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Bubbleman thought he could rule the world of suds and washing powder, but he hadn't reckoned on the might of MegaMan!

Now that the NumberMan machine is available at Higsby's, you really, really, REALLY should go and get some stuff from it. Codes can be found in the NumberMan page.

I'LL GET YOU LAN! IF IT'S THE LAST THING AH DOOOOOO! (Also note the worst name for total destruction ever. I mean it.)
When you have control, go around and talk to Mayl, Yai and Dex, then read the new e-mail from Higsby and go to his store. It's between your house and the school.

Jack into that weird-looking sign-robot  for some HPMemory, then talk to Higsby. Seems the lazy man wants you t do some errands for him. You agree, naturally. Yai will send you mail saying there is now a link to SciLab Square from her homepage.
Errand 1:
Talk to the man at ACDC station (you can't miss him). Seems the dullard left what he was supposed to deliver in an Inn! Head to the Inn in Yoka and look under the table on the far right (pictured), and head back to the man. He will give you the chip, so go back and give it Higsby. Errand 1 complete!
Errand 2:
Looks like it's some good ole' racketeering now. Go to ACDC 1 to find the offending Navi (it's quickest to go through Lan's own PC). He's the evil purple one below the first turn (pictured). Beat his Snowblows and Canodumbs to get his money, and head to back Higsby to complete this errand.
Errand 3:
Delivery this time. Go to Yai's homepage and take the upper-right narrow path to reach the shortcut to SciLab Square and find the red female Navi. It's right outside the warp. Give him the chip and head back to Higsby. Read the e-mail and head out. It's time for the final preliminary.

If you already have the LongSwrd E you can skip this first part. Go to ACDC 3 and go to the far-left corner and pick one up, then head for SciLab Square, and talk to the orange female Navi shown, and trade for the pass which you need. Go to any Cyber-station and head for Yoka. Talk to the orange Navi at the bottom-right.
You'll be forced to fight the next few battles with a pre-chosen folder, but this shouldn't be too much trouble. There are five people in the real world dressed as Navis. Find them and beat them. We're gonna do this by location.

In ACDC Town:
Behind Yai's house.
In the School's Staff Lounge
In SciLab:
Bottom right, beside the vending machine.

Behind the building in Zoo 1.
In the baths at the very back of the Inn.

Now that you've beat them all, head back to Yoka Square any way you can (I recommend jacking into SciLab Virus Lab and going to the Cyber-Station via SciLab 2) and talk to the same Navi again
Did I hear chickens being counted?
Anyway, everyone congradulates you (even Roll, who failed to qualify), and then...


Chaud and Lan will mouth off to each other, and eveyrone will suddenly have something better to do. Needless to say, spend your hard-earned Zennys here, and then head home, and bed.
Lan will get an e-mail saying dad will be out of town for a while. Instead of rocking the casbah, Lan goes to help Mayl install her washing machine. Head to Mayl's house (below yours). She somehow convinces you to work for Higsby. Again. Oh well...

Take any Cyber-station to Yoka, and then take the first left-turn to find the warp to Yoka 2. Follow the blue path to Yoka 1, and fight viruses until you get a 'Wind *'. Jack out and go back to Mayl's.
Getting a Windbox is completely random, so this may take some time. There is no way around this!
Talk to Higsby to give him the chip, and watch as events unfold. Jack into Mayl's PC upstairs, and meet Bubbleman. Get the code from Mayl's mail (heh, again) and follow the oh-so-obvous trail of bubbles to to Yoka. Exchance insults with Bubbleman, and then find out you can't give chase.

Jack out and head to SciLab, go up the elevator, and talk to the scientist at the back of the room.. Jack into the computer and fight the program to get the CompData. Go back to Mayl's and talk to Higsby. He is useless. Luckily as you walk out a friendly hobo will fix it for you. Equip the PresData in your Customiser and head back to the too-thin bridge. If you like, head down the other thin bridge to find some HPMemory.
Now comes a little game of hide-and-seek as they run (badly) from you. Listen to the mail from a panicky Higsby and go to ACDC 2. Go to the big pink area just before the entrance to ACDC 3 (where you found the key to the school) and face them. After fighting them, you will receive your first Style Change.

Head to SciLab 1 and all the way down and around to the large area to find them again. Then after defeating them once more go back to where Bubbleman is. You'll get their Needle at last. Continue along the paths (there's only one correct way, and it's easy to see) until you reach him.

Soon I may apolgise for these terrible intros. But don't hold your breath.

As Bubbleman tries to run and all looks lost, ProtoMan jumps in (literally) and saves the day. Mayl and the teacher are fine, and all is good.

To DesertMan we go, singing hey-fol-a-riddle etc.

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