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  • Drak
  • Megaman984
  • ::Drak:: So you want to request a sprite, eh? Well, we have a new rule. You can't request more than one sprite every 6 months. This only so some people don't abuse our services. Well, here's what you need to include in the e-mail:
  • Name of Sprite
  • Kind of Sprite (Warrior, Dragon, Squid, etc)
  • Base Style of Sprite (Mega Man, RS3, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, etc)
  • Primary Color of Sprite
  • Secondary Color of Sprite
  • Any other Colors
  • Extra Things (Weapons, Visors, etc)
  • Once you have all of that information, send it to either Megaman984 or me, Drak. We'll get back to you with the sprite in usually a week to a month depending on how complicated the sprite is, sprites being worked on, and/or outside lives.