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984 is a man of few words and somehow blends into the background despite being dressed in purple and blue with the darkest part of his outfit being his shades. Often silent, he speaks up only when there is something relevant to be said or to crack a joke, whether it be pointing out one of life's many ironies, cracking a pun that would make even Macc cringe, or making one at the expense of another person. He finds humor to be the perfect way to deal with life's hardships and laughs at even the most inappropriate times.

984 has a strange fascination with the past. Through hard work and dedication, he has learned to read glyphs left around by an ancient civilization. While most people do not consider the ability to speak and write in a truly dead language to be useful, one never knows when it might come in handy...

Given training by the Pit Lords themselves, 984 can conjure up rips in reality known as Pits that take on attributes decided upon by 984 to best torture the unfortunate victim. Though he once toyed with the Pits often, 984 has since decided to use the Pits less. This decision has forced 984 to become more skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and while he is not the most proficient fighter around, he can find creative and sometimes hilarious ways to use his surroundings to his benefit.

Overall, 984 is a quiet guy, always walking around with a smirk on his face. Not a smirk of superiority, mind you. It's more of a smirk to show that he is content with the world as it is. The world isnít quite perfect for 984, though. He still has to deal with the meddling personalities of Energon, also known by the title The Lord of the Paper Cuts, and the super hero wannabe Captain Obvious. Itís a good thing these personalities are so far only voices in his head. Letís hope they stay that way.


Ackbar: Ah yes... The squid. Or is he a fish? Maybe we'll call it a tie and call him a Cephalachordate. Or Crackbar. Either work. Anyway, Ack is a interesting fellow. He seems to be a little crazy, but hey, who isn't? Just don't trust him if he offers you Shmear. It's actually Shmeat.

Charlemagne: 984 really doesn't know what to make of this guy. Sometimes his own style of humor is absolutely hilarious. Other times, it is just down right stupid and even annoying. However, 984 can get along with him just fine. Charl is unpredictable, and 984 likes that. 984 thinks life can be a bore if it always plods down the expected road, so a person as random as Charl can be quite amusing.

Cloth Hat: A... living... hat? That's almost as weird as a robot with a Macc fixation. ALMOST. Anyway, his mood swings can be a little annoying. I mean, how would you like it if someone you thought was good one day, bad the next, then a penguin? Very confoozilating.

Darth Ninjus: 984 likes Darth. Sure he can be perverted, crude, and sometimes just downright nasty, but 984 gets along with him well enough. Probably because he knows it's a good idea not to toy with the temper of someone like Darth.

Faetan: An artist/adventurer? Nice. Not since the days he was around Andy Rembrandt, Zombie Killer Extraordinaire, has 984 ever enjoyed an artist so much. Fae is probably the most talented artist 984 has ever had the pleasure of speaking with, yet he feels nothing more for her than just friendship. 984 will surprisingly eat Fae's food though, for good food is hard to find, so he might as well settle for what's in front of him.

Hiryuu: 984 thinks Hiryuu looks like a pretty boy, thus he does not take his evil plots very seriously.

Igatona: The Wacky Iga Ninja... And boy does wacky describe him. Really, if you thought Cloth Hat was bad with his career changes, someone that goes through moodswings like Iga's MUST be insane, even by Rendezvous standards. Oh well. 984 still likes the guy.

Jiharn: While 984 lives by the saying "Em peh nety en peh-enef. Do not attack he who does not attack," 984 will abuse Jiharn whenever possible just because it's so fun. This has led to a bad side effect though. Through 984's constant torture of the poor creature, Jiharn has inadvertently built up a resistance to 984's Pits, so 984 has had to resort to more convetional ways of torturing Jiharn such as kicking him.

Lunaris: 984 believes Lunaris has a heart of gold as pure as the yellow in his jacket. 984 knows that Lun would never harm a fly with his weaponry. Well, unless that fly happened to be evil and attempting to take over the world. Then it's a whole other story. 984 also knows it's best not to get on Lun's bad side as that might leave him with a few more holes than he wanted. All around, Lun is a good person, and 984 has the pleasure (and relief) of thinking of Lun as a friend.

Macc: What's there to say about Macc? He's hilarious. Macc is a very big reason as to why all of the people even know about 984. If it weren't for Macc's humorous writings, 984 might never have joined the community which he now holds dear. However, 984 does not think of Macc as a god like some do *coughCharlcough*. Rather, he thinks of Macc as an acquantince he doesn't know too well, yet 984 respects Macc anyway. He makes people laugh on a regular basis, and anyone who can do that is at the very least all right in 984's book.

Mazrim: Maz is one of the people that 984 kids with. Whether it be about his constant philorsophizing nature or the infamous Mazfro, 984 loves to tease Maz. Deep down, however, 984 respects Maz for being as mature and thought provoking as he is at such a young age.

Megaman X2K: 984 teases X. It's as much a given in life as the Earth rotating around the Sun and Francium reacting violently with water. In fact, if 984 didn't tease X, then he's most likely coming down with a life threatening disease that will kill him in 6 days as anything less won't prevent the teasing. Well, one other thing does. Occassionally, 984 knows he has gone too far with X, and while he's not able to put it in words very well, he does feel sorry for any extra torment he has plagued X with and does try to apologize and make it up to him by cutting back on the teasing. However, the teasing starts up again eventually. Guess nature likes to have some things be certain, no?

Merlin: Merl and 984 share common thoughts on how important personal and economic freedom is in the world. Unfortunately, as of late, 984 and Merl have not been able to talk as much, and so 984 does not know what to make of Merl as he once did. 'Tis a shame, really. Despite that, 984 knows that he can count on Merl to come through unless a certain musical instrument blocks him from doing so. 984 also likes teasing Merl with the use of a certain vowel in between x and z.

Spoony Bard: Alas, 984 really only knows of Spoony through his epic picture sagas. He appears to be a funny guy yet a little lazy.

StarStorm: A spazztastic cat. 984 finds him quite annoying what with him chewing on people's heads and whatnot.

Tannin: She's brutally honest. 984 likes that. He tires of playing the game of having to tiptoe around people's feelings and longs for more honesty in the world that Tannin demonstrates.

Tenchimaru: 984 has had the good pleasure of having done business with TD in the past, having designed his first real image back when he was known by another name. 984 never uses the pony comments against TD and has surprisingly never gotten in an arguement with him. Funny at times, unfunny at others, TD is someone that 984 thinks he can truly count on.

Weiila: 984 doesn't know her very well, yet she seems like the kind of person to operate on sheer optimism in the face of overwhelming odds. While 984 thinks of himself as a realist when he is rooted in reality, he appreciates the unbridled optimism that Weiila seems to exude.

Zero: 984 respects Z's skill with the sword, but he really doesn't know the Golden Haired Warrior past that one trait. Z seems like the type of person that is loyal to his friends above all else. It's good to know there are people like that left in the world.

Hades: 984 thinks Hades is an immature little prick that likes to pick arguements with other people just because he has nothing better to do. Fortunately, 984 is able to deal with people like Hades. All it requires is being able to stay perfectly calm, almost emotionless, as one argues with someone like Hades. It drives people like Hades up the wall once they realize that no matter what they say, they can't seem to elicit an emotion like anger from 984. Arrogance seems to be Hades' very lifeblood. It's a good thing he has no true power.


I was created in a lab by Hiryuu, I can't remember why, something about killing someone or something... well anyway, I like lemons, puppies and kitty cats, movies, walks on the beach, and kisses that last for days.


984: I dunno, he doesnt seem like he's against me. So in my book he's a friend.


Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: Never met the guy, looks like a jerk.

Faetan: Yowza, Sexxy with a capital S! She is pretty, funny, charming, everything an artifical person could want in an organic life form. The only thing that dwarves her drawing skills is her raw beauty. It's girls like her that I'm glad I was built with all the parts, if ya catch my drift. *wink*

Hiryuu: Pssh, my father, he doesn't even try to get to know me, he just assumes I'm this terminator killling machine thing or something. Has he ever thought that I might like gardening or painting? (I don't want to be any of those things, but he doesn't know that, I wanna own a pub or act maybe.) Noooooooo. That goes against my 'main objectives' jerk will probably try to reprogram me or something, like I'm gonna let that happen.


Jiharn: Besides his almost adoration to my father, he's a cool guy.

Lunaris: I haven't talked to him before. So I don't really know anything about him.

Macc: Macc is AWESOME! He's like the coolest person ever! He's like a movie star or something to me. I want to be with him all the time.

Mazrim: I like him, his hair makes me giggle.

Megaman X2K: X is kind of a cool guy, but he's kind of mean, but I find his lack of tact and style hilarious.

Merlin: My favorite human, he's nice, smart, and has alot of the same interests of me. I make a lot of movie/book/music/etc refrences that almost everyone does not understand, but he does! I hold a profound respect for him.

Spoony Bard: Again, not a person I know too well, he doesn't really talk much, esp. to me, I enjoy his work and would like to be better friends.

StarStorm: Spaz is the cutest widdle kitty cat ever! Cutest widdle kitty cat! He's just so cute I wanna drown him!

Tannin: She's scary, I don't know much about her, but I don't think she likes me because I'm a robot. I guess she's some kind of racist or something.

Tenchimaru: He is one of my best friends, I don't have many friends because I am an evil robot of destruction. But he doesn't seem to be drawn away from me for that. We get along like sausages and sauerkraut.

Weiila: She's cool, I guess, ya know, whatever. *blushes*

Zero: Nice guy, I don't know what he thinks of me, but I like him.

Hades: I dunno, he's a jerk, and he tries to make good art, but when he does it it's like trying to ice skate on sausages.


Cloth Hat was never washed because of his tendency to rapidly shrink; because of this he gradually became self-aware. He then seized control of his owner, who was subsequently abandoned after being fatally wounded, he is forced him to seek out new hosts after the old ones are killed by his kamikaze fighting style.

