How many Fan Fictions have you had published on the internet?
This is the first.

How do you get inspiration?
Umm... other fanfics, plus it helps to be on another planet (figuratively speaking, of course) half the time.

Describe the type of fanfics (themes, characters, etc.) that you like to write.
Well, for a start, I have to like what I'm writing about! Asides from that, there isn't really a limit on what I like to write about.

How often do you write?
Whenever I'm inspired- sometimes I can write two stories/scripts (I'm really big into scriptwriting) in two weeks, sometimes it's months between them.

What is one of your pet peeves about writing fan fictions?
Finishing them! I have so much fun writing them (plus I'm a bit crap when it comes to endings) that I'm always a bit depressed when I finish them. Still, there are always sequels ;-)

What are your pet peeves about reading Fan Fictions?
Having to re-activate my browser when I've finished- the best ones always take longer than my connection will allow.

Do you have any advice for soon-to-be writers?
Never give up.

What are some links to your stories so that people will be able to go read them? Com'on A little self promotion never hurt ^_^. Also, if you have a site, list it here (Indicate that it is your site though)
Don't really have an RPG one, but I'm involved (a sort-of lapsed inolvement) in an up-and-coming one, so I'll post it here soon.