by Ultima Mayu


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Note: This is based on the Japanese version of VP!


Alone in the Archdain sanctuary, a fair looking witch stood, closing her eyes and thinking deep thoughts. Her chartreuse hair blew in the breeze the spirits brought to her inside her abode and the room smelled sweet of flowery, spicy incense.

<“Liselia, one day, your magick will become too strong for your own good, so good that it will make you feel nothing but misery and grief. You won’t know what else to do with your own life!”> a divine voice said to the witch. She just shook her head in disbelief.

“Nonsense.” Liselia smirked. “How could that even be possible?”

<“Well, it could happen, especially if you get too attached to your magical abilities.”> Liselia slightly winced to the thought of it all.

“Realy? Ehhh.....I don’t know what to say here....” Suddenly, a loud thump woke Liselia from her seance and a trio of dragonian intruders surrounded her. “Why do you dare disrupt my peace?”

“Magick using bitch! We claim this land, you don’t belong here!” roared the general Dragonian. “You leave or die, your choice!”

“Well, you shall not take my sanctuary.” Lyseria said calmly. “You all die, I keep the sanctuary. I die, you may have it!”

“All right!” The general Dragonian said as he pulled out his long sword. “Now, FIGHT!!!”

Liselia stood up, straightened out her cloak and skirt and held her sacred staff in front of her, ready to cast any spell that she has thought up of in the past years. Liselia never knew her parents, since she was orphaned at an early age after her mother and father died in a magical mishap. So, the prophetess/witch was raised and brought up by divine temple spirits in the Archdain sanctuary. There, she learned she had great psychic powers and was taught great magick to defend her self with or to heal. As the dragonians tried to slash Liselia, she quickly jumped away from them.

“You are such a tough one!” The second command dragonian cried in frustration. No matter how close the three dragonians tried to get their hands on her, Liselia would always follow the breeze and make her get away from the dragonians, appearing from one place to another.

“Go ahead, DO YOUR WORST.” Liselia sneered to the dragonians as she perched up onto a crystal. The dragonians started to laugh manically.

“All right! We shall do our worst!” the lead dragonian cackled. All three dragonian let out a great whistle and summoned many more dragonian warriors to settle the score. “Soldiers, ATTACK!”

All of the other warriors tried to chop down the crystal that Liselia stood on. However, the witch had other plans on her mind.

“CROSS AIR-RAID!” Liselia shouted as a bunch of crosses made of pure light energy came raining down onto the dragonians, causing burns and wounds all over the soldiers bodies. Even though some of the dragonians were weakened, they were hard to give up a conquest.

“So, you want to play rough, eh?” shouted the third command dragonian. “Okay wench, you asked for it!” The third command dragonian then shoved the crystal that Liselia stood on over. If that was not enough, a whip wrapped around the witch’s leg.

“Get ready to fly! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” the dragonian cackled as his whip lifted Liselia into the air and tossed up against a wall. Now Liselia lost her patience and decided to chant out her more powerful spells.

Anata wa kara no sontai ka ri obo mana ke re bana ranai.

Anata wa so re ni atai suru (You will accept the fate of non- existance. You will deserve it).................CELESTIAL ASTRAL!

As Liselia chanted, feathers rained from the sky, making halos of light to engulf the enemies around her, until she was all alone.

“I....I underestimated you!” the dying words of the Dragonians shouted. Liselia finally felt relieved.

“D........damn, what power!” Liselia stuttered in disbelief as she gotten her weary body back to her chair, casting a spell to heal her body and soul. Even as she completely healed her body, weariness eventually touched her, having to drift to sleep.

In this dream, Liselia saw herself sealed in crystal, and the Archdain sanctuary was now in ruins. Then, a woman with light blue hair and cobalt armor and feather adorn helmet. Could this be one of the Valkyries that mortal beings have spoken of?

However, the Valkyrie was not alone, she had the deceased souls of other with her. There was a young strawberry blonde swordsman in crimson armor, a nomadic warrior woman with a long lance and a songs tress whom was obviously a healer and was also blind as well. She went where the other souls followed.

“I have a request from Master Odin!” Valkyrie said, loud enough for the imprisoned Liselia to hear. Liselia, being curious, had her soul come out of her imprisoned body in the crystal. She was surprise which one was talking to her.

“Are you, really, one of the Valkyries, defenders of Lost Souls?” Liselia asked, feeling stunned. Valkyrie nodded her head.

“Yes. I am one of the three Valkyries and Odin needs your great power. Please!”

“Mmmmm....” Liselia stuttered. “Well, my powers are sealed within my body? Why?” Liselia then looked around and still found herself in Midgard. Then she gave Valkyrie a cold look. “What am I doing in Midgard? What is with this? Besides, how could you put up with such a twisted, merciless world?”

“Well, I was sent here by the lord Odin to collect souls of the dying, the trapped and to cleanse the world of evil aura.”

“Mmmm Hmmm, well Valkyrie, I want to test out your powers!”

“Come, those whom have embraced the arms of death!” Valkyrie chanted as her Einferias (souls of dead mortals) came to her side."Ye grim champions who journey by my side ...come forth!" As the warriors began to attack, Liselia got ready to cast a spell.

“IGNITE JAVALINE!” Liselia shouted, summoning a great spear to fall on Valkyrie. But somehow, Valkyrie was undamaged. Was she of the Holy element too?

“Bless me with power Valkyrie! Secret Skill: ROUND LIP SABRE!” The swordsman screamed as he slashed at the soul of Liselia. If that was not enough, the warrior woman got ready to attack.

“Karada ga atsue...chikara ga mezameru! (Body combusting, power awakens!)........secret strike.......” It appeared the warrior woman was transforming into a large, crimson dragon. “Dragon’s Dread!” The dragon engulfed Liselia in light, making her feel disoriented. However, she was not one to give up.