Cloth Hat isnít sure what he wants to do, one week heíll be studying intently to become a beige mage but will realize he's too lazy for that, then he wants to be a supervillian who builds giant mechanical ants but is crippled by his lack of mechanical knowledge and funds. Cloth Hat is quite intelligent but due to his becoming self-aware less than a year ago, he sometimes has large gaps in what others might call common knowledge. Cloth Hat wants to be funny and intellectual at the same time but he just ends up making sarcastic comments, even though he doesnít really dislike anybody. Cloth Hat will fight ferociously with any weapon at hand; sticks, rocks, or his hat, sometimes he may even remember to use the two short swords he habitually keeps strapped to his back, but he does not put much stock in defensive tactics, he cannot feel pain from his host body and will simply attack his opponent over and over and then find a new body if his is wounded too badly. He is also always voraciously hungry and will make meals in macgyver-esque fashion.


984: 984 seems like a pretty easy going guy, Cloth Hat likes his sense of humor and enjoys his company.


Charlemagne: Cloth Hat thinks this guy is the product of imperfect genetic engineering. He still finds him hilarious though.

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: Darth Ninjus unnerves Cloth Hat a little, as he knows a powerful man with a short temper, plus himself is not a good combination.

Faetan: Cloth Hat hasnít known Faetan that long and while he admires her talents he thinks her greatest worth is the power she seems to hold over his male acquaintances. Her random tackles are kinda endearing thoughÖ

Hiryuu: Hiryuu inspired Cloth Hat in his brief stint for supervilliany, he sometimes thinks he could use Hiryuu as a host to conquer the world with.


Jiharn: Cloth Hat thinks this guy is pretty funny, and admires his tolerance for pain. He enjoys making fun of Jiharn.

Lunaris: Cloth Hat isn't real familiar with Lunaris, he would probably have more of an opinion on him if he could just understand what the guy was talking about, he wants to construct weapons like Lunarisí but has no acquired knowledge in this field.

Macc: Cloth Hat doesn't know Macc on a personal level, he has only heard of him, he would make a most excellent host due to the others admiration of him.

Mazrim: Wow! This guy would make a great henchman; heís got mechanical talent and is hardworking. The only problem is heís too dang smart, and using him as a host would destroy his talent. Maybe his fondness for the Virtual Boy can be exploited to harness his power.

Megaman X2K: X annoys Cloth Hat occasionally, but then Cloth Hat intentionally bugs X so he considers it fair game. Cloth Hat will talk in Lunarian when X is around just to irritate him.

Merlin: Cloth Hat likes Merlin a lot because he reminds him of himself in that he wants to be considered smart. He shows it by making fun of Merlin for being tall, and training elephants (whose tusks would be turned into piano keys) to gore him.

Spoony Bard: Cloth Hat doesnít know Spoony Bard very well.

StarStorm: StarStormís habit of laughing at everything he [StarStorm] says grates on Cloth Hatís nerves. And StarStormís habit of acting a little foolish confuses Cloth Hat and puts him off guard. Cloth Hat fears this man because he has trouble understanding him.

Tannin: Cloth Hat loves accents, and Tannin has one, so she is all right in his book.


Weiila: Cloth Hat has little use for a healer as a host body, and he will absolutely refuse to harm a medic. She seems like an okay person.

Zero: Zero is a robot and Cloth Hat is very curious as to whether or not he can be used as a host body and whether it will be effective, he is very interested in this specimen.

Hades: Cloth Hat doesnít hate Hades as vehemently as everyone else seems to, but he is a little disgusted with his anime, and hentai obsession.


A rather complicated individual and has quite a bit of regret about his past. Darth prefers to either be alone or in the company of his love, Deadly Nightshade. He is very well trained in the Dark Arts and has a high resistance to the Holy Arts. He generally walks around in a Satin robe/shroud and his rather elven/demonic look is a formidable sight to behold. He spends most of his time in the enormous floating fortress in the Astral Planes either swooning over Deadly, or watching the chaos in the world below with great interest for reasons that only he is aware of. Allthough he does tend to visit the Mortal Plane more often these days...maybe in lieu of his master plan. Darth is generally very slow to anger, and few things provoke him to battle, but should anyone harm or even attempt to harm his love in anyway, they had better be prepared to die since she is the only thing in life he values. But let's face it, any Demi-God isn't going to take well to anyone tampering with the only thing he holds dear...hrmph, Pesky Mortals and lesser gods.




Charlemagne: Nuisance. Might make a tasty snack someday...lemons always taste good...

Cloth Hat:

Faetan: Great gal with a great personality, but if I have to suffer and choke down another meal of hers...

Hiryuu: Has much to learn about being evil...of course, not everyone can compare to a Demi-God...


Jiharn: Nuisance, yet hysterically funny. Then again, when you are someone's right hand man and you inadvertantly foil your plans, it's always a good laugh.

Lunaris: Thank the gods that bullets don't hurt me...but for the gods' sake, speak normally!

Macc: Quite a tortured soul with a humorous "happy-go-lucky" cover. Might come in handy one day...


Megaman X2K: Talks a big game about how evil he is, but in reality, he's as harmless as a mosquito. Even Jiharn could take him in a fight...

Merlin: Strange attraction to pianos for some reason. But his need for acceptance is defintely his downfall...

Spoony Bard: Mysterious fellow...must research him more...



Tenchimaru: His harbored hatred towards others is a quality that abounds in the Dark Arts... however, it's also a quality Darth himself lacks... but overall TD's Antics are nothing to worry about...


Zero: Quite possibly the biggest threat out of everyone. It's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for...hmmhmmhmmhmm...

Hades: Quite the arrogant arse. However, he can be an extremely powerful ally when needed.


Faetan is a rowdy, rambunctious woman who likes the rough side of life. Drinking, carousing,'s all good. She hates anything dainty in nature, and absolutely hates being hit on. Her greatest failing is cooking: she's terrible at it. But what's even worse is that she doesn't believe she's terrible, and proclaims herself to be the greatest gourmet chef ever to grace the planet.


984: Faetan REALLY likes 984. Mostly because he's the perfect antagonist for Hades. And the enemy of her enemy is her hero. His pit-making abilities have piqued her curiosity, and she is still trying to figure out just exactly how he DOES that.


Charlemagne: A nuisance, much like Jiharn...except that he seems to be on the good guys' side. At least for now. He's a bit too insane for her to consider one of 'the boys' like she does the others, but she has no violent tendencies towards him.

Cloth Hat: Creeeeeeeeeepy... An alien hat? Hat symbiote? She's not quite sure WHAT he is, but she has her suspicions!

Darth Ninjus: She adores Darth Ninjus, even though he is seemingly part elven...mostly because he enjoys her cooking so much. She's always working on a new recipe for the giant and fearsome-looking Darth, but never seems to really see him as a powerful being. He's just one of the guys.

Hiryuu: A dork, and one she really can't be bothered with at the moment, especially considering his blatant desires for her. However, she is disturbed at his technical knowledge (which she never possessed) and as a result tries to avoid him more often than she attempts a battle.

Igatona: He seems scared of her and doesn't really talk much...but when he plays that balalaika, it has a hypnotic and cathartic effect on her. She goes into a peaceful trance, just listening with a drunken expression on her face.

Jiharn: While she can't stand him for being Hiryuu's sidekick, she would never kill him off since he always seems to be the one foiling Hiryuu's evil plans.

Lunaris: She finds his language charming and loves to listen to him. She also greatly admires his knowledge of weapons, and will often turn to him for warfare advice. That is, when she's not tackling him just for the fun of it.

Macc: Easily one of the most entertaining friends of Fae, she loves Macc's sense of humor and wide range of sound effects that he totes about with him. Most especially, she likes knowing that he already has a girlfriend and thus feels no pressure regarding their friendship.

Mazrim: Mystical, mysterious, vague... It drives her absolutely nuts that Mazrim has so much knowledge, but doesn't tell it straight. Fae has never been very good at figuring out riddles. But as a person, she rather likes Mazrim, though is somewhat wary whenever he appears since he doesn't come around without a to warn against impending doom.

Megaman X2K: Violent, but somewhat charming. At times she's annoyed when he gets after her friends, but rather likes the fact that he seems overly protective of her.

Merlin: The nice guy, in Fae's opinion. She finds his hapless luck regarding falling pianos somewhat disturbing, and almost feels instinctively protective towards him...despite his obviously greater height and stature.

Spoony Bard: Spoony is somewhat new to Faetan, though the others seem familiar with him. He seems normal enough, and a relatively nice guy. But she still feels slightly intimidated by his all-powerful 'Spoony Kick.'

StarStorm: Spastic...but cuddly. Faetan often finds herself straying closer towards him as she's quite obsessed with his soft, striped fur. More than once she's accidentally let it slip that he would make a fine rug... But she likes him all in all, and sees no reason to make him an enemy.

Tannin: Faetan's best friend and roommate...and that's saying a lot, since Faetan usually doesn't get on well with other women. Faetan enjoys her company, as well as Tannin's ability to speak her mind whenver she feels like it. Not to mention she likes swords.

Tenchimaru: Fae isn't quite sure what to make of TD. She likes him and considers him an ally of sorts, but can't possibly understand why he goes absolutely ballistic when he's called a 'pony.'

Weiila: Yes! Another female that's not a scatterbrained twit! We met up under rather unusual circumstances, and even though her healing magic gives me the heebie jeebies, I have to admit that it's extremely helpful. Definitely glad she's around.

Zero: Her favorite sparring partner, as he seems to enjoy fighting as much as she does. She respects him perhaps the most as she doesn't seem to tackle him as often.

Hades: She normally calls him the "Town Jerk." Though she respects his artistic talents, his ego and rudeness are simply too great to give her any vague sense of warm feelings towards him. They are bitter rivals.


Hiryuu always wants a bigger slice of the pie. Blessed with abnormal intelligence and determination, he feels as though the world owes him some sort of debt, and he has something to prove. On the surface, he appears cruel, cynical, sarcastic, and exorbitantly self-centered and full of himself, but deeper down, he is quite sensitive, although he would never show that side to anybody, and thus, nobody would ever believe that side to exist. In his weaker moments, he feels as though he would like to settle down and fit in, but being evil is just too much fun.




