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Mission 13

Mission 13

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission


This is another long-range battle. Not much else to say.

Your first battle isn't against the usual Hi-Zacks but don't worry you still get to fight them. Three Marasais put you on the defensive side of things right off but with the Zeta Gundam's speed you can very easily dodge every shot.

The second battle consists of four Hi-Zacks for you to play with. This pattern of 3x Marasais then 3x Hi-Zack continues on for the next 3 pairs of battles (6x Marasais and 6x Hi-Zacks left).

Jerrid's back *again* and he's brought another pal with him. Jerrid will be the only challenge in the battle but it really isn't all that challenging.

Both the Gabthley and Marasai come well equipped with fire power but lack the speed to catch you to use said fire power. You should be hit any except by the "grab and shot" attack. The Gabthley's will take out about 200AP and the Marasai's will take out around 100-150AP.

Focus all of your attacks on the Marasai to end this battle quickly. The battle will end when they have suffered around 700AP damage between the two of them.

The mission comes to a conclusion when Scirocco's ship touches down on the Moon, which just so happens to be the location of the next mission.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 14!