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Anti-enviromentalist MegaMan goes hunting for greenery. On a beach? 0_o
Forgive the horrible numbers on the vine maps, I'm using jpg's to save space.
He sure is.
Talk with the guys, and read the mail you receive after being forced to clean. Go to the Beach and head left at the t-junction, and enter the hospital. Head up to the 3rd floor and examine the huge tree for some HPMemory. GO back down and talk to the woman behind the desk, then go to the end of the second floor.
Yai will demand tea, so go back down to the first floor and get her some from the vending machine there. A nurse will approach you, and ask you to find a boy. Go outside, then left, and down the ramp to the beach to find him. After your talk, head back to Yai, who's angry at your slowness. Geez. Head home.
Bribery eh? You'll get mail from Dex the next morning, so head to the park. Read the mail telling of a shortcut to Beach Square and then head to SciLab. Talk to Tora next to the board. You've got four missions to carry out, so hop to 'em.
Mission 1: Gathering Data
Go the School teachers Lounge and talk to the man in the suit at the bottom left. You have to find a Navi carrying some 'InsrData'. Jack in and head to SciLab 1 via the Square (go down and past the green gates) and talk to the floating green Navi at the t-junction here.
Now, if you don't have one already, go to Beach 2 and fight until you have a Yo-yo G chip.
Go to ACDC 2 and talk to the purple Navi pictured. Give him your Yo-yo G, and jack out. Go back to the school lounge and give the data to the nice man.
Mission 2: Riot Stopped!
Go to the TV Station at the Beach and talk to the man in grey to your right. Head all the way around to the studio and jack into the machine there. Go down and fight the Navi there.
Use the elevator to get upstairs and jack into the console next to the farthest  (pictured) Go and beat the Navi.
Now, go outside the station and jack into the van just outside. Go right and beat the Navi.
Go and talk to the Grey Man again. Mission complete.

Mission 3: Stuntman wanted!
Go to Yoka and jack in through Tamako's table (woman outside the Inn) and take the warp to Beach Square, then take the red warp to Beach 2. Go down, then right, and then follow the orange road and take a left at the t-junction to reach Beach 1.Use the left sliding walkway and take the stairs down, then take the sliding walkway just below you, then head right. Talk to the orange Navi to begin.
Mission 4: Look for friends
Go to ACDC park and talk to the guy in green.
Take Mayl's shortcut to Yoka Square and make your way to Yoka 1. Take the small bridge then go right and talk to the green Navi.
Go to Yoka and talk to the white-coated man in Zoo 1.
Go back and talk to the green man to complete the mission.

Go back to SciLab and talk to Tora. After he reveals Chad's secret and gives you a second folder, go home and sleep.
Go to your classroom and talk to everyone to trigger the next event, then head over to Dex's house. Lan and the others get all emotional, and Dex leaves for pastures new.

Head for the Hospital at Beach after reading the mail, and talk to the nurse at the desk. Head back outside and down-right to the beach again. After your talk get back into the hospital, talk to the nurse, then head for the 3rd floor and talk to the white-coated man.
Head back to Mamoru and watch as the doctors cart him away. Now you need to get an IceBall M. If you have one already, well and good. If you don't, you need to equip the Fis h program (bought from Beach Square) and get one from the Hades Isle computer (where you got th VictData).

Go back and talk to Mamoru on the 2nd floor and you'll give him your hard-won chip. Go home and sleep off your tears.
Get back to that 2nd floor room and talk to Mamoru again. A nurse wil take him to the operating room, so go to the end of the 3rd floor and try to go through the doors. Going out for some air, bad things will start to happen.

Go back to the 3rd floor. MegaMan will automatically jack into the hospital system.
Whoa, trippy. Go up and left and grab the OilBody item. Equip it immediately and go across the arrow, then talk to the green program along the way. Equip the chip he gives you and proceed to burn away all of the trees. Go right from this platform and get the Reg+1, then go down and take the arrow floor. Follow the path right and down, and then burn the tree you come to. Step on the warp and go on, then

There's probably an 'Kame joke in here. I'm not gonna say it though.
Ahem, anyway. Burn the left tree to eventually get a nice healing chip, or go straight on to burn the right tree, and examine the control panel to continue, and fight a virus.
Attack the vines of the virus, not the body!
No problems.