Charlemagne: He's a crazy, delusional freak, whom he perceives as no threat, yet wishes he would be stricken from his life eternally...

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus:

Faetan: Hiryuu is a bit smitten with Faetan. He loves her rambunctious attitude, and swears she is always just moments away from falling for him. The fact that she actually is good at heart is a bit unsettling for Hiryuu, but he seems to trust in his ability to "evil-ize" her.


Jiharn: Although Jiharn spends most of his time annoying Hiryuu and inadvertantly thwarting his schemes, Hiryuu couldn't imagine the villainous life without him. After all, somebody has to do all of his dirty work. And deep down, he actually cares for the guy...just don't tell Jiharn that.

Lunaris: He is enormously annoyed by Lunaris and his way of speaking, wishing he would learn to "talk normal, dangit!" However, Hiryuu knows that Lunaris' skill in weaponry is unparalleled, and knows that his job would be much easier if Lun's guns weren't always pointed in his direction.

Macc: Hiryuu can't quite put his finger on Macc. He can't seem to understand how somebody could perceive him with such a laid-back attitude. He must not know Hiryuu drips evil out of every orifice...or he's hiding something...


Megaman X2K:

Merlin: Hiryuu is almost jealous of all Merlin has going for him: imposing physical presense, likable personality, obvious leadership skills...why couldn't all these gifts come to him? However, Hiryuu can't help but smile every time a piano crashes into Merlin's skull.

Spoony Bard:



Tenchimaru: One of Hiryuu's favorite targets. But deep down, he really doesn't hate the guy. He's even been known to feed TD a carrot or a handful of oats on occasion.


Zero: A true warrior, and Hiryuu knows it. Zero's grace in battle and never-say-die attitude has thwarted Hiryuu many times in the past, and Hiryuu fears they will thwart him in the future as well...unless he can take Zero out first...



At first glance, Igatona is dismissable. But at second glance, he looks like a sick puppy waiting to be hugged. Ok, so a sick puppy waiting to be hugged that usually forgets to shave, but heh. His light brown hair goes down to the middle of his back, and he adorns it in a ponytail. His white shirt with purple, black and silver designs on it and complementary black and golden-lined pants is very ordinary. However, as soon as you see this short yet muscular person (5'7" and a half, if you want to know) talk and act, you're in for a surprise. Igatona's mood can vary on ticked off lots to very fruity in a matter of seconds, depending on what is said to him. However, his mood is usually settled on "half-fruity". He is never seen without his trusty Balalaika, and if asked nicely, he can play a few tunes off of it. He is gentle at heart, seeking peace if the battle is between words, but he will not hesitate, either fists-flying or Zweihander-wielding to jump in an argument that degenerated into a melee. He is among one of the best barroom brawlers the town has ever seen, yet in a one-on-one fight. He tends to suck lots if he does not have his trusty Flamberge, which he doesn't carry often (Yeah, YOU try to carry a 6'2" sword when you're as short as he is.). He doesn't care about magic nor technology and doesn't want to learn them at all.

His combat history is not well-known. What the people know about it is that he sometimes fights with a huge Zweihander and sometimes fights with grappling and limb-breaking techniques. It varies. His reputation as one of the toughest bar room brawlers is very justified, because in his hands, a chair, bottle, barrel can become quite a deadly weapon indeed; yet if asked to fire a gun, wield a one-handed sword, shoot a bow or anything not involving huge 2 handed swords or bar room objects, he will fail miserably in the task. Even though he wields a 6'2" sword, years of training has enabled him to become really agile with it, to the point where it seems like it is very light. However, it is heavy.

He doesn't have much achievements in the town, usually having his own table, where he is alone, at the bar and where he can observe the others. Sometimes, he plays the Balalaika in his corner, wishing to attract attention yet it never really took. He is sometimes prone to crying fits, especially in his fruity moods. Also, cute women usually use him as target practice, even though he doesn't do anything to them directly, if someone ushers out a perverted comment, Igatona is usually the one blamed for it. Overall, Igatona is a very nice half-fruity person, who has a few tricks up his sleeve and can drink alcohol like a demon.


984: "Quiet, smirking persons were never trustable. Unless they were 984. An odd name that fellow has. Yet his pits scare me. Both his armpits and the ones he creates."


Charlemagne: "A person with this sense of humor and fascination with lemons cannot be dangerous...unless provoked, meh, I have that power over people..."

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: "Diseased. Using the dark arts as he does will bring him down. His cancer is simply waiting to burst out like an impure creature eating away at his flesh. His black robes do well into hiding that, but how much longer will the others ignore this, I wonder...Other than that, I have not talked to him."

Faetan: "Oh, you mean that girl who was with the other girl? She seems fun. Yet it's not someone I'm going to want to approach much? Why? I tend to get badly beaten around by cute women for some reason."

Hiryuu: "Can't he understand? No means no! I admire his tenacity, but one day, it's going to get him 6 feet under."

Jiharn: "Why does he follow Hiryuu? Such gentle a soul should not be tainted by the vain aspirations of his 'master'. He should leave him right this instant, Jiharn deserves way better. Plus, I think he's cute."

Lunaris: "Lunaris? He is either paranoid or a complete nut-case. To carry as many weapons as he does is to invite a cataclysm in our very town. Yet, he has a certain charm, I have to admit. But one day, those weapons of his will cause something to render him really sad, and that's the day where his yellow coat will turn black, and believe me, on that day, you will find me running for the hills."

Macc: "Gone, and we cannot, could never follow."

Mazrim: "A person as peace-loving as he is either has something to hide or is our savior. I like to think of Mazrim as the second one."

Megaman X2K: "Another weapon nut-case, fortunately, he has less weapons than Lunaris, unfortunately, he unholsters them for any reason. He needs someone to guide him, and I am not the man to do it. He needs some moral code to guide him in his travels."

Merlin: "The tall philosopher, now if he would stop wrecking those pianos so we can listen to the songs in peace. Then again, the bar is considering hiring me and getting rid of that piano. I certainly hope he doesn't recieve it on the head looks like it hurts. He seems like a very nice fellow. Maybe I could try to talk to him...then again, he seems very busy, so I guess not."

Spoony Bard: "Why call yourself a bard when you do not play instruments?"

StarStorm: "The kitty of the town. I have petted him a few times, and he never tried to bite my head. He seems so cuddly. But I wouldn't dare hugging him. I don't like people thinking I like that way."

Tannin: "That's the girl which was with the other girl, right? Well, I wouldn't talk to her. Not because she doesn't seem nice. But it's because not only does she find men annoying, she's a cute girl. Cute girls hurt me for no reason, and she's got a sword. I tend to forget mine at home."

Tenchimaru: "I haven't heard of him much, but he seems...neutral. An odd fellow to be dressing as a pony."

Weiila: "She is very nice, and she might be the only cute girl to not hurt me around here...anyways. She also seems to know healing spells. I hate magic, but that's a good kind of magic if you ask me."

Zero: "The fighter of the environement. I don't want to talk to him much because he'd probably hand my @#$ on a silver platter. Still, he could teach me some good moves...then again, he doesn't use a Zweihander."

Hades: "Obnoxious @#$&%$#, painting is not the only art there is...wait until I smack you with my 400 page hard-covered poetry book..."


Although he's here physically, sometimes Jiharn's brain just hasn't caught up to what's actually happening. Not the brightest guy, what he lacks in intelligence, he...uh, also lacks in good looks and common sense. While he's not a brains, he makes it up in enthusiasm and a happy attitude. This guy loves to hang around Hiryuu; he tags along so much that it's unusual when they're apart. He tends to mess up Hiryuu's evil plots accidentally...well, actually, he messes them up all the time. But, inexplicably, he hangs around Hiryuu to the end! Or at least til bedtime.




Charlemagne: Kinda odd and scary. Jiharn doesn't know what to make of him, and consequently is shy around him. Of course, there's an equal likelihood that Jiharn would forget about his uncertainties. But he likes lemons! I think. But the drool just isn't kawaii! It's weird, and icky! Ugh!

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: oooOOOooo...power...*drools*
Darth Ninjus is always a fun guy, what with the kicks and random punishments DN does to Jiharn. I mean, how can you not like the guy? Ok, so he looks like an evil evil evil monster, but that's just part of the cuteness! And it's fun calling him daddy and sitting on his knee, he just looks so cute when he looks at me and [censored].

Faetan: She's Mr Hiryuu's...I mean, uh, Boss's one true love! She don't know that yet, but it's my job to help her find out! It is my destiny, my holy and divinely inspired destiny to help Boss get her to realize their...uh...togetherness quality...?

Hiryuu: The Boss! (Can't call him by name, have to say "Boss", since the Boss says the name's too good for me or something, oh well!) He's the SMARTEST, and NICEST guy in the land! No, world! No, universe! Except, um, when he's mean, and that makes Jiharn sad. ;_;
But he always takes care of Jiharn when Jiharn needs it and, even though it may not look like it, Jiharn believes that Hiryuu always looks out for Jiharn's best interests. After all, Hiryuu forgave Jiharn for all those accidents, right? Well, at least for the big ones.


Jiharn: Hmmm...kinda slow...silly, too. And so stooopid too! I mean, how did this guy even get to be this old? Someone should put this poor guy out of misery...I know it sounds cruel, but we'd be doing this guy a favor. :(
...Wait a second, Jiharn is me! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Lunaris: Yay, LuneLune! He's really lovable, he just doesn't want to show anybody, so he gets out the guns and shoots everyone. It hurts. ;_;
But Jiharn won't give up! Jiharn knows that LuneLune is deep down a really loving and lovable guy, even if LuneLune does stand against Boss. But with work, we can bring out the happiness and joy!

Macc: Ooooo! Lemons! It's the Lemons guy! YAY!!
Jiharn wishes he were a cute little kawaii girl so he could be in Macc's "cute little kawaii girl fanclub". :(
But Jiharn will have to make do with being just a cute little kawaii guy! Yay, Macc, he's funny! :D


Megaman X2K: He's a really sweet, guy, really! The nukes and the moogles are the way he shows he cares. And considering how often X uses them on Jiharn, he must really like Jiharn! To be honest, Jiharn likes X, and can't wait for when X turns all kawaii and cuddly!

