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The Sinsearch

First, let's go through the Amerindian village, then into the cave to the southeast. You'll be spending a lot of time in caves from this point on, so get used to it. Go out the south exit, and follow the path.
Take the east fork, if you want to find the Stark secret quest, or the west fork to continue on.

Three caves in a row- continue past them, south, west, then south, then follow the path again, to the northwest corner of the map, and the entrance to the Sinsearach village.

Ask to speak with the tribal elders, and you'll be given a chance to prove yourself.

First, the trial of friendship. Go back to the Amerindian village, either by helicopter ride or hoofing it, then find Buffalo woman and deliver the elders' gift.

Make it back to the sinsearch for the next trial: Rescue Ilene Two Fists, a fellow Shadowrunner who has not been seen in some time.

Caleb will know of Ilene Two Fists. She got caught on a Run, and is now in Hollywood correctional. Another Run! There are three Contacts who can get you into Hollywood without being attacked (Sgt. Macklemann, Sgt. Chillicut and Henry J. Culver). Use one, or simply blast your way in. You'll find Ilene in the northwesternmost cell.
After rescuing her Ilene will be available to hire as a shadowrunner (look for her in the Redmond Barrens' Jump House). While not the best samurai around, Ilene still manages to kick some ass. I like her.

Return to the Sinsearch for your Last test. Just make the promise. A positive answer, and you'll get info on Thon and Ellisia, and Frosty- if you've finished your three quests for Spirit Eyes.

Once they've been taken care of, you'll meet Frosty, who compliments you on your abilities, then tells you of Harlequin, her employer, in the Tarlisar Garden Apartments, in the Puyallup Barrens.

Harlequin and the Final Battle



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