Head for the 2nd floor and the last room, and check the black window. Head back into the hospital and get the key to the basement from the nurse, then go back to the door on the beach itself.
I bet he said that pun on purpose. You'll jack in automatically, and it's time for another drugged-state background stage.

Burn the tree in front of you and go right and get on the teleport (the program here gives you a small hint). Go up and take the left path at the part with four paths (the right leads to a GutStrgh Q), one blocked with a security door. Collect the HPMemory.Burn the weed on the left and the security door will fall. Go there, and meet PlantMan for a chat.
Head back to the operating room inside the hospital on the 3rd floor Watch Lan pounding on the door. You'll jack back in again. Head left and talk to the program and get the hint.

The picture shows what you get by burning which pile of weeds. This field is reached by going left from the green Navi, and is optional.
1 - Nothing
2 - HeatShot I
3 - Nothing
4 - 2 x HeatShot I
5 - MegaMan recovers 100HP
6 - 2 x HeatShot I
7 - Virus
8 - Nothing
9 - Nothing
Clear away what you want then go back, and past the green program, and burn the right-hand tree, then go right at the junction.
This is the field you reach by going right from the green Navi, and to continue the game.
1 - 2 x HeatShot I
2 - Nothing
3 - Nothing
4 - Virus
5 - Virus
6 - HeatShot I
7 - Warp Point
8 - Geddon2 W
9 - Virus

Take the warp point and then the next warp point, and then go left to the field.
Top - Nothing
Middle - Virus
Bottom - HeatShot I
The field to thd right of the warp also contains goodies:
Top - 2 x HeatShot I
Middle - Nothing
Bottom - HeatShot I
Go up when you've got what you wanted.. Burn the tree on your left for some SubMem, or continue on right (burning the tree in your way, natch) to the next area.

1 - Nothing
2 - 2 x HeatShot I
3 - HeatShot I
4 - Nothing
5 - Switch
6 - Virus
7 - 3 x HeatShot I
8 - Nothing
9 - Nothing
10 - Warp (to nowhere)
11 - HeatShot I
12 - Nothing
13 - Nothing
14 - Nothing
15 - Nothing
16 - 2 x HeatShot I
Go through the door that was lowered by the switch and continue up (burning the tree on the way) until you get to a whole load of piles in a row.
They are, from left to right:
3 x HeatShot I
100HP recovery panel
2 x HeatShot I

Use the warp and follow the path. Burn the tree for a slighty shorter path if you want. Use the warp and head to the final area.
Go right and then up and then burn the tree. You know the drill by now:
1 - 2 x HeatShot I
2 - Switch
3 - HeatShot I
4 - Virus
5 - Nothing
6 - HeatShot I
7 - Nothing

Go up and right to another field.
1 - 2 x HeatShot I
2 - Virus
3 - 2 x HeatShot I
4 - Nothing
5 - Virus
6 - 100HP Recovery panel
7 - Nothing
8 - Nothing
9 - 2 x HeatShot I
Go left after that and head up towards a clump of three more vines. From left to right:
HeatShot I

Go down and burn the tree to your left for two more piles.
Top left:
1 - Nothing
2 - Warp to HPMemory
3 - 3 x HeatShot I
4 - Virus

Go down and burn the weeds over the final switch;
1 - 2 x HeatShot I
2 - Switch
3 - Virus
4 - Nothing

Now, go back to the start and take a right on the platform with a green program in the left corner. Step on the warp and...

Victoly is yours.
MegaMan sacrifices his own energy to power the machinery, and Lan does a Mr T on his ass. Fo shizzle.

And you and you and you were there.
Plot, plot, whine, plot, laugh manically. You know how this goes by now.

FlamMan! Flame on!

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