Yet so far away
by Chris-Chris

Why is it so cold at times? Why do I have to force myself to do these things? Is it fate? Destiny? Why? Why?

"Hey, Link? What do you plan to do with your life once you stop the evil King?" Navi asked him.

"Huh? Me?" the blonde hero asked dumbfounded.

"Yeah you. Is there anyone else here?" Navi nagged on Link. The two was in Hyrule field on Epona galloping slowly towards the lake.

"Hmmm... now that I think about it... I dunno..." the adult answered.

"You're totally hopeless..." Navi said dissappointingly.

"Huh?" Link said still dumbfounded.

"Ohhhh!" Navi gave up and went into Links hat.

'There well be a time where I do have to decide what to do after Hyrule is revied to peace... but, what is there to do when the hero's mission is complete?' Link asked himself. Epona gained speed to jump over the fenses that lead to Lake Hylia. After jumping across, Link dismounted Epona and walked to the fishing shop/pond. He decided to go fishing for a while. When he walked in the fishing house, another fisherman was siting with his fishing rod in the water. Link bought a fishing rod then went to the fishing pond. He spotted a fish and threw the rod in.

"Hey... my name is Vincent. what's your's?" The man suddenly spoke.

"Huh, Link... nice to meet you Vincent." Link introduced himself. He looked at the man. Vincent looked to only be 16, wearing black pants with a silver shirt. His black hair was pulled back in a pony tail, and his gray eyes that expressed much wisdom and crouage. The man wore gaulents and steel knee pads. Link loked past Vincents shoulder to see a sword. "Are you a swordsman?" Link asked.

"Yep. So are you. What techniqes do you know?" Vincent spoke witha soft voice that didn't seem to be that of a warrior.

"Some good ones... ones been saving my life... how about you?" Link asked him. The two get into a conversation about fighting strategies and swords and what warriors do when there are no bad guys to fight.

They were out in the lake near the teleporting pad still taking. The sun was setting and Link could hardly believe that Vincent was a kind, sociable man as he talked about his battles when he says he fights better than an average swords man. The way Vincent talked and smiled just didn't fit with his skills as a warrior. "How are you so kind and soft spoken when you shed blood of the emeny?" Link questioned.

"What do you mean?" Vincent looked at him.

"I mean, you seem so nice and kind that the descripton of you being a swords man just doesn't fit..." Link shrugged.

"Ohh, you see, I protect the weak and and can be very merciful to the enemy at times... something happened to me in the past that destroyed my future, so I'm stuck with holding a sword and killing, ripping the hearts out of people..." His voice started to pick up from his clam self. "I don't like it one bit! My hands have been cursed and my job, no, my fate and destiny is to kill. I can't hold back. I can't stop." Vincent told Link as he slowly changed is voice back to being clam.

"Mind if I ask what happen to you?" Link asked in a low voice. He was expecting no answer but Vincent looked up from the surface of the lake and smiled.

"A damn creature attacked my village east of here and killed my family, my fiancee, my mom and dad, my little sister. They were all percious to me... so, I vowed to kill this creature but in order to do that, I had to scarifice my life to the sword of Shisou, the war god, to become powerful. He told me to come here and fight the Hero of Time. But, I doubt he even exists." Vincent told Link.

"Before I tell you this, you must know that revenge isn't the only way. But, because of who you are, I'll help you. I'm the Hero of Time." Link stood up. Vincent had a shocked look in his face.

"Somehow, I'm not too surpirsed. Link, can you teach me? Or at least fight me? This creature has equal strength to the Hero of Time that I've been told of." Vincent smiled.

"I'd be more than happy to help you. As long as you help me," Link said.

"Yes, anything."

"You must promise to gain your life back. You're only 16 you still have a chance to live. Now, shall we get started?" Link smiled.

"Yes." Link pulled out the Master sword as Vincent brandished a reversed blade. "Ready when you are." Vincent held his sword next to his side. Link moved swiftly to the side to attack. Vincent backed away from the blade and rised his sword to slash Link across the face. Link caught the blade by rising his own broadsword to his face forming an X. The two smiled as they looked in each others faces. They continued their little fight til mid night.

"Your good... huff." Link said between breaths.

"You too." Vincent told him.

"Lets get this over with, one last charge." Link smirked.

"Sure." Link got ready to charge as well as Vincent. They started to run at one another, at the hitting point, theier swords met in a crisscross formation. But, each of them quickly attack each other in the side. "Damn, you are good."

"You too," Link looked at his right side which was bleeding. Vincent had a smiliar wound as well.

"Thank you, Sir Link. I shall return home and destroy the monster, I want to return to my life but I'm afraid its too late for me... I'll live in the shadows forever." Vincent said. Link walked over to him, grapped him by the sholders and shook the boy like crazy.

"No! You still can control your destiny! No one has control over you, you make your own path. Fate has nothing to do with your life. Only choices do. Now, go Vincent. Never returned to this land." Link knew that sounded harsh but he wanted VIncent to try a new way, a new path. Vincent stared at the ground.

"Thank you, Link... I will go and create my own destiny and try to find a new way of life after I kill that Monster. Thank you." Vincent said as he begun to walk on the bridge.


"I think I now what I want to do..." Link said to Navi the next day. She wasn't too happy about yesterday.

"What? " Navi looked at him.

"I'm not tellin'." Link said.

"ERRRR! Link you're such a jerk!" Navi shouted.

Yes, I do know what to do, help and protect the weak... get married and have a family.

The End