What Am I Going To Do Now? by Kimmy B

Yuna stood at the end of the Besaid pier. She still came out here every year on the day she defeated Sin. She would come out to the end of the pier alone and whistle as loud as she could until her lungs hurt. As she did so, she would think of all the people that she had lost. Auron, her father, Sir Jecht and…………….and Tidus. She thought about him the most.

Everyday her heart dulled a little. But she would remind herself that she should be happy. Auron Jecht and her father were all together again and Tidus was with his mother and his father. They were all at peace. And that was what made Yuna’s heart feel a little better.

She did go to the Frayerplain a lot to see him. But it wasn’t the same. She could talk to him all that she wanted, but he would never talk back. The same would happen with her father and Auron. She found it hard to live without his guidance. Auron had always given his honest opinion. No matter how cruel his truth would be. Auron’s cruel truth had always made her feel better for some strange reason. Maybe it was because she knew he was being honest and not hiding from the fact that she would die.

Yuna walked away from the end and back towards the village. It hadn’t changed much over the last 3 years. Apart from the fact that Lulu and Wakka were married and were expecting their first child. And Rikku was helping rebuild the Al bead Home. Kimari was off and about. Trying to find any of his own kind left.

And she was left behind everybody else because she had no dreams or anything or anyone to live for anymore. Lulu and Wakka had each other and soon their child. Rikku had her father and her people, and Kimari had his hope that he would find some of his own kind.

But all Yuna had was that thought, “NOW WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?”