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Barrow Downs

This land is barren and teeming with unholy things: undead and demons. The dwarves live in a city on a plateau in this wasteland, and rumor is that a lonely manor in these lands are haunted...

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Vital Statistics
Open Times: Irrelevant
Respawn Time: 2 Years
Spotted Monsters: Gogs, Gargoyles and Wraiths

NorthHarmondale, 5 Days
SouthBracada Desert, 7 Days
EastHarmondale, 7 Days
WestTularean Forest, 5 Days

Main Map
Harmondale, 5 Days Bracada Desert, 5 Days Bracada Desert, 7 Days Harmondale, 7 Days Haunted Mansion Barrow X Barrow IX Barrow VII Stone City
1 Fissure ResidenceRumors
1 Garnet House Rumors
2 Miner's Only Tavern
3 Rivenrock Residence Sells Glass Bottles. Buys Sand.
4 Barrow IX Enter the Dwarven Barrows.
Quest Action: Find the Lantern of Light (Retrieve the Lantern of Light from the Barrow Downs and return it to Tarin Withern in Harmondale.)
Quest Action: Find the Meditation Pool (Find the lost meditation spot in the Dwarven Barrows.)
Quest Action: Return the remains of Zokarr IV to his tomb (Retrieve the bones of the Dwarf King from the tunnels between Stone City and Nighon and place them in their proper resting place in the Barrow Downs, then return to Anthony Green in the Tularean Forest.)
5 Contest Grants +5 Skill Points if named Attribute is over 50. Works once per character.
6 Obelisk #10: ivg_whn_ (Barrow Downs)
7 Barrow VII Enter the Dwarven Barrows. See Barrow IX.
8 Shrine ???
9 Dallia's House Rumors
10 Well Grants +25 Fire Resistance, Temporary.
11 Feldspar's Home Rumors
12 Gemstone Residence Rumors
13 Chest Quest Item: Golem chest (Collect the six golem pieces and construct a complete golem, then return to Thomas Grey in the School of Sorcery.)
14 Cauldron Grants +2 Air Resistance, Permanent. Works for one character.
15 Stone City Enter Stone City.
15 Mind Resistance Pedastal Grants Mind Resistance.
15 Fire Resistance Pedastal Grants Fire Resistance.
16 The Haunted Mansion Quest Action: Destroy all undead within the Mansion (Destroy all the undead in the Haunted House in the Barrow Downs and return to Fredrick Org in Erathia.)
17 Barrow X Enter the Dwarven Barrows. See Barrow IX.

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