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Land of the Giants

The Land of the Giants is home, not surprisingly, giant creatures such as Titans and Dragons. VERY few people live here, but very notable is the shrine that connects it to Harmondale. There's said to be a colony of Devils in this area also.

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Vital Statistics
Open Times: Irrelevant
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Devils, Dragons and Titans

No travel possible.

Main Map

1 Colony Zod Quest Action: Kill Xenofex.
(Go to Colony Zod in the Land of the Giants and slay Xenofex then return to Resurectra in Castle Lambent in Celeste)
(Go to Colony Zod in the Land of the Giants and slay Xenofex then return to Kastore in the Pit.)
2 Dragon Cave West Home of the Mega Dragon.
3 Dragon Cave East Quest Action: Find a Dragon Egg (Retrieve the dragon egg from the Dragon Cave in the Land of the Giants and return it to Tor Anwyn in Mount Nighon.)
4 Shrine Warps to shrine at 12 in Harmondale. Can use Harmondale shrine to return here once activated.
5 Lasiter's Home Teaches Grandmaster Armsmaster.
5 Well Wishing Well.
5 Haste Pedastal Grants Haste.
6 Air Resistance Pedastal Grants Air Resistance.
7 Fire Resistance Pedastal Grants Fire Resistance.
8 Heroism Pedastal Grants Heroism.
9 Immolation Pedastal Grants Immolation.
10 Water Resistance Pedastal Grants Water Resistance.
11 Stoneskin Pedastal Grants Stoneskin.
12 Day of the Gods Pedastal Grants Day of the Golds.
13 Shield Pedastal Grants Shield.
14 Earth Resistance Pedastal Grants Earth Resistance.
15 Body Resistance Pedastal Grants Body Resistance.
16 Mind Resistance Pedastal Grants Mind Resistance.
17 Tunnels to Eeofol Leads back to Thunderfist Tunnels.
18 Obelisk #11: veoseo_l

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