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Mission 14

Mission 14

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Mission 14 Maps

This battle (if you haven't figured it out already) will take place on the Moon. This Mission also includes your first Close Range battle since Mission 8. By the way, you'll have plenty of Hi-Zacks to keep you company.

The Hi-Zack's speed advantage in the Long Range battles is ridiculous. When you DO get a turn its probably spent trying to catch the fleeing Hi-Zack which you usually don't. This, overall, is one of the most frustrating Long Range battles in the game. This battle is followed by three more Hi-Zacks

Once the second wave of Hi-Zacks is gone, three Marasais greet you. These ironically enough isn't as hard as the Hi-Zacks and are extremly slower when compared with the Hi-Zacks. Ole reliable (A.K.A. H-M Launcher) is your new best friend if it wasn't already of course. Watching them burn is a very exciting sight to see.

You'll face two more waves of three Hi-Zacks followed by two waves of three Marasais. Finally, Yazan in the Gaplant will fly out to do a little bit more than welcome you to the Moon. He wants to give you and your Gundam a guided tour to death and destruction.

Yazan is a master of the lock and leave move (i.e. he locks on to you then flies off the screen and reappears and shots you), which is the same thing that Karicorn used in Mission 5. Once the Gaplant has sustained oever 600AP damage it will retreat from battle and you'll go down onto the Moon's surface to fight.

This is the first time that you've been given the oppurtunity to use the Zeta Gundam in a Close Range battle. The Zeta Gundam is more than enough to finish off the Hi-Zacks. Simple formula to remember; Kill, Kill, Kill, KIll, Move on to next area, & repeat.

Once you've defeated thirty-six Hi-Zacks another will fly in, destroying this one causes another one to fly in. Destroy this one and the Zeta Gundam will fly off to a new area where Yazan is waiting for you to finish the battle from before.

I'm going to suggest that you allow the Gaplant to destroy you. Why? When you retry the mission you'll start off at the beginning of the Close Range portion by-passing the Long Range portion. Use this time to level the Zeta Gundam up to at least, AT LEAST level 20 so that you won't get creamed in the missions to come. I'm not going to however because, what's a game without a little bit of a challenge?

This battle is nothing compared to the Long Range bout you had early. The Beam Rifle is nearly useless meaning you're going to have to hit him head on with a Beam Saber. You'll more than likely find yourself watching a very long combo that does a pitiful amount of damage to you.

With a little of patience and a few well placed Beam Saber slashes this battle will be over before you can say "Zeta". Well, maybe not THAT quick but fairly quick just the same. In fact, you shouldn't even need to use an Energy-PAC


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 15!