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Walkthrough Part 2

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Strawberry Village

After the explosion, Ranma wakes up alone in a cell, and Kouchou appears and reveals his plans to you. After he leaves, walk to the cracked part of the wall, and Ranma will blow it up!

    Once you are free, exit, and you'll be behind a waterfall. Walk to the right and you'll see a bridge. Cross it, and you'll be in Strawberry Village. Here talk with everyone, and they'll tell you about the spa in Apple Village. You should also buy some stuff here if you need it (especially the Public head protection). Now you can exit the town and you'll be in the World Map.

    Now that you are in the World Map you can fight some new enemies to build up your level. To reach Apple Village, go to the southwest from Strawberry Village.

Apple Village

When you enter you'll meet up with Ryouga, who will ask you about Akane, and when Ranma tells him what happened he will join you! I recommend you that before continuing you should go to buy equipment for Ryouga, also buy the Steel weapon for Ranma, and go outside to build up several levels.

    In Apple Village talk with the girl in the center of the town, and she'll tell you her mom works in the spa, and also that there is a funny panda there. Now Head to the spa (the biggest building), and go in. There you'll discover that the spa has been built by the Akanekodan and the panda has left the village. Go upstairs and you'll see two Akanekodan soldiers in the last room, and you'll have to fight them.

    When you beat them they'll run away and Ranma will chase them to the women's bath. If Ranma or Ryouga are in their normal form you won't be able to enter, so use the Bucket on them and the women there won't slap you. Now, go through the wall in the back and use the Kettle to change to the normal form again.

SECRET PASSAGE: This is an easy maze, but the enemies here are harder than you would expect, so be prepared. Follow the path and go downstairs. In this room you won't have problems seeing all the chests or the right path, so continue to the next room. Here head to the north and take the path to the right, you'll see a chest, so take it and go back so you can take the other path, and you'll see another chest and the stairs to the last room, where you'll find Akane in a prison cell, but it's a trap, and you'll have to fight Yasha.

Boss: Yasha
  This is your real first boss, so it won't be as easy as the other battles you had at the start. Just be careful when Yasha uses his strength moves, and heal if you need it, he won't last long using your specials.

    After the fight Akane will be free, she'll tell you that Genma and Shampoo were taken to another village, and after showing you another secret passage she will rejoin your party.

    Go through the new path, and exit the Secret Passage. You'll be in a new area of the World Map. Go to the south, and you should see a new village.

Chestnut Village

When you enter, the guards at the entrance will stop you, and thinking you are members of the Akanekodan, they'll try to stop you after Ranma ignores them. The village chief will appear and will take you to his house, and after he apologizes, he tells you what happened: the Akanekodan has taken the neighbouring villages, Peach Village and Persimmon Village, to the north and to the south respectively. Ranma asks about the Peach Gem, and he's told that it's located in the White Tree Shrine, which is protected by a seal, and it can only be broken using the Token of Hajutsu, in hands of the chief, who gives it to you. After this event two Akanekodan spies appear and run away to tell what they've heard to their bosses.

    Now that you control your characters again, go to the stairs in the left corner, and you can find a chest with a Maharaja Fan. Leave the chief village's house, and buy new head protection and some items if you need them. Now in the World Map since you can't reach Peach Village yet you should go to the south to visit Persimmon Village.

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