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NEXT! >_<

Looks like ole' Chd is having some family troubles. As usual. Meh. It's better than Wily trying to be sinister.
Time for the N1 Grand Prix. MegaMan wants you to go and find the guys, and who are you to argue with a bunch of electrons? Jack in and head to Mayl's Homepage, via the warp in ACDC 1, and talk to Roll by following the path all the way right, then down the ramp, and then first left to find her.
Next head to Yai's homepae in ACDC 2 and talk to Glide. Another no-show. All your friends hate you and you will die alone.
Head to ACDC Square and warp to Dex's Homepage (his house is locked). Talk to the green bot above the entrance to find out he isn't here, and go to Yoka via the Cyberstation.
Follow the blue path all the way to Yoka 1 and talk to GutsMan. Again, he's not coming. Read the mail you get to get a pass to the Beach, and go back to the Cyberstation and head there.
Welcome to the most confusing area so far. Follow the orange path all the way around until you get to some stairs, and now head along the darker orange path to your left after going down them. head along the small path (don't forget to equip Press in the Customiser!) and go on. Some RegMem is straight down as well. Follow the orange path again and into the warp, and then into the next one above you. Welcome to Beach Square.

Talk to the nice yellow Navi to get interviewed, and then watch in apathy horror as fanboys rage out of control. Go back to Beach 2 after the cutscene and head up back to the the ramp to the Cyberstation. Go the same way you came, but this time take a left onto the blue path to Beach 1.
Oh no etc. Fight the stupid purple Navi blocking you. After beating him take the left-hand sliding walkway and head down the stairs. Go down as far as you can, always taking sliding walkways. Fight the Navi and use the warp. Head up to find GutsMan surrounded.

Doesn't ProtoMan really rile you up? Anyway, evil d00ds will run in fear from him, and everyone will jack out.
Keep dreaming Wily. Keep dreaming.

Wake up the next morning, get the DataDisc from mom, and head to SciLab. Mayl will also tell you she's got a shortcut to Yoka Square (yay) on her HP now. Go upstairs in SciLab and give the package to the lanky-haired guy on the upper-left. Guess your father doesn't care enough to leave a meeting for you.
I stand corrected. You'll get a Pet Case from him, and after Chaud and Lan mouth off again, you head home to get some sleep.

Dex will mail you saying he's going to go ahead to the N1, so get to the Station and head to Beach Street (ignore the crowd out front, just go in and buy a ticket).
Talk to the guy to your left to buy a ModTools program for 5600z, and head right and down to get to the TV Station.
Note: On the rtight-hand corner, if you look you can see someone hiding between a building and a pillar. Talk to her to receive a SpinPrpl, which allows you to rotate, tetris-style, purple programs in the customiser!

Talk to the mouthy kid at the top of the lobby and fight his Navi. Beat him and the Texan will approach you. Head through the glass door to your left and follow the path all the way around.
Pay no attention to that shadowed and oh-so-familiar man behind the glass. D-Block battlers will be introduced to the world, and you will be sent to...
Hades Island!

Lan will get am e-mail and some ExMemory from dad, and then you gotta go outisde and get on that thar ferry, boy!
And then they knock you out.
Colelct the HPMemory under the small bridge to the boat, then head inside to find yourself in HELL! and then continue along the ropebridge for your first task.

Ignore the stairs, and head right along the small path (remember that PressData!). Go head left after the sliding walkway, then up and along the small walkway to get the HadesKey. Go back to the start using the sliding walkway and now go down the stairs. Follow the small path(s) all the way around, and automatically use the HadesKey on the bars by examining them. Follow the walkway and at the crossing head down for a nice little chip, or just go straight up for the VictData
FALL INTO HELL! [/Excel Saga]

The door you choose here will determine what type the arena of the next battlw will be. From left to right, they are:
Choose wisely. Each has different disadvantages, but no matter which door you choose you're fight MetalMan. Kill.
Folder challenge time. You have to find the people on the island with a folder and get it off them. Since you keep the chips even if you don't choose the folder, you want to get them all. You also have a 3-minute time limit. More than enough time.

Person 1:
Go back outside and walk down. The man in the coat has the folder.
Person 2:
Go back again to where you jacked nto Hades and talk to the guy in orange to get his folder.

Person 3:
Outside and up, near the ferry. Talk to him to get his folder.
Person 4:
Go right and across the ruined-looking path, and up. Head left to find the man in green. Talk to him to get his folder.

Person 5:
Go up and talk to the young boy. Answer his questions correctly to get his folder. The answers are:
100l of water
Zoo boss
W00t. Get his cool folder (this is the one you want to use) and wait for that timer to finish counting.
Quater-final time, and look who it is you're facing. Beat GutsMan again to go on. Win, then watch Yai get pummelled. Head up, then outside using the elevator, then use the ferry to go back to Beach.

Head inside and talk to the girl in green to find out Chad is missing. You'll find him by going down outside, and he's along the water. After yet more talking, head back into the station and to the studio.
Cheer, roar, yay etc. Now you get to fight KingMan again.

Pwn him. Pwn him good.

After Tora turns out to be quite a nice bloke, Mayl asks you to meet her. Again. Head outside and watch the scene. Yai phones you and tells you to go kick some ass, and who are you to argue?
ProtoMan's in trouble! After Chad finally works out the bloody obvious, you find out who Q really is. Head right and outside the studio, then go up the elevator and through the red door. MegaMan uses a Cunning Plan.

Time to get that rascaly DesertMan!

It is and he has.
Good job guys. Chad arrests the Texan, and everyone is happy
(Come back to this room later and jack into the computer to find some HPMemory).

Except Wily. Obviously.

Now to deal with PlantMan...

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