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Walkthrough Part 5

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    While you are traveling, the ship will be bombed and sunk, you'll end up in your cursed form, but don't worry about it for now, you'll need to be so to continue. Head to the nearby village.

Tree Village

Only women are allowed to enter here, so be sure to be on your cursed form. When you enter, you revert back to your normal form accidentally, so Ranma and Mousse end in the jail.

    Ryouga will appear breaking the wall of the jail, and will rejoin the group. Use the new opened tunnel to exit the jail; you'll find a girl, who only lets you pass if you are on your cursed form, if not she'll return you to the jail.

    There are a lot of chests on the way, so take them. In the town talk with everyone and you'll learn that Shampoo and Akane have been taken to Wood Village, so buy all that you may need and leave the village.

    To find Wood Village head southwest into a small forest.

Wood Village

When you enter, you see Shampoo and Akane, both tied up. Mousse tries to save them, but he gets hit by a Pineapple Bomb thrown by the Principal, who requests the Peach Gem and the Sakura Sword. Suzaku appears and the Principal gets distracted, so Ranma takes the opportunity and saves Shampoo and Akane. Then you have to fight the Principal.

Boss: Principal
  He is an easy boss, so I'm sure you'll be able to defeat him without problems.

    Once the Principal is defeated, Akane and Shampoo rejoin the party. Akane suggest going to Forest Village.

    Go talk with the elder in the top-left house, since he tells you how to enter Forest Village. Before going there I suggest you return to Tree Village and buy some equipment for Akane and Shampoo.

    Follow the path to the south; you'll reach a simple maze, which leads to the west, where you'll find a boulder blocking Forest Village: here you must follow the instructions the elder gave you (3 steps back from the boulder, then south), and you'll find an invisible path that leads to Forest Village.

Forest Village

Here you'll find your classmates, brainwashed and working for the Akanekodan. You'll see Kunou and Koudachi here too. Go to the left side of the building and you'll see the Forest Mirror found by one of the students, Kunou and Kodachi take it and run into the building.

KUNOU BUILDING: This dungeon is short, so you won't have any problems with it. On the first floor, take the first staircase you see to get a chest; every floor has several chests, and is small, so there won't be any problem to get everything here. Just take each staircase until you reach the third floor, where you'll find all Kunou family, and you'll fight them.

Boss: Kunou + Kodachi + Principal (II)
  Use Shampoo to raise Ranma and Ryouga's attack, and Akane to heal if needed, use your best Specials to beat them. I suggest trying to defeat Kunou and the Principal first, because Kodachi isn't as strong as them.

    After they are beaten, the control over them is lost, so they give you the Forest Mirror, then Suzaku appears.

Boss: Suzaku
  This battle is easy, but since your Ki and HP don't refill from the last battle (unless you level up) maybe you should use some items.

    Suzaku runs away and the Kunou family take all the kidnapped students to their airship. Exit the Kunou Building and talk with the principal, he'll take you to a new continent.

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