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And zooming straight in at number 2 is BeastMan.

He sure has! And so it begins. Or word to that effect, as defeated balk-monk begins to talk to A Mysterious Shadowy Figure.
A small kid walks around looking for The No. 1 Netbattler In Town. After he asks an old stranger for help, you'll switch back to Lan.
Oh dear. The PET appears to be malfunctioning, and Megaman is speaking in dots. He suggests going to see your dad, so go to the subway, and meet the kid who was wandering around earlier. Talk to Mayl and Yai, and then the kid. Go find Dex in Lan's classroom at school and a scene will play out, and you will fight GutsMan again. Kick his ass and Chisao (the kid) will have his dreams shattered, and run. Get a ticket from the machine in the subway and head for SciLab
You can accept jobs from the billboard (jack into the vending machine for some RegMem), or you can go straight up the  elevator. Talk to the brown-haired scientist at the top of the area and be told your dad is in a meeting. Get the SubPet and the e-mail telling you of a link from Dex's homepage to ACDC Square, and go home.
As you leave Texan Man will tell you the 2nd round of Prelims have started, and will hand you the pass you need to get to SciLab Square inside the internet. Go to Dex's home and jack in, heading left to get to ACDC 1.
If you want to get some new kit, it's worth exploring ACDC 2 first, so if you jack in from your own home and head there. Go left then up at the entrance from ACDC 3 to find a Net Trader, who will sell you some pretty good chips from enemies you haven't fought yet and some HPMem. Now follow Dex's homepage the only way you can to the station, and go to SciLab.
. Hey, new colour scheme! Take the blue path to eventually reach Glide and a niiice little chip, and then take the stairs up from the station and follow the yellow path to reach a red warp to SciLab Square. Take the right path and talk to the purple Navi to begin the first mission. Beat the crap out of these guys and start the Navi-seeking 2nd mission.
Go right as soon as you pass under the green archway, past Roll and the guys, and through the second archway, and follow the path all the way down and left to SciLab 1. Follow the yellow path all the way and talk to the mean-looking purple Navi.
Way to go Lan. Reeeeal slick.
head back to SciLab 2 and pass through the archway you came through a few minutes ago, but keep going down, and past the normal purple Navi, and meet the Virus King (snort) again. Beat him and head bak to the Square for mission three. Get the pass from the Navi and head to ACDC 2.
There he is! After beating the three survival battles, run like hell back to an exit, and don't fight anything unless you're very patient. Jack out, watch the scene with your dad, and go to bed. And oversleep. Wake up and go to school.

More's the pity. You'll end up in Yoka, where the zoo is closed, so head down, into the next screen, then follow the path to the Inn (the white-coated scientist on the way sells some SubChips if you want 'em). Go up the stairs into the guest rooms, and head outside to where Yai is through the door at the top of the room. Check the sign and the teacher will call you in for a bath, then a pillow fight, and then sleep, after which you'll get a fixed Pet, another Folder, and the Navi Customiser.
Head out of the inn (You can jack into the suit of armour on the way out for a SubChip expansion) and to the Zoo. After the scene, go around the two Zoo areas and examine every animal, then talk to Dex, Yai and Mayl, then head back to the Lions. After a cutscene head left at the Panda cage to get past the gorillas, and then take the left-hand hidden path out of the Zoo, and then allllll the way around back to the outside of the entrance.

Go right and slightly down Chisao hasn't fallen down a well, but it's the next best thing. Head back inside after the cutscnee, go to the Panda cage and jack in through the terminal with the green screen.
Welcome to the Boss level. Head left at the first intersection (make a note of the green programs, and what noises they make) then straight on to the find the lone Mettaur. All the Mettaurs in this level need one of the green programs brought to it to make it move . Go back and find the Cat-program, and take it back to the Mettaur (note that the programs will only follow you after you talk to the Mettaur). Watch with glee as it blows up, and go on. The next one requires a Snake-type program.

Capcom's palette designers should be shot. The first Mettaur needs a Rabbit-type. Take the paths with the hanging cages and take the Banana-type (I'll be damned if bananas make that noise) after talking to the Met. Move on. Give the Ball-type to the sealion and the Otter-type to the clam, and continue. Don't miss the HPMemory at the end of the paths.
Third area, and the colours get even worse. Take the Beaver-type to the Tree, then the Tire-type and Bamboo-type to the two Pandas. Go all the way around and take the Cobra-type to the Mongoose and the Octopus-type to the Jar (what?)

At least this time they're not trying to break our eyeballs. Go right and down and take the Tongue-Twister-type (hehe) to the parrot, then you can take the Chestnut-type and Walnut-types to the monkeys. Take the second right at the cage, and take the Dog-, Sheep- and Tiger-types to the three mets in a row. Go on to meet...

Yeah, the fate of the world can wait, 'cause we gotta save some stuck-up kid. Chisao is saved, Yai chased Dex around, and the screen fades to black. Again.

To BubbleMan! And Victoly!

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