“Anata ga bi no rieki ai ke nen retari yuki no kolera no kusari ga anata o kakomu yo u nishi na sai! (If you except the benefits of beauty, then, let the breeze’s chain engulf you!)” Breeze suddenly engulfed the room. “ABSOLUTE ZERO!”

Even though a great blizzard blew into the room, the souls eventually would not give up, due to some accessory that let’s them stay materialized. So the warriors fought back while the songs tress cured the party. Then Valkyrie felt a surge of power go through her body.

“ Sono mi ni kizare...Shingi (I shall smite thy form, divine technique)........NIBELUNG VELOCITY!” With that great strike from Valkyrie’s divine power, Liselia decided to give up.

“I.....shall except my defeat.....” Liseria moaned and fell down.

Valkyrie looked down at the witch and was quite pleased with her powers in battle.

“You power is amazing.” Valkyrie said. “ You are indeed worthy of becoming my Einferia.”

“Really? I....don’t know what to say...!” said Liselia, feeling rather ambitious, yet nervous at the same time, as she accompanied Valkyrie and her group of Einferias to prevent Ragnarok from happening.

Liselia’s eyes suddenly flashed open in shock and awakened in cold sweat. She knew this was no ordinary dream, but this could be indeed a prophecy! As she looked around the room, she saw nothing but spirits, shattered crystals and incense smoke.

<“ fateful day, you will become a favored magick user of the gods.”> A spirit told Liselia.

“Now when shall this happen?” Liselia asked the spirit.

<“Don’t worry Liselia, this won’t happen for quite a while, but trust us, it will happen! You decide one day that learning all this magick will make you feel hollow all these years.”>

“Really?” Liselia cried in shock. “You say I’m THAT powerful?”

<“Yes, you will!”>

“Oh damn!” Liselia groaned. Suddenly, yet more creatures came bursting into the room, consisting of wicked necromancer mages and their undead servants.

“Give in to us, or you will die and I’ll have your soul!” the leader of the Necromancers shouted in command. Liselia felt even more annoyed and aggravated.

“NEVER!!!” Liselia shouted in rage. “You are all going to get it!”

“Ooooooh, I’m SO scared.....Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!” the head necromancer cackled as they all cast some magick against Liselia. However, she was not one to give up, even if there was a big army in front of her.

“You will be!” Liselia shouted in rage as her staff started to glow violently. “BURN STORM!”

Flame erupted from the ground, surrounding all of Liselia’s foes. However, they still stood and got ready to attack with more magick.

“You have not seen anything yet!” a group a necromancers chuckled. “IGNITE JAVELIN!”

Spears of light have hit Liselia, but she was still not impressed, nor amused, because she had something better planned for the foes.

Awalemi no ta me norowatere iru! I ie sakeru tsude i na i daihakyoku no shihai ka! (No pity for the cursed! You cannot escape from catastrophe’s grasp!)........ METEO SWARM!

The Meteo Swarm sent down meteoroids to smash the foes into bloody pulp! Liselia felt slighty relieved, yet there was more unfinished business. Suddenly, as Liselia was deep in thought, she head some loud wailing outside the sanctuary.

“What the......!” Liselia rushed out of her abode and to her surprise, she saw a group of wounded soldiers at the entrance, as well as weakened magick users whom were silenced from a previous battle.

“PLEASE.......Help us!” cried the General in pain.

“I don’t feel so good.” groaned a soldier.

“I wish I could use magick again.” moaned a dying mage. Liselia could not bare the sight of things dying in front of her, so she thought up of something, quick.

“Mmmmm.......” Liselia groaned. “CURE PLUMES!”

So she cured most people, but there were some things still wrong. Some people were even petrified! “ORDINARY SHAPE........SPELL REINFORCE......MIGHT REINFORCE.......GUARD REINFORCE!”

With those spells she cast in feelings of panic, the general, the soldiers and the mages were all healed and head back from the Archdain sanctuary, since they were obviously lost.

“Thank you very much sorceress!” The warriors greeted. Liselia waved back and wished them luck, even though she thought it was obvious since she healed them, they will have a successful journey. But suddenly, a grip of fear and anxiety started to overcome Liselia.

“Oh dear....oh dear....” Liselia whispered nervously. “I...cannot believe this! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!” The panic struck witch headed back to the sanctuary, stunned at the fact that everyone is after her.

<“You look spooked Liselia....! What is wrong?”> a temple spirit asked.

“You were right! I am becoming more fearful of my own powers!” cried Liselia. “Because of me, there will be more power thirsty beings after me. Who know Midgard is such a cruel world?”

<“But Liselia........”> a temple spirit tried to the comfort the witch, but now, she burst into tears.

“You all don’t get it! I can’t stand to see others suffer! I can’t stand all this greed and power in this world. All because they want to use me for my spells. I feel like such a puppet!”

<“What shall you do Liselia?”>

“I.....want to REST IN PEACE! So one day, my soul shall find a new world, a new sanctuary! This body shall be preserved in crystal while I will one day be hopefully reborn!”

<“Very well then!”> Liselia gathered all the temple spirits around her and making them crystallize into diamond around her body, just like a caterpillar making a cocoon before becoming a butterfly.

<“Good night forever Liselia.”> The spirits wished Liselia as she was now in her eternal sleep.

Ten-thousand years later, Liselia awoken in Midgard again, meeting up with Valkyrie, just like in her dream and helping her to save the worlds all around from Ragnarok. Only when this task was to be finished, her soul headed back to the sacred diamond in the Archdain ruins, praying to the spirits and the gods to be re-born in another world.......and in another time........