Merlin: Oooo! It's the tall, serious guy! Jiharn thinks that Merlin is very nice and, since Merlin is so easy-going, tries to tease him some; just because he messes up on teasing him doesn't mean he doesn't like Mr. Merlin! Jiharn hopes that some day Merlin can find an anti-piano hat, cause it looks like those pianos hurt, and hurt is bad! :(

Spoony Bard:

StarStorm: Aah, a kitty! A kitty with fur. Fur is bad! No fur! Shave the fur! Where's my electric razor?




Zero: Oooo...shiny hair...shiny hair...shiny armor...shiny sword...sword?!? Aah, sharp! Careful! Usually quiet. Very shiny, but be careful! This shiny stuff can hurt; but shiny stuff shouldn't hurt...aah, it's confusing! ;_;

Hades: Jiharn actually likes Hades. Although he thinks Hades picks too many arguments about silly things, he's known Hades for a long time, and they're good buddies. Jiharn always gets sad when Hades is gone for a long time or says something mean to him, though. It hurts. :(


Lunaris is actualy a nice guy, once you get to know him. Sure, he is rather hostile, but he only is to thoses thats 1) Pisses him off, 2) Are complete jerks. But to semone totaly new, he is welcoming. Of course, to thoses that are targeted as enemies OFTEN get the mouth of the cannons of his numberous guns and various weapons of mass destruction in the face, often the bullets that follow too, and that with little provocation. Of course, he hardly lift a gun to thoses he consider friends, unless he just kidding. He is also known for his rather unique brand of language, 'Lunarish' as most peoples call it, and is the master and wielder of the 'Typorb'. He also says that he is the most SANE of his family...Imagine the others...

In short, he pretty much a perfect security man with an never ending supply of various weapons. He also like Dragon meat, but not Half-Dragon's. He is, too, more inteligent than he let out to show.





Charlemagne: Can be an annoyance, sometimes, but he don't know him enough to make an opinion.

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: He respects him, as he think he probably respect him too. He can do some annoying things at times, but not much of a pain. He usualy chat around a bit, sometimes.

Faetan: A nice girl, good friend, altough she only meet her recently. She seem to share the same insanity of most of his best friends "The Gang", the Mysidian brand. Good to have laughs around, horrible, horrible cook, her bacon dissolve plates faster than his more powerfull acid. She is also admire her fighting ability...Thats it, when she dont tackle him for fun.

Hiryuu: A trouble maker, altough by some twist of fate, Lunaris always seem to meet him as he about to strike with a diabolical plan, or something close to that. Usualy, a shooting bring him back on the good track...temporary. He also can't stand his language!


Jiharn: Looks like the sidekick of Hiryuu...Hardly a treath, too. Nice target pratice. Can give a few comical situation to have a nice laugh at.

Macc: Macc is one his best friends, and with no hesitation the most funny of them all. Lunaris is also the confident, so to speak, of him, in case something seriously buggs him. And sometime the opposite is true.


Megaman X2K: He often argures with him, and have the occasional all-out shooting spree. But sometimes, he think he can be a descent guy. Too bad thoses moments are rare.

Merlin: Anoter great friend, Merlin and him - like most of his 'gang', composing of Macc, Zero, and Spoony.- are going way long back, maby a few years. He like the little guy, mixing boths seriousness and comedy.

Spoony Bard: Anoter great friend, altough that he and Lunaris don't speak often, he knows that the little typoridden crazy man is there in case there problem and that he will help with the best of his abilities.



Tenchimaru:Cool target pratice, and contrairy to popular belif, he hate the taste of the meat of half-dragons.


Zero: A great friend. He consider him as an equal on the fighting scene, on different skills: He is an excelent melee fighter, Lunaris an exceptional gunner. This is why they often team up when they must, and often they are rivals. Nonetheless, if either win, there is no hard sentiments and he respect the crimson's reploid skills. And he belive it the same the other way.

Hades: A complete annoyance, imbecile and dork. He totaly hate his egoistical behavior and being an all around jerk. Shooting on sight.


Macc could be best described as "the funny man", who likes anything that has even remotely to do with lemons. But he likes nothing better than joking around and just generally be non-serious as much as possible. He can be serious if absolutely necessary though. Of course, he needs people to find his joking around funny for there to be any point, and so he hangs out with one or more of his friends pretty much all the time, tagging along no matter what they're doing. He's actually a pretty good fighter, but hardly ever does fight, because of his "why can't we all just get along?" attitude. An attitude he adopted after doing some pretty horrible things in the past, which still bothers him from time to time.


984: 984 is very well-known to him. Yes, they go way back. ...and yet, he doesn't know a whole lot about 984. Well, he knows about the abilities and strange alternate personalities, but as to the way 984 thinks... it can be quite a mystery to him sometimes. But that's alright, he knows (or at least believes) there's a good guy at heart, and that's the most important thing.


Charlemagne: Charlemagne's just a little bit too weird for his tastes. He can usually tell what someone's like after spending some time with them, but he really doesn't know what to make of this guy, and that makes him nervous. Especially since Charl seems to like him a lot. He tries his best to act normally when Charl's around, though.

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: Has a really, REALLY bad feeling about this guy. It's almost scary to him just how well DN seems to know him. He'd much rather avoid DN altogether if at all possible, but at the same time he wants to make sure nothing bad happens to his friends...

Faetan: A recent friend. Nice girl, good sense of humor. He can't help but greatly enjoy seeing a girl smile, so that's what he'll try to do, keep her smiling. He also has the habit of standing up for her if someone bothers her, even though she usually doesn't need the help. But he's not trying to win her over or anything, that's just the way he is around his female friends.

Hiryuu: He dislikes Hiryuu's arrogance, or more accurately, arrogance in general. Therefore, he does to Hiryuu what he generally doesn't do to most people - make jokes at his expense. Which in turn kinda does make him look forward to Hiryuu's appearances. Funny how that works out.


Jiharn: He doesn't really know Jiharn on a personal level, he just knows that Jiharn is amusing. And Macc likes people who are amusing. If he sees an opportunity to mess with Hiryuu through Jiharn, he'd gladly do so. Just for amusement's sake of course, there's no animosity intended.

Lunaris: A long-time friend, whom he pretty much always refers to as Lun rather than his full name. Great to have some laughs with, but also to confide in when something bothers him on a personal level. If he has any secrets he can't keep to himself, he'll share them with Lun, and only Lun.

Mazrim: Wise beyond his years, always a good source of advice when you need it most. He's known Mazrim for quite a while now, and considers him to be a good friend. He enjoys watching Maz get into lengthy discussions with other people (and is ready to interject with a joke if he sees an opening), but tends to get bored quickly if he gets sucked into one himself. Less talky, more funny!

Megaman X2K: Used to greatly dislike his attitude, but as of late, it seems to have improved to the point where he can get along with him. As long as X doesn't try to out-joke him. Or consistantly point out the flaws in other people. Or bother Fae. Or... |-P

Merlin: Another long-time friend. Unlike his other long-time friends, he always calls Merlin by his full name. In a way, he pities Merlin for his piano curse. But it amuses him too much to really feel sorry about it. Since Merlin jokes around less than his other friends, he'll quickly try to lighten the mood when Piano Magnet gets too serious.

Spoony Bard: Also a long-time friend of Macc's (he has a lot of those, doesn't he?), Spoony is most often the one to groan or just fall silent if he makes an especially corny joke. He likes that though, those reactions are part of the reason to make jokes like that. Other than that, he's one of "the guys" ("the guys" being Macc, Zero, Lunaris, Merlin and Spoony, the group of long-time close friends).

StarStorm: Kitty! Macc likes kitties! Just want to hug him and pet him and call him George... ahem. Well, maybe not quite that much. But he does like to scritch behind the kitty's ear whenever possible, he just can't help himself. Finds pretty much everything the kitty does cute, unless someone gets hurt in the process.

Tannin: He has yet to be introduced to her. All he knows is that she's a good friend of Fae's, so she couldn't be a bad person. He'd most likely feel a little intimidated by her straightforwardness, but it wouldn't stop him from being all gentleman-like to her.

Tenchimaru: TD's one of the few people he knows who originate from the same country as he does, but that doesn't really matter all that much to him. What matters more is that he laughs at his jokes. A good audience member is a great thing to have around, after all. He'll know a joke was a bad one if TD is the only one laughing.

Weiila: Although he hasn't really talked to her much, he feels some kind of connection with Weiila, as if she understands him perfectly without him needing to say much. That's most likely because she tries to be what he tries to be as well: Understanding and open-minded about pretty much everyone and everything. It's an attitude he wishes more people had.

Zero: Yet another long-time friend, whom he sometimes calls simply Z. Possibly the one most like him in terms of behavior, 'cept with a larger tendency to fight. Which he'll try his best to discourage if it ever comes to that. But on the whole, they get along perfectly.

Hades: Quite a rude fellow. He normally wouldn't care too much about that and just ignore the guy, if only Hades wouldn't constantly be rude to his friends. He really has to try hard not to be rude himself in return. People like that just tend to get on his nerves.


Mazrim seems like the stereotypical scientist, always willing to make some new weapon of mass destruction or device to end world hunger should someone ask for it. If one looked at him normally, one might think he was lazy, as he's almost never seen working. Indeed, whenever people come in he always seems to be sitting with his feet up on a desk, wearing his shades ('borrowed' from friends) and generally looking cool. He wears a medieval looking shirt and normal pants (no tights, sorry), and his office is decorated with swords, weird surrealist paintings, and drawings on the wall. His hair is brown, quite curly, and long - he ties it back in a ponytail, but some strands tend to fizz out of the tail, making him appear somewhat unrefined. He could also be playing his trusty Virtual Boy or talking to himself.

