Special thanks to Drak for my killer 7-11 robot.
Real name: Jamie. I'm not gonna give out the rest of my name, but yeah, you can call me Jamie if you'd like.
Other Nicknames: Skankin' Garbage, SG the Musician, Jizza, Shut up you're annoying
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: August 26, 1985. So get me presents.
Talents: Hmm...I can play Video games really fast...I'm good at eating, supposedly I have music talent, but actually I don't feel like I'm good at all with music.I definitely don't know HTML; I just copied Orakio's Bio HTML, cos it had everything I wanted.
Strengths: I learn quickly

I'm not stupid (I'm definitely not smart)

I think I'm funny (Also a weakness)


Weaknesses: I have a short temper.

I'm incredibly lazy.

I'm outrageously inarticulate.

I think I'm funny. (Also a strength)

I'm asthmatic.

I'm boring, but have a lot to say.

Explanation as to why my thinking I'm funny is a strength and a weakness: Well...It's a strength because it gives me more confidence to talk with people...However it's a weakness cos I'm highly likely to tell a ton of bad jokes in a short amount of time, thus making me incredibly annoying.
My religious beliefs: I'm Agnostic;I don't factor out the idea that there could be a god, but I do see it possible. I don't believe that any relgion is quite close to an explanation of god, but has some ideas correct, more than likely.
Likes: Food



Music (my taste in music is eclectic)

Playing Drums


My bro (Who definitely loves me more than my parents)

Dislikes: Most TV



My parents, for the most part

People who have no sense of humor

I dislike it when people play RPGs solely for the story (I don't necesarily dislike the person)

Favorite TV shows: Sifl & Olly, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Rocko's Modern Life, Get Smart. (This one should have been called the only shows I watch)
Favorite Movies: Cable Guy, Mystery Men, Wayne's World 1&2, Meet The Parents, Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back.
Favorite RPGs: SaGa Frontier, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy Tactics, Mother, Secret of Mana, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger
Favorite non-RPGs Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers, X-Men Vs Street Fighter, Starcraft, MegamanX2, Grand Tour Racing 98 (Probly one of the ONLY Racing games I like), Sim Ant.
Favorite Music Groups: Bad Religion...And eh, there's no more that I listen to on a regular basis.
Favorite Food/drinks: MEAT, SODA, Anything from Jack in the Box...I like Cheez-its a lot. Oooh, does anyone remember Koala yummies and Amazin' Fruit? Those were the greatest.
Why did you come to RPGC?: Well...I have been visiting this site for about 2 years ago, a little before Maz joined, though I never knew anything about the deletion, or Jim. Anyways, it was definitely one of my favorite sites, so I had always wanted to do something for them. When the offer came by, I definitely didn't refuse.
What are some future goals: To get to a music college. As for RPGC, I want to make my Fan Music database the greatest RPG midi place ever. As for SHRINES, well...I have a few I wanna do...I plan on doing the SaGa Frontier shrine, Lufia 3, Paper Mario if whoever is working on it gives it up, Lunar:Strolling School, Rudra No Hihou, and I wanna help Kagon and Lunaris to do the Other 2 Romancing SaGa shrines. ...Now I just need to wait for those 4 untranslated games to be tranlsated...
Goals/projects completed: I've got a Fan Music page! Woo! And I am currently working on a SaGa Frontier shrine, which Lunaris and Kagon are going to assist me with a bit.
Anything else to say: I like cake.
What about THIS Music that isn't Orakio's music?: This is the coolest Ragtime Piano song ever, Maple Leaf. I put it on almost everytime I battle someone in Starcraft, cos it keeps me alert and calm at the same time.Well, I am out. So long, suckers!