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Walkthrough Part 4

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Port Village

This is a small village... here you'll learn about a cave in the desert where some girls have been taken and about Sakura Village. You should now go to the Desert Cave, although you can head to Sakura Village first to get better equipment.

    Exit the town, and head west across the desert, and you'll find eventually the cave.

Desert Cave

This dungeon can be a little annoying at first, but it's easier than it seems: in the first floor go down-left, to find an Adamant Cloth, go right and up to find the stairs to the next floor. This floor has the shape of a square, you appear in the top-left corner, there is a chest in the top-right corner, and in the down-left corner, but you have to cross the middle or the right border to get it; in the down-right corner there is a staircase that leads to another chest, and in the middle you'll find the staircase to the last floor. There, first go all the way up to get the last chest, in the other path you'll find Mousse and Shampoo talking, Ranma will intervene and you'll fight Mousse.

Boss: Mousse
  Mousse is a lot harder than you would expect, he attacks before you and is stronger than you could think comparing him with the previous bosses, so watch out for your HP carefully, it's possible that you may want to use some items to refill your Ki as well, something "new" for me until now.

    When you win, Mousse runs away, and Shampoo rejoins your party. You are told about a panda in Sakura Village, and you can exit the cave through a staircase a bit forward. Before going to Sakura Village I suggest you to build some levels with Shampoo, you'll need it.

    Your next goal is Sakura Village, which is located to the south of the cave, crossing the bridge, and a bit to the west, you'll see it surrounded by some cherry trees.

Sakura Village

When you enter you'll see Genma being led away by an Akanekodan soldier. Ryouga will try to chase him, but he goes on the opposite direction... getting lost, and therefore you are now without him in the party.

    Talking with the people here you'll learn about the Panda God and his harem, located at the top left part of the town, with an Akanekodan soldier guarding the entrance to it. He only lets pretty girls pass, so use the Bucket on Ranma.

PANDA HAREM: You won't have any problem here since there aren't any enemies, just go to the stairs in the top left part of the first room, take the chests here and climb the other stairs. You'll find Genma and two Akanekodan soldiers, Ranma will try to convince his father to leave the Akanekodan, but a fight starts.

Boss: Genma + 2 Akanekodan Soldiers
  This fight is tough, and since Ryouga isn't in the party, it takes a lot of time to beat Genma. Watch Shampoo's HP, and don't let it fall under 120. It would be ideal if you have her at level 12 at least so she can use the Reppu Kikouheki Special to raise your characters' defense.

    Genma apologizes for his attitude, and after telling you that the Sakura Sword is near, he joins the party.

    In the village you discover where the next treasure is: a cavern located near the sea at the east. Leave and go to the south; you'll see a narrow path of sand between some mountains and a forest, follow it to the east, and you'll find the sea cavern, along with an Okonomiyaki Stand.

Sea Cavern

This maze is a bit confusing... so check the simple map I've done in the Maps Section or clicking here. When you take the "I" staircase you'll find a room where the Sakura Sword is located. Mousse appears and scolds Genma for leaving the Akanekodan, then Bujin also appears, convincing Genma to return to the Akanekodan, and fight Ranma again.

Boss: Genma + Mousse
  This fight is very hard. Use Shampoo to raise the characters' defense and Ranma's attack. Use Akane's healing specials every time your HP is under 150 or so. Mousse can heal himself and Genma too, so I suggest you defeat him first, and use your items to refill Ranma's Ki.

    After you win, Genma leaves, repenting for being beaten again. Mousse recovers his senses, reveals the Akanekodan hideout in Forest Village and then joins the party. Ranma takes the Sakura Sword: only one treasure remains. In the right path you'll some stairs, they take you to the World Map, and you'll see a man standing at the dock to the right. He will take you to Forest Village.

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