He works alone, however, and once he gets started on something, he can often finish it in a very short time. He might be considered one of the brilliant minds of the world, if he cared enough about such titles to play by the rules needed to get them. Indeed, if anyone were to ask him, he'd gladly share his wisdom in any situation - but he doesn't really offer it readily. He's learned from the past that people don't tend to want wisdom - they'd much prefer answers, which he gives them in abundance. Sometimes too much abundance, but what he says is always useful - it isn't always clear that it is, though. He, doesn't tend to go on adventures too often (though he has been known to on rare occasions - like, when his Virtual Boy runs out of batteries and he doesn't have any spare ones)

He might be considered a tortured soul, if he cared about things like that. However, he is, deep down, a strong person - possessing a willpower beyond the average person's. He's seen many things in his short life, and he's come to the conclusion that if he can just stay happy and see the goodness in reality, that things will fall into place. And usually they do.

His secret desire, more than anything else, is to be a writer. He wants the world to see not just his prodigial abilities to create weapons of mass destruction and devices of world hunger-ending, but also his ideas, his philosophies, his perceptions of reality, his STORIES.




Charlemagne: Charlemagne is HILARIOUS! Though he seems a bit warped at first, Mazrim believes that Charlemagne is perhaps the most "true" person that he has seen. His motives and desires are what he says they are, and his actions very direct. This is, of course because Charlemagne is part machine, but Mazrim still finds him refreshing.

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: Mazrim doesn't tend to associate much with Darth, but he respects Darth for his strength of will. However, he is slightly concerned - for though Darth is very powerful, he seems...disconnected, almost. This might prove dangerous in the long run. But, Mazrim realizes, there may be a plan that he is unaware of, so he is cordial when Darth might decide to come around to his laboratories. But always keeping a third eye on him.

Faetan: Faetan is a nice girl. She knows what she wants, and she gets it - something that Mazrim is very respecting of. She has a firm sense of how she feels life is, and what she likes and dislikes. If she's cooking though, Mazrim doesn't hesitate to politely decline.

Hiryuu: interesting, to Mazrim. He believes in Hiryuu's brilliance, but is saddened by his seeming inability to listen to other people. He probably wouldn't like to be around Hiryuu, but on the other hand, Mazrim is remarkably tolerant.


Jiharn: Jiharn is harmless. He's amusing at times, but Mazrim holds little respect for him. He is to be tolerated, at best, and made jokes about after he leaves.

Lunaris: Lunaris is like Fae - he knows what he wants, and he gets what he wants. He lives his life as he truly desires - something that Mazrim, for all his wisdom and knowledge, seems unable to do. His temper sometimes bothers Mazrim, but as Mazrim knows, it goes away quickly, and Lun is even quicker to apologize than to flare.

Macc: Mazrim was once close friends with Macc, and as such he cares deeply for him (like a friend, fool). There's some quality about Macc - some selfless, self-abasing quality, as well as his pacifism, that Mazrim finds immensely wise and powerful.

Megaman X2K: X is annoying, but for some reason, Mazrim doesn't mind it. He is picked on at times by X, but he always comes to his defense no matter what. Perhaps Mazrim senses something of a kindred spirit in X...?

Merlin: Merlin is probably Mazrim's greatest friend of all these people. Even though Mazrim doesn't get out much, he enjoys talking to Merlin about all sorts of things. A general cameraderie goes on between them - Merlin teasing Mazrim for never seeming to work, Mazrim responding in kind - but deep down there's a strong friendship there.

Spoony Bard: Mazrim doesn't talk much with Spoony, but is sure he's a nice person. Sometimes he seems a bit misguided, though...

StarStorm: Mazrim is polite to Starstorm, but secretly he finds Starstorm somewhat distasteful. Spazzy, as he's affectionately called, seems...hypocritical, almost. He is quite disconnected with other people's views of the world, and instead just lives in his own bubble - which is sort of annoying, for Mazrim at least.

Tannin: Mazrim doesn't know Tannin, save from her fame in art and swordsmanship. She seems like a nice woman, living her own life with no fear for what others think, but beyond that Mazrim knows nothing.

Tenchimaru: The conversations that Mazrim has had with TD have all been very short. Either Mazrim tries to tell him something, and TD tells Mazrim to shut up, or TD asks a question and Mazrim answers it (and if he goes on too long TD tells him to shut up). Mazrim tries to stay clear of TD.


Zero: A good friend, but much goes on in this reploid's circuitry. He seems to know very well how the world works, and is able to follow his own path through it in order to have the maximum effect that he wants on it. He seems to do this effortlessly too - as if knowing how the world works is not conscious at all. These qualities, as Mazrim sees them, are very admirable.

Hades: Hades is also harmless. I mean...yeah, he's harmless. He can be annoying - heck, he's USUALLY annoying, but he can't really do much damage.


Evil Overlord, master of moogles, wielder of nuclear and other arms, uses new and exotic vehicles such as 'mecks to conquer and destroy. His tastes are unpredictable and so is he. He breaks alliances faster than he forms them. Fear the Ragnarok Buster.


984: 984 has in the past been nicer to X and even helped him in the past. However, he since became a complete jerk, constantly berating X much like Darth Ninjus, though not quite as much. 984 goes through PMS-like cycles of some teasing, then REALLY teasing, then acting all sorry to X and being nice, but X hasn't been fooled; trick me 6 times, shame on him, trick me 7 or more times, shame on me.


Charlemagne: Annoying but very funny, X2K seeks no reason to kill Charlemange off...for the time being.

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: DN is everything X2K stands against (once we get over the evil part). DN is majorly offensive, often making jokes at X's expense. He shows no remose for anything he does, uses his powers without responsibility or consideration, and has little respect for his peers. X and DN are in an eternal state of war, the only casualties being innocent lives. X also finds it disgusting that Faetan has taken a liking to DN.

Faetan: Has a crush on her.

Hiryuu: For the most part, apathetic...though his good work ethic could make him a good ally...but if he makes Faetan uncomfortable in any way he dies a thousand deaths.


Jiharn: Fruity. Very fruity. X2K steers clear of Jiharn at times and usually engages in conversation with Jiharn using the business end of his Ragnarok Buster.

Lunaris: Too Violent. X likes that. Lunaris is unstable, even moreso than X, and his love of weapons makes them similar, however X distrusts and dislikes Lun for his attitude at times. Outwardly, however, he shows nothing. Again, touch Faetan and he dies.

Mabatsekker: X likes Mabatsekker, sure he's not a very shiny apple in the bushel and he may draw racially inappropriate caricatures, but other than that he's OK. Just don't tell him he's a bad artist or you might suffer.

Macc: What is there too say? Macc may be full of himself at times but who could blame this master procrastinator *ERASE* master comedian...Macc poses as much a threat to X's doctrine as Pokey the Penguin poses a threat to Naked Dancing Paleontologists©.

Mazrim: X dislikes Maz's constant benevolence since it's usually directed where it doesn't belong. Maz also has no true abilites that make him a useful asset as an Ally, except perhaps his rhetoric and ability to gain followers (but not to lead them). If there's anything good from X's standpoint it's that Maz has come to X's defense more than once. But once the threat of DN is removed, Maz will be useless to him.

Merlin: Feels that Merlin's values, while outwardly admirable, are hypocritical and empty. Merlin is a good friend but a big threat.

Spoony Bard: SB can be a jerk to X at times but X doesn't really seem to care too much. SB would never ally with X but doesn't pose a threat either.

StarStorm: Fellow kitty! ^p^ But, SS crimps on X's style, what with savage violence and excessive nuking...sure the two may be alike but there can only be one...

Tannin: Don't know her. But, any friend of Faetan's must be okay with him. Wait, she likes DN...change that, she can't be trusted until more is known...

Tenchimaru: Can be funny at times. There used to be friction between the two but that is long forgotten; now, TD and X get along fine. If anything TD could become X's ally.

Weiila: X doesn't mind Weiila; she may have nothing new to add to conversations and she doesn't have any superpowers, but she's nice and, more importantly, she likes Age of Empires.

Zero: X finds Zero somewhat...uncomfortable. He knows what he talks about and is good at what he does. But X doesn't like the idea of Zero holding any power.

Hades: Hades has gotten banned before for good reason...Hades' perverted little agenda poses little threat but X would kill him just because he's so annoying.


Merlin wants to be respected, liked and remembered more than anything else. He is rather self-conscious of what he says and does and looks like (although he'd never admit this), and is always striving to work harder and contribute more to a project. He likes to think that he gets along with most everyone and would always take the hit for the team. This happens literally of course sometimes since pianos have a strange "crush" on him, so to speak. He likes to think he can be funny once in a while, but he knows that he canít possibly match humor sabres with the likes of Macc or others. Not as funny as Macc, not as smart as Mazrim, not as courageous as Zero, nor as strong as Lunaris, Merliníll always be trying to combine these four elements into his own character better.


984: 984 is a cool dude. With a deft sense of humor that is a lot like Merlin's in some ways, and a generally easy-going manner the two of them get along real well. If he saw 984 more often or met him earlier on he'd likely be in the top circle of RPGC friends by now. A good guy who can be relied upon in a pinch.


Charlemagne: Merlin finds Charlemagne absolutely hilarious, 'nuff said. The two share many of the same interests, and Charlemagne's knowledge of pop culture simply amazes Merlin. He also will start earnestly laughing out loud at nearly anything Charle says. Knowing Charlemagne to be a good man/vampire/whatever he is deep down, Merlin disregards any disparaging remarks made about Charle, and always tries to give him a helping hand when in need.

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: While he emits an aura of "don't mess with me" bad@#$ness, Merlin thinks that deep down DN has just as many needs and weaknesses as the next guy. Getting to know one another pretty well through site-work, Merlin considers DN to be a friend, even though they differ a lot over certain issues. Obviously strong-willed and highly intelligent in what he chooses to know about, Merlin tries his best to stay on the man's good side.

