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Hunting Mako Sachou

Let's see if we can't find this jerk Sachou. And what do we do when we need to find someone? We ask questions, of course! Let's go talking to the Johnsons, and see what info we can get.

Mortimer Reed informs us that Mr. Sachou has been hanging out at the Club Penumbra, ever since he "ended up in the doghouse" with Renraku. You'll find it in the southeast end of the Penumbra district, surrounded by pretty plants in the front. You'll need a reputation of about 3 to enter the club.

Warning: Boss battle! You'll need decent combat skills- 7's for firearms, sorcery, and/or unarmed, depending on your weapon of choice. Two buddies good for a brawl. HEAVY artillery- level 6 spells, SMGs, heavy pistols, grenades, heavy armor, etc. You're not playing at ghoul hunting anymore, kids- this is the big time!

After paying the 75 nuyen fee, you find Mako sitting at a table in the corner. He's terribly frightened- by a Renraku Strike Team, aiming for the BOTH of you! Four elite warriors, all out for blood. Kill them all.

After the fight, you'll revive Mako and interrogate him. Seems that Renraku ordered him to track the runners and report on their activities. They wanted the team alive! They lost them in the forest shortly before they died.

Renraku was searching the caves and forests for clues to a tomb, the project being named "Operation Thon." After Michael was hired to do the same, his team became a top priority- follow them, see where they lead. After the team was killed, Renraku tried to find out who killed them, and why.

So Renraku has info on who killed your brother. Info kept by the new project director, Ito Ogami. He stays at a local hotel, hm?

Checking the Gates Undersound Hotel, over in Downtown Seattle, we discover that Mr. Ogami just left for his meeting, over at Matchsticks. Let's go see if we can catch up...

Warning: Boss battle! More elite Renraku troops, plus Ogami himself. Hit them hard, and show no mercy. After the fight, you search Ogami's body, along with the papers scatered about by the firefight. We find a holopix of Michael and a heavily cybered AmerIndian, taken on the morning of Michael's death, a pix of the scene where they died, a report on "Subject Stark," one of the Runners in Michael's team. A report on Vigore? Hmm... so he works for Thon, does he? A credstick? Nice. And a passcode for Ito's personal computer system...

Now, you have two more choices of what route to take. The first, is a series of Matrix Runs into Ito's system, where you'll find all sorts of fun secrets about your brother and the Thon project. WARNING: This is the Decker's equivalent of a Boss match-Ito's Ice includes Tar Pits, which will permanently delete your expensive programs. While you can take advantage of this to get rid of some useless programs you may have acquired that are simply taking up space on your deck's hard drive, it's not so much fun when your level 8 attack program disappears into thin air. Look in the Management, Project, and Confidential files.

The second route is to make a Run on Renraku itself. Of course, by this time, you've probably made a few Runs on Renraku at Caleb's request, but this time it's personal- no nuyen payment, just get in and see what you can find. HINT: On the second floor, you'll find a computer station where you can use Electronics skill to shut down the security systems. The actual stash you're looking for is on the sixth floor- take the left elevator. In a safe you'll find an envelope labelled "ELLISIA." Inside you'll find an animal hide covered with markings, and treated to make it transparent. Quickly Joshua recognizes it as an overlay to a map- in other words, you lay the hide on top of a map, and it'll give you the directions to...?

Oh, well. You have more important things to worry about- like the alarm you just tripped. Renraku's guards are heavily armed and armored... but so are you, at this point. Use your heavy pistols, SMGs, hands, and spells to make short work of these guys. Then just sit tight until the alarm quits, before heading back down to the first floor and get the heck out of dodge!

Thus ends this search for clues. It's time to go looking for Frosty.

Let's find Frosty


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