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Are You A Redneck?
Take This Quiz and Find Out!

1. Your richest relative buys a new house, and you have to help take the wheels off of it.

2. You've ever been blacklisted from a bowling alley.

3. You've ever done your Christmas shopping at a truck stop.

4. There is a stuffed 'possum anywhere in your home.

5. Do you consider a 6-pack of beer and a bug-zapper quality entertainment?

6. Your lifetime goal is to own your own fireworks stand.

7. Someone asks to see your I.D. and you show them your belt buckle.

8. You grow your sideburns longer and fuller because it looks so good on your sister.

9. The U.F.O Hotline limits you to one call per day.

10. You know how many bales of hay your car can hold.

11. You've ever used a Weed Eater indoors.

12. Hail hits your house and you have to take it to the body shop for an estimate.

13. Jack Daniels makes your list of most admired people.

14. Your family tree doesn't fork...

15. You see no need to stop at rest stops because you have an empty milk jug in the car.

16. Thanksgiving dinner was ruined because you ran out of ketchup.

17. Your watchband is wider than any book you have ever read.

18. You view duct tape as a long-term investment.

19. Red Man Chewing Tobacco sends you a Christmas card.

20. After the prom you drove the truck while your date hit road signs with beer bottles.

21. You've ever been fired from a construction job due to your appearance.

22. You think beef jerky and Moon Pies are two of the major food groups.

23. You've ever cleaned a fish in your living room.

24. You've ever had to haul a can of paint to the top of a water tower to defend your sister's honor.

25. You actually know which leaves make the best substitute for toilet paper.

If You Can Relate To 15 Or More Of These Questions....
Then You Are Officially A REDNECK!


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