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General Information

-Most importantly, with one exception at the moment, these translations were NOT created by RPGClassics. All patches to be found there are credited to their creators, and links have been provided to the appropriate sites whenever available.

-Revison: THIS is the most important fact. This section does not carry ROMs. I'll be happy to answer most question concerning this section of RPGC, but not "where are the ROMs?" There are such things as stupid questions. This is one of them. If you do ask me, it will earn you an instant and permanent ignore/block status on whatever list of mine you're contacting me through, be it AIM, ICQ, email, or in an IRC channel. If you're looking for ROMs, check out RPGC's "Affiliates" section and maybe you'll come across something useful.

-This section attempts to be a complete list of useful translation information. That being, if a project is dead, never released any meaningful work or patch for a game, and there is no link to a website concerning that project, there will be no mention of that project.

-Feel free to send in any translation-related news you want. For now, keep it strictly project- and translation group-related. For instance, we won't make mention of a new version of ZSNES (a Super Nintendo emulator) in an update, as it is outside the strict domain of translations.

-If you've seen even some older news for a game we don't have a page for, send that in as well.

-Don't ask of me when a game will be completed. As I said above, RPGC is not responsible for these translations (again, one exception - Cidolfas has released a patch for Star Ocean and occassionally aids groups in their efforts). Only the person/group doing the translation would know, so go to their page and see if it's all right to ask them.

-Lastly, you can contact me with useful, intelligent information and/or questions here: RoguePaladinTrian


2001 All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. All rights reserved.