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Walkthrough Part 3

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Persimmon Village

Here you'll see that all people are scared by the Akanekodan, and most of the habitants have already left or are planning to leave... Go to the chief's house, which is the bottom-left one, and talk with him. You'll discover the Akanekodan has a tower hideout to the southeast, then a man will enter, saying that the Akanekodan have returned. When you exit you'll meet up with Akira and his brother, who tell you that they want the village to make a cabaret, and after recognizing Ranma they run away, calling their sister, Rasetsume, who kidnaps the chief's daughter, Lin-Lin, and requests the Token of Hajutsu in return. You'll find some accesories in the chief's house.

    You must go now to the Akanekodan Tower, which is to the southeast of the town, just follow the coast and you'll see it.

Akanekodan Tower

Like the previous dungeons, this is an easy maze, so don't worry about it. When you enter you see two paths, take the right one to take a chest. Now return to the other path, so you can go up to the next floor. There, first go up and you'll be able to take another chest, with the Straw Sandals. In the next floor you'll find a chest in the top-right corner, and three stairs down; the left and right lead to treasure chests, and in the center you'll meet up with the Akanekodan: Akira, his brother, Rasetsume and Genbu. Ranma gives the Token of Hajutsu to them, and Genbu leaves to Peach Village with it. Rasetsume doesn't free Lin-Lin and you fight her.

Boss: Rasetsume
  This fight is easy, so you won't have problems. Just use your specials and heal if you need it.

    After you win, Rasetsume will pretend to be dead, and Lin-Lin will be free. Now return to Persimmon Village, and after the chief thanks you, you'll be informed that the west bridge has been repaired, so you can go now to Peach Village. To reach it cross the west bridge and go northwest.

Peach Village

You'll see that an Akanekodan soldier is at the door of the White Tree Shrine and he doesn't let you enter. Go left and down, and you'll see a tent and a small lake, talk to Gako there, and Tattsuan will help you to enter the White Tree Shrine, digging a tunnel. Before continuing I suggest you to buy new equipment and items if needed. After a short walk in the tunnel you'll appear in the White Tree Shrine.

WHITE TREE SHRINE: Here take the stairs and you'll be in a cavern with two paths, both of them will lead you to two chests and the next stairs. On this floor first head up, and you should see two more forks, each one with a dead end and a chest at the end, after you take them continue to the right path at the start of the floor, again two more forks, go down to take a chest and up to reach the next floor. Here there are three paths at the start: one down which leads to a chest, another to the right with more stairs, where you'll find a chest with a Strength Band; and finally, the left path, which has another chest going up and the final staircase down. On this floor you'll meet up with Genbu, who is going to take the Peach Gem, a new boss fight starts.

Boss: Genbu
  Genbu uses attacks that damage the entire party, so be careful with Akane's HP.

    When Genbu loses, he vanishes and Ranma takes the Peach Gem, so exit the White Tree Shrine; Gako and Tattsuan will be waiting for you. After a short conversation, they decide that Ranma should keep the Peach Gem and a messenger from Persimmon tells you that the chief requests you, so return to Persimmon, and search for him in his house, where he tells what you should do next: go to the Southern region, where the Akanekodan are attacking and the other two treasures are located. To go there he prepares a boat for you, waiting outside the village.

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