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Mission 10

Mission 10

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Psycho Gundam18AP1


You only have one enemy mobile suit to take down in this mission but it still is a hard mission.

It seems here that Kamiyuh has found him a women. Who he starts making out with on the park bench but I don't think I can go into the details here.

What's that over yonder? Its the Titan's new Psycho Gundam and it should come as no surprise that you have to fight it! You're in for a fun battle.

The Psycho Gundam is incredibly slow but it more than makes up for in firepower, one shot from it can take away a good 20AP. Then there is this attack (see screenshot) which is similar to the "jump on top of you and shot" move you seen before except this one is as deadly as it is cool to watch. BEWARE!!!

Luckily the Psycho Gundam's lack of speed more than allows enough time for you to input the button combination. You'll notice one thing though when you attack; you're not doing any damage!

If your lucky you may just deal a few points of damage to the Psycho but not anymore than 005AP. You still have to deal a certain amount of damage to the Psycho to win though. Your Vulcans seem to be more effective than your Beam Rifle.

The battle will pause momentarily through out the battle and Four will tell Kamiyuh something and then its back into battle.

Once the battle is finally over Four in the Psycho Gundam will fly off leaving Kamiyuh yelling her name.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 11!