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Stone City

One of the greatest Dwarven Cities known, it is ruled by King Hothfarr IX. It's a prosperous city, but one under a cloud of worry: monsters have invaded their Red Dwarf Mines and it seems that the warlocks of Nighon have tunneled into the mines under Stone City....

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Vital Statistics
Location: Barrow Downs
Open Times: 6 am to 6 pm
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Troglodytes and Dwarven Soldiers

+ Ore Vein Click on the wall to gain a chunk of Ore.
* Barrel Effect varies with color.
1 War College Training Hall
2 Fountain ???
3 The Balanced Axe Blacksmith
4 Fountain ???
5 The Polished Pauldron Armorsmith
6 Mineral Wealth Bank
7 Grogg's Grog Tavern
8 Gizmo's Teaches Expert Repair Item
9 Spark's House Teaches Expert Plate.
Quest: Kill all the Troglodytes underneath Stone City and return to Spark Burnkindle in Stone City.
10 Master Guild of Earth Buy Master Earth spells.
11 Delicate Things Magic Shop
12 Potent Potions & Brews Alchemist
13 Fountain ???
14 Throne Room Quest: Rescue the Dwarves from the Red Dwarf Mines and return to the Dwarf King in Stone City in the Barrow Downs.
15 Thorinson Residence Teaches Expert Mace and Expert Body Building.
16 Seline's House Teaches Grandmaster Spear.
17 Keenedge Residence Teaches Master Axe.
18 Thain's House Teaches Expert Merchant.
19 Welman Residence Teaches Expert Earth Magic.
20 Temple of Stone Temple
21 Stone City Treasury Enter and all Dwarven Soldiers become hostile.
22 Obelisk #14: ___d___d
23 Exit to Barrow Downs Go to Barrow Downs.
24 Exit to Nighon Tunnels Go to Nighon Tunnels.

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