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Whoa! It's all picture-y and... stuff. Welcome to the first part of the guide.

Note that at any point during the game you can press the left shoulder button for a short description of what you need to do next.

And Capcom opens with their typical we're-trying-to-sound-futuristic-yeah opening text.
The game begins with our brave hero being annoyed by an AI with a sense of duty. Listen to Megaman whine, and then...

You Are In Control Of Lan. Ph34r him. Talk to everyone in the room (you'll get a couple of quick tutorials and an e-mail) and then talk to the teacher in dark-green and purple to continue the lessons.
Defeat the Mettaurs with ease as the nice Navi teaches you the basics. If you die here then smash your GBA with a hammer, then the cart, then your head. Imbecile.

You have been taught well, young Padawan. After another spiel you'll end up a the school. Talk to Mayl (Baka Mallet sadly absent), Yai and Dex, and then head out the school to the park (right and down) as you try to get there first.
Megaman sees dead people. That or they're hiding. Whichever. You and the gang talk about when to chat, and some guy in a cowboy hat will tell you about the N1 Competition preliminaries are being held in ACDC Square. Needless to say, you all join. Go home (the blue house), talk to your mother, then go to the next room and jack into the PC.

Welcome to the internet. Step into the orange pad above and to your left to end up at ACDC (pictured).
The layout is simple. Follow the yellow road. You'll encounter Mettaurs, Canodumbs, and a few Bunnies along the way, but they shouldn't pose much a threat with your mad skillz. Eventually you'll wind up on the other side of a warp-pad at ACDC Square.

Note: After you enter ACDC 3, go as far left as you without turning off until you reach dead-end and a Mystery Data containing a LongSwrd E. Get it. You'll need it later in the game.

Talk to the green Navi above Gilde (pictured, to Megaman's left) and get instructions for the first prelims. And we go on a little hunt. After asking you an inane question you must answer 'yes' to continue on. And here are the questions;
Question 1: Red means stop, true or false.
Answer: True (O).
Go back to ACDC 3 through the warp pad, follow the yellow path, but this time head down and right past Roll and go right when you get to the purple Navi who paced up and down. Keep heading right. Pick up the 'O' and take it back to the Navi for the next question.

Question 2: A ton of lead if heavier than a ton of feathers.
Answer: False (X)
Follow the yellow path to ACDC 2, where the data is hiding on the first right after you enter. Take it back and get the last question.
Question 3: Adding every number from 1 to 10 gives 54
Answer: False (X)
Go to ACDC 1 (that yellow path again). It's right along it, below where the green floating program is. You can't miss it.

After you all ace the first round, you will get the access to Yai's homepage and be logged out. Go talk to mom and eat dinner, then jack back into your PC and head to Yai's homepage in ACDC 2. Make a first left, then right, then right, and you're there. The cube will unlock and you're on your way. Talk to the others, and then...
Moron. Guess where you're going now? Yup. head to the school, only to find that it's shut. At night. What a surprise. Now head to Yai's home (mansion, far upper-right house) and jack into her PC.

Go to where you found the answer to question 2 of the prelims, in ACDC 2, to see the guard and the key. After a short scene you will steal it and get mail from Mayl (heh) saying the gate is unlocked. Jack out and head back to the school. Go to your classroom and Dex will ask you to look for his disc. See below image for location.
You da man, Lan.
After the short scene, head upwards from the entrance of the school. Lan, being the one with the least wuss-blood, goes in first. First do dwon and jack into the School server for soem HPMemory. Then head for the door at the top of the room, and after listening to the maniacal cackling, everyone barges in.
Yummy. Fresh child. After seeing Dex turned into a train, Yai into a swan, and Mayl into a zombie, Lan runs from the evil bald monk-man. find all three and talk to them (they're all easy to find), then head to right-hand classroom and grab the weird red thing hanging from a desk. Head back to where Flashman is. This next segment is long.
Head all the way right until you get to the program, and Megaman will say it is too dark, and control will switch to Lan. Head to the classroom where you got the parasol, and switch on the lights (red button next to the blackboard). Heading down-left then up-left will take you to KeydataA, going back to the entrance and then straight up will net you a RegUP1. Use KeydataA on the door below the green program. Head that way as far as you can and get KeyDataB, and use it on the door above the program. Go that way to get the KeydataC, and finally open the door beyond the program, and on to the next area.
Talk to the barely-visible program and he will tell you that you need three passwords, and Lan will find himself looking for a lightswitch again. It's the switch back in the Teacher's Lounge.
Password C can be found next to the red statue up from the entrance point.
Password B is in the huge room to the far-left, but it is the right Mystery Data, not the one on the left (the other is an encounter). Pick up the HPMemory from the pencil toppings while you're at it.
Password A can be found on the strange octagonal tiles to the right (go left for some HPMem.

Now, face Flashman
KAMEHAM- Sorry, wrong franchise. Well done, you got past the first not-so-hard boss. Everyone is now okay. Dex will challenge you to a netbattle in the park and give you the code to his homepage. Feel free to decline. Now go home and go to sleep to continue. You've had a long day.

Onwards! To BeastMan!

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