Faetan: Merlin greatly admires and respects the girl he affectionately calls Fae; because she treats herself very honestly, is forward, and doesn't get all "kawaii" on guys too often while still managing not to come off as cold or haughty. He tries to treat her thusly and would be the first to jump to her defense no matter what danger he may be thrusting himself into. He only hopes to gain her own respect in return and finds others who throw themselves at her to be obnoxious. Fae is teh r0x0r, need he say more? :P

Hiryuu: Merlin only got to know Hiryuu recently, but he honestly feels no real serious feelings of animosity towards him. Sure he'll be the first to tell Hiryuu to lay off Fae and the other girls, but he doesn't perceive him as a serious threat. Always trying to reason with Hiryuu and act as his friend, Merlin believes and will try to temper Hiry's sometimes comically "evil" behavior and channel it towards more endearing aims. Hiryuu is certainly not the bad guy he is purported to be.


Jiharn: Hiryuu's doddering sidekick, Merlin finds Jiharn's antics to always be slightly amusing. No matter what danger everyone may be in at Jiharn's and Hiryuu's hands, Merlin will never really be able to take the situation fully seriously. He'll lightly try to get Jiharn to shape up and change his ways, while at the same time stifling a grin at his oftentimes-idiotic behavior.

Lunaris: Lunaris and Merlin go way back, and he has always had a soft spot for the weapons-totin' English-manglin' lil' guy. While usually only responding with a light chuckle whenever he hears an over-exaggerated threat by Lun towards someone else, he appreciates and holds Lun's heart and determination in very high-esteem; plus he has learned to respect Lunaris' firepower and payload as well :P Knowing that Lunaris will always stand by his side in a confrontation, Merlin strives to do the same for his hot-tempered compadre.

Macc: Where to begin with Macc? To talk about his humor, his HQ, or his love of lemons would merely scratch the surface of Mr. Macc Maverick. A very good man/reploid and part of Merlin's tightest group of Rendezvous friends, the two have been trading wavs, adventures, and corny jokes for many years now. It was with Macc that the piano-complex developed from even! Regrettably, over the last year or so the changing personal lives of the two, combined with the ever-present time zone difficulty has diminished their level of contact, but Merlin still feels that he and Macc are still close.

Mazrim: Merlin probably knows Mazrim better than anyone else, and he is priveliged to be able to count Mazrim among his top circle of friends; and along with Zero, Merlin probably talks with Mazrim the most. Heck, Mazrim is the only person online who Merlin has ever met in person either, and they'll hopefully do more together as time goes on. Always insightful, and usuaully funny, Merlin and Mazrim are able to talk about anything from philosophy to movies to books to sports and back again. They have great chemistry together, and will make fun of one another incessantly, all the while knowing each other is only joking. Smart, funny, now if only he'd cut that afro off his scalp... :P

Megaman X2K: Merlin can never figure out MMX' problem. Why does he insist on being such a well, jerk, most of the time? He's smart and can be funny so why the arrogance? Oh well, Merlin will keep trying to treat him fairly and even nicely, even though he knows that it will likely just get thrown back in his face, and hope that one day MMX will see the light of a better lamp. Merlin also finds MMX' veiled pursual of Fae to be vexing at times.

Spoony Bard: SB is an interesting person. While Merlin has "known" him for quite a long time now, he never really has gotten to know Spoony as well as Macc, Maz, Zero, or Lunaris. But he always gets along well with Spoony, well enough to be featured in his comic from time to time at least :P and he has no complaints about SB. The closest issue he has with SB is his occasional bouts of laziness, but other than this Spoony is a good guy.

StarStorm: Merlin doesn't really know what to think of SS. He seems like a good guy and is rather agreeable. Yet there is something Merlin can't put his finger on. Maybe it's the constant appeals to "pet him," or his redundant laughing or his general attempts at being "kawaii," but Merlin just can't feel 100% welcome around SS, despite the fact that he seems indeed to be a good person. Oh well, perhaps SS is the Cheshire Cat of Merlin's Rendezvous existence.

Tannin: Tannin seems like a good gal. Earnest and tough, Merlin appreciates her non-interest in girlie-type activities. He also finds her crush on Zero to be highly amusing, particularly since Zero likely has no clue about it :P Merlin knows that Tannin can be counted upon in a fight and will likely try to back her up as meagerly as he is able to.

Tenchimaru: He doesn't have a huge opinion of TD, he's known him for a while but hasn't really ever had many in-depth conversations nor adventures with the man. He certainly won't go out of his way to bother TD, he'd likely try to intercede as a mediator if TD got in a big dispute with another of his friends though. Plus, Merlin is the one that started the curse of the Pony along with Zero in their more mischievous days :P

Weiila: Weiila is perhaps the nicest person he's met online, her bouts of anger even less frequent than Macc or Mazrim. He respects her optimism and general earnest character, and respects Weiila tremendously. Hopefully he can get to know her better as time progresses.

Zero: Zero could very well be Merlin's greatest online friend, at least in terms of comparability since they share many things in common. The two have been exchanging wisecracks and adventures for who knows how many now and they have an uncanny knack of thinking very similar thoughts, nearly uttering the same sentences and making the same decisions simultaneously. He knows that when Zero attacks his enemies, only smoking craters are left in their wake, and that when confronted with certain doom, he merely laughs in response. But Merlin knows also that beneath this rough exterior resides a caring and sensitive heart and soul that is constantly trying to "measure up" to his peers and whatever goals Zero has set for himself. Not that Merlin would ever reveal the lighter sides of Zero to anyone. But dude, get a hair cut :P Wherever Zero chooses to go, Merlin is likely riding shotgun.

Hades: Ick. While he does what he can in terms of sticking up for Hades (and has gotten in his fair share of trouble for this as well!), Merlin doesn't really like the guy. As arrogant and uncompromising as X, and perhaps even more narrow-minded (as hard as that may be to believe), Hades seems to relish the role of perpetual annoyance. Oh well, at least Hades knows when to shut up and when to laugh a little, perhaps he'll wake up and reform himself one day too.......naw :P


Sometimes quiet and thoughtful, sometimes loud and brash, Spoony is an odd character to be around if you aren't used to him. He's been around the area for close to six years now, and has since started his own little community nearby. He can be a comic and a philosopher, a mediator and an aggressor. It's really hard to find just one term to describe this unpredictible person, except that he's loyal to his friends. No matter what, he'd never abandon them or let them down if he can help it.

His name is a bit misleading, since he is neither foolishly in love as the term Spoony means, nor does he prance around and sing songs and tales like a Bard. He is SpoonyBard in name only, he is neither a Bard or Spoony. It's a common misinturpetation.

Spoony is also a bit wary of new people. He has his own little cliche of people he frequently hangs out with, both at RPGC and at M3. And he is quite paranoid of new people entering and 'horning in', so basically he is sort of untrusting of new people. It all stems on how they act at first. If they are rude, arrogant, or abborrently lazy (blatent spelling mistakes, U R stuff instead of You Are) then he wouldn't even give them a second thought. If they're honest, polite and sincere, then maybe he can be won over. It really depends on his mood at the time, as I said, he's unpredictible.




Charlemagne: One of the many people Spoony doesn't know well, and thus doesn't have much to do with. Kinda seems like a doof, really.

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: One of the many people Spoony doesn't know well, and thus doesn't have much to do with. Though he doesn't like the look of him.

Faetan: Faetan is another new person to Spoony, though he seems to be a bit more relaxed around her than with other new people. Maybe she just caught him in a good mood when she introduced herself to him. But whatever the reason, she's one of the few new people who have gotten on Spoony's good side from the get-go, so that's a good thing. He also finds her art to be quite impressive.

Hiryuu: One of the many people Spoony doesn't know well, and thus doesn't have much to do with. He's seen him around occasionally, but not enough to really garner an opinion.


Jiharn: One of the many people Spoony doesn't know well, and thus doesn't have much to do with. Really, Spoony has no strong opinion of this guy one way or the other.

Lunaris: Spoony has known Lun for a long time. He doesn't remember exactly when he met him, it's a bit of a blur, somewhere during the whole StarCraft tournaments between them all. Though Spoony seems to hate any and all types of blatent typos, he seems to have adjusted to Lunaris' unique type without a problem. He considers Lun a good friend, and wouldn't turn his back on him, even with his volatile and violent nature. ;)

Macc: Macc is one of the two people Spoony first met when he came to RPGC. The other being Rast. Macc's a bit of an oddball, but Spoony's gotten well accustomed to his corny attitude, and in fact looks forward to his jokes whenever they arise. An old friend, and a good friend, even if he HAS been a bit scarce lately.

Mazrim: One of Spoony's many friends at RPGC, Spoony respects Mazrim's opinion, as he is one of the most mature and objective people he knows. He normally doesn't engage in everyday conversation with Mazrim, but his opinion is welcome whenever he offers it.

Megaman X2K: Spoony doesn't trust X very much, that is obvious. Though he thinks X often overreacts to times when Spoony is simply just joking. He's been punted into the stratosphere more than enough times it's become routine, you'd think he'd stop saying those things that get Spoony ticked. Though aside from a quick stratosphere-punting, Spoony doesn't bother X much unless he really stands out. He'd be a much easier guy to get along with it he'd stop overreacting.

Merlin: He hasn't know Mr. Piano-Magnet for quite as long as the rest of the RPGC crowd, but he's still a friend all the same. Merlin can sometimes seem both active and take-chargey, and othertimes lazy and... well, lazy. A bit more of the former than the latter though, which is good. Spoony would comment on his dorky green hair and purple cape, but with his own green armor with the red undershirt, he can't say much about fashion.

StarStorm: One of the many people Spoony doesn't know well, and thus doesn't have much to do with. Who is he again?

Tannin: One of the many people Spoony doesn't know well, and thus doesn't have much to do with. Though he gets the sinking feeling she'll become more important later on.

Tenchimaru: One of the many people Spoony doesn't know well, and thus doesn't have much to do with. Though TD is standing out more and more, Spoony still isn't one to actively engage in conversation with a 'new guy', and though TD's working on it, he's still new to Spoony.

Weiila: One of the many people Spoony doesn't know well, and thus doesn't have much to do with. Honestly, nope.

Zero: Though he's know Macc and Rast longer, Zero is probably Spoony's closest online buddy. He's probably 100x more loyal to him than the others, and will always be there to help him out, since he knows that Zero will do the same, and has on many occasions.

