How many Fan Fictions have you had published on the internet?
At least 16

How do you get inspiration?
I think of something I like and try to make it better, but most of my work is sper of the moment and I just see the blank page find a color and go. Other times I use pictures to get me started.

Describe the type of fanfics (themes, characters, etc.) that you like to write.
I like to write for video games that's for sure or movies that I can't get enough of and would rather it keep going in other ways than end. For characters I love accents and past life history that vegue so you can go back and fill in the gaps for them, and the themes I love the most are anime type action and sometimes love interest

How often do you write?
When ever I sit at the computer, I'm always working on something whether it's private for a friend or friends who asked to see it or for everyone to see.

What is one of your pet peeves about writing fan fictions?
For my own? That would be everytime I write something I read it over and see what I could have added in certain places that I missed before or that I didn't spell check enough so that bugs me a bit, and I think when I get too detailed.

What are your pet peeves about reading Fan Fictions?
Ahahaha I think it's that they never get enough of the character right it doesn't matter about 100% as long as the majority is right, and sometimes plots don't make much sense.

Do you have any advice for soon-to-be writers?
My advice would be love what you do no matter what everyone elses reaction is someone whether it's one or two or more people will like your style so be who you are and write what you want because you're writing to make you happy not them.

that's all adios.