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A country of goblins and magic... it seems, on the surface. Everyone knows that under this barren land is The Pit, where the wizards of Deyja reside. Watch out for the undead, and do take care, because there are harpies about and the roads have an "undead tax" on them. Also, this is one of the few areas where the open times of stores are reversed.

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Vital Statistics
Open Times: 6pm to 6am
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Goblins, Harpies and Zombies

MondayErathia, 3 Days
TuesdayTularean Forest, 2 Days
WednesdayErathia, 3 Days
ThursdayTularean Forest, 2 Days
FridayErathia, 3 Days
SaturdayTularean Forest, 2 Days
NorthTularean Forest, 7 Days
SouthErathia, 5 Days
EastTularean Forest, 5 Days
WestErathia, 7 Days

Main Map
Tularean Forest, 7 Days Tularean Forest, 5 Days Erathai, 5 Days Erathia, 7 Days Mini Map Watchtower 6 Hall of the Pit William Setag's Tower
1 Watchtower 6 Quest Action: Disable the counterweight. (Go to Watchtower 6 in the Deyja Moors, and move the weight from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower. Then return to William Lasker in the Erathian Sewers.)
2 "Necromancer Tax" Pay 1000 Gold or be attacked by Zombies.
3 William Setag's Tower Quest: Capture Alice Hargreaves from her residence in Castle Gryphonheart and return her to William Setag's Tower in the Deyja Moors.
Quest Action: Rescue Alice Hargreaves (Rescue Alice Hargreaves from William's Tower in the Deyja Moors then talk to Sir Charles Quixote.)
4 Shadowrunner's Home Teaches Master Stealing.
5 Kedrin Residence Rumors
6 Ochide Residence Rumors
7 Foestryke Residence Teaches Master Bodybuilding.
8 Faithful Steeds Stables
8 Heroism Pedastal Grants Heroism.
8 Well Grants +2 Intellect, Permanent. Works once per character.
9 Shrine ???
10 Fellbern's House Teaches Grandmaster Mace.
11 Nightcrawler Residence Teaches Expert Dark Magic.
12 Well ???
13 Wiseman Residence Teaches Expert Meditation.
14 The Snobbish Goblin Tavern
Quest Action: Choose Judge Sleen as successor (Choose a judge to succeed Judge Grey as arbiter in Harmondale.)
15 Hawker Residence Rumors
16 Avalanche's Teaches Grandmaster Earth Magic.
17 Putnam Residence Teaches Expert Learning.
17 Well Grants +5 Fire Resistance, Permanent. Works once per character.
18 Obelisk #4: a_eetcoa
19 Chest Quest Item: Golem right leg (Collect the six golem pieces and construct a complete golem, then return to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.)
20 Chest Quest Item: Golem left leg (Collect the six golem pieces and construct a complete golem, then return to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.)
21 Attribute Contest Grants 5 Skill Points if named Attribute is at least 50. Works once per character.
22 Hall of the Pit Leads to the Pit
Quest Action: Find the Seasons' Stole (Retrieve the Seasons' Stole from the Hall of the Pit and return it to Gary Zimm in the Bracada Desert.)

Mini Map #1
1 Cleareye's Home Teaches Grandmaster Perception.
2 Karrand Residence Offers Spirit Guild Membership.
3 Nevermore Residence Teaches Grandmaster Chain.
4 Well Makes the Active Character Drunk.
5 Harli's Place Rumors
6 Death's Door Magic Shop
7 Well Grants +10 Personality, Temporary.
8 Temple of Dark Temple
9 Slicer's House Teaches Master Sword.
Quest: Kill all the Griffins in Erathia and the Bracada Desert and return to Seth Drakkson in the Deyja Moors.
10 Undershadow's Home Drink Tea (Grants +50 Endurance, Temporary)
Quest: Go to the Celestial Court in Celeste and kill Lady Eleanor Carmine. Return with proof to Seknit Undershadow in the Deyja Moors.
10 Well Grants +10 Fire Resistance, Temporary.
11 Master Guild of Spirit Buy Master Spirit Spells.
12 Falk Residence Quest: Find the lost pirate map in the Tidewater Caverns in Tatalia and return to Daedalus Falk in the Deyja Moors.
Quest: Deface the Altar of Good in the Temple of the Sun in Evenmorn Isle and return to Daedalus Falk in the Deyja Moors.
13 The Blackened Vial Alchemist
14 Draken Residence Rumors
15 Mogren Residence Rumors
16 Botham's House Teaches Expert Armsmaster.
17 Heroism Pedastal Grants Heroism.

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