Hades: Hades? GNAR! Seriously, Spoony isn't normally one to dislike someone, but Hades often pushes it. He comes off as very arrogant and simple-minded. Though Hades may act like a moron at times, Spoony easily forgets about such incidents, and all is forgiven before his next offense.


Very charming, he has an insatiable curiosity and an interest in understanding other people that tends to disturb them. He is fond of manipulating people and events to watch how others react to them, no matter what the results may be. He takes great insult to anyone "interfering" in his "experiments" (trying to stop him from acting, namely, he doesn't care if assistance is given to the one being toyed with), and pursues such with a vengeance. He is also totally ruthless to the point of seeming amoral when he is after something he wants.

Generally, though he is good, willing to protect those he sees suffering unduly (unless it's him causing the suffering, in his "experiments"). He is always polite to a woman and can be quite flirty and affectionate to his female friends. He cannot stand men nearly as well, making friends grudgingly. As mentioned, however, he is quite charming, and makes friends easily, even in the most unlikely places. The true friends he makes have his almost fanatical devotion... and can usually expect the same in turn. Strangely enough he never seems to hate anyone, even those who wrong him greatly. Although those who do should be warned. He specializes in the velvet glove, and that can be more dangerous than Lunaris with a pair of plasma rifles. Moreso since you cannot necessarily see who's shooting. He disdains physical fighting, but he recognizes the uses of violence. He just doen't resort to it... much.

He is paranoid though, about people manipulating him, so he sometimes takes on a persona of a slightly airheaded and hyperactive person, who's had a bit too much espresso. He sees this as a way of being underestimated by potential foes. Those who are potential friends probably won't care anyway. No matter how he acts though, he has no patience or mercy for fools and stupid people and will show his displeasure if he feels someone is a fool.

He has three forms for use, a housecat, tiger and a large hominid cat. He spends most of his time in his hominid form, and he can speak in any form. He is also dangerous in all of them. Oh, it should be noted that he has a tail in all forms, that he prizes and cares for almost obsessively. Those who would do harm to his tail may wish to have their death warrant written out beforehand.

He also enjoys music and singing. He's not the best singer however, but he is a decent singer. Strangely enough, when he's in a fight, he sings. He's been asked about this quirk, but he never explains why.


984: "Hmmm I know little of 984 outside of casual contact, and frankly, I don't like that. I will have to study him. He can be funny apparently too, especially if his favorite targets are around. At least it's good for a laugh."


Charlemagne: "Chaos is interesting. Especially chaos of this calibur. Quite an interesting person I'd say. Even if he can be a lot of trouble. Heck, I'd bet he's great fun at parties."

Cloth Hat: "Actually, I kinda like chewing on Cloth Hat's head... hat.... whatever. Anyway, he has a potential to become a serious threat, if he didn't keep killing his hosts like he does. That and learned a bit more."

Darth Ninjus: "Annoying at times, but there are some lines you never cross. I don't try to cross him, and I hope he doesn't try to cross me. If he does... I'm sure I could find a way to make him miserable. I respect him however."

Faetan: "Cute. I prefer more... ladylike... women, but she has her assets and charms. Probably as much fun at parties as Charlemagne too. Although, her cooking is not fit for a cat. And I should know. With that said, I like her."

Hiryuu: "I will admit to having no patience with him. He's a wannabe. Doesn't even understand the finer points of manipulation, much less 'evil' or darkness. Depressing actually, when it comes down to it. I wouldn't mind performing an experiment or two though. I'd like to know what he hides. But all in all, a kitten playing at being a tiger."

Igatona: "He seems all right, even though he keeps to himself. I don't have much information on him though. But that, hopefully, will soon change."

Jiharn: "Toady. Simple as that. A toady to a wannabe. How nauseatingly cute. Can be quite interesting at times, but even I have to feel pity for Hiryuu. Does this man have any individuality at all? I wonder what would happen if I forced him away from Hiryuu. Outside of that, he had better leave my body parts alone. If I ever catch him with an electric razor or sharp implement of any type near me again... Still. He's probably Hiryuu's greatest physical weakness. If you go after Jiharn..."

Lunaris: "A seemingly simple man, but simple is all you need when you're in a fight. Simple and plenty of firepower. I'd rather not talk to him at length though. Simple, as I said... and what is up with his speech impediment? But he makes me nervous. Is he genuinely this simple, or... is he hiding something. I want to know."

Macc: "Comedy is always an important part of life, and as such, so is Macc important to many people. I would like to be funnier myself, but... I have much to learn, I think. What could I do to learn then?"

Mazrim: "Strange. He spends too much time around machines, I suppose. One is wise to listen to the mad scientist though, he knows more than he looks. However I worry about someone who cares so much for peace and such, and will make large explosive weaponry at will. I also find it worrying that he's usually never around until you're trying to save your hide."

Megaman X2K: "Not as funny as Macc, but interesting nonetheless. A bit too hotheaded though. He can be annoying admittedly, but he's fun to talk to in any case. Otherwise... this world does not need TWO Lunarises."

Merlin: "A good man. Very good man. However, his zeal to be respected by all, or even most is a glaring weakness. And good people are fun to play with anyway. But I cannot help but admire him. I just wonder who keeps dropping the pianos on him, and how he manages to survive." *whistles innocently and pays off the piano movers*

Spoony Bard: "I really honestly do not know much about Spoony (I really don't like that). He's funny and all, but I really don't care much about him. If he approaches me with a good hand, I will change my thoughts, but until then, or he seriously screws up... What's the point?"

Tannin: "Hmmm. From what I have heard, she is a very spirited young woman, with a very rough charm. Not the kind of woman I'd be interested in, but others might be just to say 'I laid her and she loved it'. At least we agree with men in general. Hopefully she likes cats however... Might be nice if she learned tact too."

Tenchimaru: "I like him. He's very interesting, not very one-sided as I find so many others. He has potential. A lot of potential. I wonder if he'd realize it. Or maybe he needs a little... help."

Weiila: "What's not to like about her? Probably my closest friend here. Very sweet and kind, I like that... Quite pretty too. She can take care of herself, but it should be known that if anyone harms her, they won't just have to survive her, they'll have to survive ME as well."

Zero: "An excellent warrior, probably hiding a fine man underneath. He would be a great asset in a fight, even greater than Lunaris. A person worth knowing, and I hope I get to know him better."

Hades: "Strange little man. Hilariously funny at times, hellishly annoying during the rest. Does he have any more personalities? And...did he seriously turn into something out of Sailor Moon? No, wait...don't answer that. For the first time in my life, I really don't want to know."


Standing 6'2" tall with crimson hair that seems ponderously long...Tannin is neither ladylike nor meek. She is brash, brutally honest, and often quite impatient with men. She views life in only one way: It's a moment to moment game that one must make the most out of. She absolutely despises slovenly behavior...and believes that one should fill their days with worthwhile pursuits...taking only a few hours of the day for a good drink, a few laughs, and a quick cigar.

Raised by her biological mother's brother in the lands of the elvish folk...she believes she is anything but human. Of course, after suffering the appalling behavior of her snotty adoptive elven brothers, she wouldn't be too pleased with being called elven either. No, she is only a simple warrior who travels the many lands in pursuit of adventure and the good fight.

In her spare time, when she's not hacking some unsuspecting hobgoblin into a meat pie, she enjoys quiet sits outdoors with a good cigar, drinking cheap whiskey or warm lager, and sharing laughs with a few close companions.

She is also an artist of some level, but hardly boasts her talent with any level of honesty.


984: Don't know the fellow, really. But, I'm sure he can't be ALL that bad o' a guy...

Ackbar: Just darn cute! In a cuddly...slimy squid kinda way! I have a natural liking for the chap. After all, he IS my kawaii evil squid, isn't he!

Charlemagne: This one's a bit off the rocker, as they say. But, to my surprise, I actually like the fellow. Strange as strange comes...but harmless enough.

Cloth Hat: Nope. Don't know this one. So, I'll save my opinions until an introduction is made...

Darth Ninjus: This guy gives me the Heebee Geebees! Oooo...SCARY! Where's my sword!?!

Faetan: Ah! Finally! A face I know! Miss Faetan Jarl is a fine is her birthright! And as good a companion on rainy days as a body could ask for. Plus...unlike so many girls I've had the unpleasant misfortune of running across, she doesn't bore me with feminine dribble about cute guys and silk stockings!

Hiryuu: Oh boy! Here's a real winner! I imagine that if one really wanted to define this'd have to look somewhere between halfwit and doubledealer. Yet...I imagine that his pretty little head wouldn't look TOO bad above the mantleplace! HAR!

Igatona: Isn't this the little fellow with that lulling instrument? Awfully quiet. Perhaps I'll just go pester him a bit one o' these days!

Jiharn: I'd like to say something nasty about this fellow...BUUUT...he's just to stupid to be anything but adorable. A GREAT source of amusement...and I imagine a never ending well of vexation for that two-bit villain, Hiryuu!

Lunaris: One of the sweetest kiddos I've yet to meet! I INSTANTLY liked this fellow. Besides, anyone who's won over my good friend Faetan's confidence -like he has - is top notch in my book!

Macc: Haven't met this chap yet. I've heard he's a riot from'm willing to keep an open mind. ;D

Mazrim: Hmmm....Strange and mystical are awfully suspicious in MY book! He HAS to be plotting SOMETHING....

Megaman X2K: ???!!??? Another unknown face, alas....

Merlin: Just all around nice. I don't know much about him...just Fae's ravings. So, he's a good guy in my book!

Spoony Bard: Haven't met him. Who are all these strange faces?!?

StarStorm: Cuddly little kitty kat o' death! Who could ask for more? Maybe Faetan could be talked into having a house 'pet'.....

Tenchimaru: Half-dragon guy, right? Haven't met him yet, either.

Weiila: At first, being informed of another female made me instantly DEFENSIVE. But, I guess that so long as she doesn't want to chat my ear off about this lipstick or that frilly dress....she'll be A-Okay in my book.

Zero: *blush* It's the hair! Really! And...he IS a great warrior, after all. Can't two warriors get to know one another without it being the talk of the town...FAETAN?!? *blush*

Hades: *sigh* A great waste of breath, this one. Thinks he's king cheese when it comes to the arts. If only I had the power to ignite his inflated head with my eyes.....


