full with golden, morning light. The Orbus Barrier reflected the light, causing it to appear as a golden halo, floating motionlessly in the endless sea of heaven.
As Reid reached Farah's door, a nervous emotion befell him. He swallowed hard, and opened the door. "(Why am I so nervous?)" He wondered, going in. Meredy was curled up on the couch, sleeping so endearingly, Quicky right beside her.
Chat was on the floor, snoring semi-quietly, but her abrupt, annoying squeaks would echo throughout the entire room.
Reid closed the door quietly, and made his way through to Farah's bedroom door, trying not to step on Chat, who seemed to be sprawled out amongst the entire floor. Reid tripped and fell, landing directly above her. Chat awoke.
"R-Reid! Y...You pervert!! How dare you impose such a great disgrace to a descendant of the great Aifread!! The nerve!" She threw him off, causing him to fly into Meredy. "H- ey, wait a minute!!" He yelled, flying across the room. He landed openly on Meredy's lap. "Good morning, Reid!" Meredy greeted happily. Reid's face flushed with humiliation.
"Eh...heh heh, sorry Meredy, didn't mean to wake you." He stammered uncomfortably.
"Dam'n right! You were sneaking around here hoping to get some action; of course you didn't mean to wake us. I will not stand for such dishonor!" Chat shouted, as Farah entered the room. "No, it isn't like that!" Reid argued. His face bright red when he saw Farah.
"What's going on here?" She asked, rubbing her eyes.
Reid wasn't sure what to say, he had come over to try and tell Farah how he felt, other than that, he really didn't have too good of a reason.
"Eh...I came over to see if you were up, Farah." He finally said.
"Lair!" Chat protested.
"Calm down. I think we can all trust Reid here. He's not desperate, like Ras." Farah replied.
"How dare you! You-you all are so mean!" Chat yelled
Reid began to slowly back away as Farah and Chat bickered at each other from across the room.
"Calm down!" He yelled, trying to stop a massive catfight from breaking lose.
Chat angrily whipped herself around.
"You! You stay outta this!!" She yelled.
She turned back to Farah.
"You don't have to jealous because Ras likes me more! And just because you are mad at me, does not mean I am a liar!! Reid is the biggest pervert I have ever known!!" she yelled.
"Rrrr! Reid is not a pervert! I've known him my whole life!! If you ask me, that's just your wishful thinking, you want him to like you that much." Farah countered.
The argument grew, and Meredy walked over to join Reid, who stood at a reasonably safe distance.
"What are they mad for?" She asked naively.
"Uhr...don't even ask..." Reid replied, holding his hand to his head as the noise level of the internal strife developed intensely.
Finally after much yelling, they turned their backs to each other.
"Eh, we really should be going..." Reid suggested.
"I will not be going with either of you!! To do that would be a disgrace!" Chat refused.
"Good, we can get Max to come then." Farah responded.
Ras walked in, breaking up the dispute.
"Are we all ready to go now?" He asked.
Farah and Chat both turned in response, and in anger, Farah promptly turned the other way.
"I...take it there is an argument in progress?" Ras asked.
Chat walked over to Ras, affixing herself to him.
"Stay here with mee?" She beseeched
Ras gave her a funny look.
"Eh, sure...weren't we all going though?" He conjectured.
"Not with these impudent con artists! We should stay here. They don't even want us to come!!" Chat replied.
"It would be easier if you were to stay here..." Farah stammered.
"Very well. We shall stay here." Ras replied.
Farah headed for the door.
"See you then." She said, taking Reid by the arm and walking out. Meredy followed, Quicky behind her.
"I guess the Van Elita is out of the question now..." Reid sighed.
"Just because Chat says so? I don't think so." Farah replied.
Reid gave her a puzzled look.
"You're not...we can't just take it without her consent, it is hers." Reid said.
"She told Max he could use it any time, and Max is coming with us. So that gives us complete rights. So lets get going." Farah was in a much better mood now.
"Whatever..." Reid moaned.
The sun hovered lifelessly in the sky overhead, as Farah and Reid stood silently, now ready for the journey ahead.