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The kingdom of Queen Catherine. The capital of Steadwick is a prosperous town, despite a previous war against the Lich-king Gryphonheart (Queen Catherine's father), and you will be visiting here often.

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Vital Statistics
Open Times: 6am to 6pm
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Bandits and Griffins

Evenmorn Island, 7 Days
MondayTatalia, 2 Days
Deyja, 3 Days
Avlee, 4 Days
TuesdayHarmondale, 2 DaysTatalia, 2 Days
WednesdayTatalia, 2 Days
Bracada Desert, 3 Days
Bracada Desert, 6 Days
ThursdayHarmondale, 2 Days
Deyja, 3 Days
Tatalia, 2 Days
FridayTatalia, 2 DaysAvlee, 4 Days
SaturdayHarmondale, 2 Days
Bracada Desert, 3 Days
Tatalia, 2 Days
NorthDeyja, 5 Days
SouthBracada Desert, 5 Days
EastHarmondale, 5 Days
WestTatalia, 5 Days

Main Map
1 The Hidden Tomb Quest Action: Explore the Hidden Tomb (Crack the code in the School of Sorcery in the Bracada Desert to reveal the Tomb of Ashwar Nog'Nogoth. Discover the tomb's location, enter it, and the return it to Stephan Sand in the Pit.)
2 Cauldron Grants +2 to a random Resistance, Permanent. Works for one character.
3 Shrine ???
4 Pretty House Rumors
5 Forgewright Residence Teaches Master Plate.
6 Gareth's House Teaches Grandmaster Repair Item.
7 Contest Grants +5 Skill Points if named Attribute is over 50. Works once per character.
8 Fort Riverstride Quest Action: Find Fort Riverstride Plans (Retrieve plans from Fort Riverstride and return them to Eldrich Parson in Castle Navan in the Tularean Forest.)
9 The Bandit Caves Quest Action: Find Davrik's Signet Ring.(Retrieve Davrik's Signet ring from the Bandit Caves in the northeast of Erathia and return it to Davrik Peladium in Harmondale.)
10 Wain Manor Teaches Grandmaster Dodging.
10 Well Grants +10 Accuracy, Temporary.
11 Dreamwright Residence Teaches Grandmaster Spirit Magic.
12 Norris' House Teaches Grandmaster Unarmed.
13 Castle Gryphonheart Quest: Rescue Loren Steel from the Tularean Caves in the Tularean Forest and return him to Queen Catherine.
Quest Action: "Find" false Riverstride Plans. (Retrieve plans from Fort Riverstride and return them to Eldrich Parson in Castle Navan in the Tularean Forest.)
Quest Action: Return Gryphonheart's Trumpet to Queen Catherine (Retrieve Gryphonheart's Trumpet from the battle in the Tularean Forest and return it to whichever side you choose.)
Quest Action: Kidnap Alice Hargreaves (Capture Alice Hargreaves from her residence in Castle Gryphonheart and return her to William Setag's Tower in the Deyja Moors.)
14 Master Guild of Body Buy Master Body Spells.
15 Paramount Guild of Spirit Buy Grandmaster Spirit Spells.
16 Adept Guild of Mind Buy Expert Body Spells.
16 Heroism Pedastal Grants Heroism.
17 The Erathian Sewers Find Bill Lasker and the Thieves Guild.
18 Lady Catherine Ship
19 Obelisk #2: ininhil_
20 Ravenswood Residence Rumors
21 Blayze's Teaches Grandmaster Fire Magic.

Mini Map #1
1 Royal Steeds Stables
2 Well ???
3 Queen Catherine's Armorsmith
4 The Queen's Forge Blacksmith
5 In Her Majesty's Service Training Hall
6 Guthwulf's Home Rumors
7 Wolverton Residence Teaches Expert Shield.
8 Castro's House Rumors
9 Well Grants +20 Body Resistance, Temporary.
10 Laraselle Residence Makes Weapons from Ore.
11 Sourbrow Home Makes Armor from Ore.
12 Agraynel Residence Makes Items and Accessories from Ore.
13 Tish Residence Rumors
14 Talion House Rumors
15 Ravenhill Residence Teaches Expert Sword.
16 Cardrin Residence Rumors
17 Well Cures Disease.
18 Lead Trandformations Alchemist
19 Her Majesty's Magics Magic Shop
20 House of Solace Temple
21 Day of the Gods Pedastal Grants Day of the Gods.
22 Org House Quest: Destroy all the undead in the Haunted House in the Barrow Downs and return to Fredrick Org in Erathia.
Quest: Raid the Elven Treasury at Castle Navan in the Tularean Forest and return to Fredrick Org in Erathia.
23 Quixote Residence Quest:Kill Wromthrax the Hearless in his cave in Tatalia, then talk to Sir Charles Quixote.
Quest: Rescue Alice Hargreaves from William's Tower in the Deyja Moors then talk to Sir Charles Quixote.
24 Bank of Erathia Bank
25 Havest Residence Teaches Expert Mace.
26 Griffin's Rest Tavern
27 Fountain Grants +5 Personality, Temporary.
28 Fountain Grants +50 Might, Temporary
29 Steadwick Townhall Town Hall
30 Talresh Residence Rumors
31 Barnes Home Quest: Win a game of Arcomage in all thirteen taverns, then return to Gina Barnes in Erathia.
32 Julian's Home Teaches Expert Mind Magic.
33 Heartsworn Home Teaches Expert Body Magic.
34 Well Grants +2 Might, Permanent. Works once per character.
35 Hiller Residence Sells Griffin Feathers. Buys Arrowheads.
36 Thrush Residence Quest: Take Sealed Letter to Lord Markham in Lord Markam's Manor in Tatalia for Collector Norbert Thrush.
37 Cardon Residence Offers Mind Guild Membership.
38 Dirthmoore Residence Offers Body Guild Membership.
39 Eversmyle Residence Offers Spirit Guild Membership.

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