TD is kind of a half-way house between a freak, and a random person. Usually trying to get on the right side of people, he somehow manages to start many arguments between different people. He also has a very low tolerance for annoyance, and doesn't forget that easily. Tough he probably annoys more people then anybody else. He acts like a freak when he is amused, or in a good mood. He is also a smart alec at times.




Charlemagne: He really likes Charl, but sometimes wants to strangle him for being such a retard/moron/Charlemagne. He gets freaked out by him at times, or mad for being a bit too loose with the fairer sex, but he really cares for the guy.

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: TD can get along with DN fine, oftentimes stealing the perverted jokes away from DN, or increasing their effectiveness. He can get greatly bothered and annoyed by DN, though, when he starts raining fiery destruction down from the heavens upon his friends. Or random persons.

Faetan: TD had an instant liking for her when they met, and treats her as a good friend, though he doesn't know her all that well.

Hiryuu: He doesn't like Hiryuu. Because Hiryuu always makes fun of him. And he calls him a pony! *cries*


Jiharn: He gets greatly amused by Jiharn, and really likes the little bugger.

Lunaris: He kinda likes Lun, but is afraid of him at the same time. Seeing as how Lun has a tendency for shooting at him. And apparently likes the taste of his meat. Tastes like chicken.

Macc: He thinks Macc is great fun, and lets it show. He likes the guy pretty much, and never ceases to be amazed at his awesome joke abilities.


Megaman X2K: TD used to clash out with X at times, but only the elderly sages remember those. They get along, although he still suffers frequent nuclear retaliations against himself by X. Wouldn't mind teaming up with X, even if only for the sole benefit of less nukings...

Merlin: He likes Merl, though he doesn't really know him much. He chuckles at the sound of another incoming piano though.

Spoony Bard: TD doesn't know Spoony very well, but he likes him from the brief times he saw him in action, and his comic speaks for itself.

StarStorm: He likes the big hyperactive kitty called Spazz. He's so easily pleased, and nice to cuddle up to. His head still has scars from the many head chewings of Spazz, though.



Zero: He looks up to Zero for his great warrior skills. And he really likes his hair. Although he does annoy Zero quite a bit with the admirance. When Zero notices, that is.

Hades: He likes Hades, though he often wants to hurt him in many ways, when he gets involved in discussions for example, or acting like a jerk. But aside from that, he likes the guy.


Weiila might appear at first sight as a calm, kind woman in her early twenties, but when she gets angry may the angels protect the reason of her fury. Though she'll rather be a meddler than fighter, when she boils over it gets dangerous.

Her personality is generally a caring and understanding one, as she tries to see the best sides of everybody. However, she can also adapt to the people she is around, become what they expect/hope her to be (to an extent). This can of course lead to both trouble and help (depends on which side it's used for...) as she can use this ability to gain trust and information if needed. If she can she'll try to help her friends, asked or not.

Uses no weapon but knows a few healing spells. There is a rumor about her that she also knows the song of the Sirens... On sidenote, she can cook FAIRLY well and can draw a bit, not talking much about it though.

Looks like: Middlelength, rather thin, can appear smaller than she really is. Prefers a simple red or white red dress and a light cape. Keeps her long brown hair freely falling, rarely uses even a hairband and never jewelry.


984: "I don't know him too well but we are not strangers to each other. He's a good fighter and I respect him, though I feel he's a tad bit too cruel to Jiharn. But oh well... overall a nice fellow in my view."


Charlemagne: "I feel sorry for him, the people around him seem to think he's a moron... OK, he acts a bit weird... but apart from that drooling he can be sorta cute in a peculiar way."

Cloth Hat: "Erm... is he a living piece of cloth? Fascinating... hm... I don't have anything against him since I haven't met him, but I've heard he searches for host bodies. He better stay away from my friends though, less I'll have to meddle and that might not be pretty... believe me or not."

Darth Ninjus: "Ah well, a Dark Arts master. Everybody has the right follow their own path and choices, but he seems a bit too arrogant to me."

Faetan: "Interesting personality, I must say that women that acts non-feminine like are refreshing to meet. Very good artist, too."

Hiryuu: "Well, he's... er... he's... different. OK, I give up, I don't get why he's so obsessed with Faetan, can't he understand a 'No' (read 'Get lost' or worse ;)) when he hears one. I know he claims to be evil, but I've seen much darker ones than he'll hopefully ever be..."

Igatona: "This is one of those guys I'd watch for a moment and then go talk to, try to cheer up. There seems to be some sort of deep sadness within him... I wouldn't dig into it without knowing him better, but I'd try to help in any way possible."

Jiharn: "Poor guy, is his only 'friend' really Hiryuu? He's not even given any chance not to act like an idiot..."

Lunaris: "Hehe, quite a funny guy. Some get nervous when he starts showing off his weapons but I know he handles them flawlessly so he can't worry me. The speech problem? I just find that funny."

Macc: "Oi, this guy is pleasant to be around, he'll bring a laugh to almost anyone. Another one to always count on."

Mazrim: "A devoted worker, it's just that the things he do are done secretly. No! I swear! It's true! If all else fails this is the guy who'll think of a plan."

Megaman X2K: "Just like Lunaris I know this guy can use his weapon of choice flawlessly (I hope), but he's much more unstable than Lun. Nothing _really_ bad about him (OK, that was a little lie ;)), but I'll rather advice everybody who's just meeting him to beware not to make him angry..."

Merlin: "His relationship to musical instruments puzzles me just like everyone else. I've been casting curing magic on him quite a few times because of it. But a very nice fellow, a good friend."

Spoony Bard: "As he doesn't talk much I don't know him that well but I know him to be a humorous guy with his heart in the right place. Interesting name, too."

StarStorm: "Ah, one of my best friends in town. Some call him nutty, some weird... but he's a really funny guy... cat creature... non-humans are underrated."

Tannin: "As I said about Faetan, tougher women are refreshing. I still need to know her a little better to say anything more."

Tenchimaru: "Sadly I've never yet got to know this guy that well either, but he's a friend of Zero and the others so he's my friend too."

Zero: "This guy is cool. He's got humor and a warrior spirit, not unlike many others in town which I'm grateful of. It's a very interesting combination. He's plain great to be around. Nice hair too."

Hades: "Well... he's an artist, but a good artist doesn't go bash other's creations senselessly. I had a better view of him before I heard about what he did to Tannin and that *gulp* Sailor Moon transformation. I have a feeling I'll find myself taking care of his, Hiryuu, and Jiharn's wounds sooner or later. As I can't deny a needing aid. *sigh...*"


Not to be confused with the Capcom Zero, this Zero has an actual sense of humor, and would probably be found singing "ding-dong the witch is dead" at Iris' funeral. Wielding great powers in various places he works at a leisurely pace, taking life one bite at a time, or one slash at a time, depends what he's doing after all. His skill with the blade is top notch, but he prefers to talk first and slash later...after all, they never expect the first strike in the middle of a sentence. He prefers sparring with friends than actual combat though, because friends don't beg for their lives pathetically.




Charlemagne: The modern equivalent of a jester, minus the sanity, is what Charlemagne seems to be from Zero's point of view, he likes the cyber-trickster's antics most of the time, as long as they remain simply jokes.

Cloth Hat:

Darth Ninjus: Too little data known about this one, but if he's looking for trouble he may end up biting waaay more than he can chew. Or get a mondo hairball, whichever happens first.

Faetan: A straightforward gal with a sense of humor, and her fish casserole could be compressed into a lethal fragmentation grenade since she never removes the bones. Besides that little flaw, she is good company and potential competition as a blademaster.

Hiryuu: As the saying goes, large ego, small...erm...I forget. Hiryuu is like a bug that refuses to be splatted, getting in everyone's legs and not going away, pretending to be evil when he's more like a minor annoyance recurring villain.


Jiharn: Every recurring villain needs a sidekick, and this guy sure seems to fit the bill...and that's not really a good thing for Jiharn.

Lunaris: Prepare for trouble, and make it double, Zero's complement partner, Lunaris is one of his most respected friends. Although he seems like a total psycho on the battlefield (but he's an excellent marksman at the same time) he's actually quite a decent and fun to hang around guy. Just...don't sign up for his weapon beta testing, it's better for your health.

Macc: The man in blue is a great guy to simply chitchat and chill out with, when not bent in half laughing anyway. He's the master of comedy 'round these parts, and what seemed to be battle royales in the making turned into a crowd of laughing individuals in the blink of an eye. He has mad comedy skillz, nuff said. Although sometimes when he's needed on a more serious note, he's an excellent open ear, as they say.


Megaman X2K: Nuke-happy moogle-catapulting psycho. Although Zero doesn't really have a bone to pick with him, they rarely agree and thus simply keep to their own ways, the only times their path meets is usually the warpath against a common foe.

Merlin: Merl for short, he's about the closest thing to a brother Zero could have. Usually on the same mind frequency (although humans aren't supposed to have those) they've been known as the mischeivous duo on the webboards a few times, usually working together may it be for a prank or a more serious issue. Merlin's always trying to be there for everything, and although that doesn't always work Zero respects him greatly for trying so much. More of a talker than a fighter, which is fine by Zero since it makes more fodder for him.

Spoony Bard: Sporkybard when joking around, Spoony is the silent one of the Merlin/Lunaris/Macc/Zero/Spoony group, although when he voices his opinion it's usually well thought about. Known for doing the chronicle of the group in his onlinecomic, he also pokes at the fourth wall occasionally when not busy elsewhere/M3.

StarStorm: file not found, please insert info CD.

Tannin: Nothing yet so far, as Zero has yet to meet this individual.

Tenchimaru: TD's an oddity to Zero, been there for a long time yet neither crossed the other's path in a good or bad way, or conversed...waving at each other politely is as far as they go, really.


Hades: Sometimes a cool headed and alright guy, and sometimes a total flamehead with no sense of temper control or holding back, Hades is nonetheless a half-decent fighter...just not good enough.





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