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Mission 16

Mission 16

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission


Plenty of Hi-Zacks for you to play with.

The first three battles consist of fighting a squad of three Hi-Zacks. After your first turn in any of the battles in this mission the background (space) will light up with a brillance of Energy beams and explosions making this mission really feel like Gundam.

Fast forward three battles into the future and you come upon the Messala. This battle isn't AS hard as some battles have been but it's still fairly difficult.

The Messala's first attack usually is its most devastating attack, the grab and shoot. I was at level 15 when I wrote this and it easily took out 400AP from the Zeta Gundam. This is a very dangerous battle because the Messala uses this same attack every other turn. Deal about 600AP worth of damage and you don't have to fear the Messala anymore.

Three more battles with three Hi-Zacks per battle follow. Eventually you'll make it to a point where Yazan comes out and challenges you to a battle. This battle is VERY fun.

The Hambrabi is very close in comparison with the Zeta as far as speed and firepower. The Hambrabi uses a fake-out attack pattern which means that it looks like he has grab on to you but then releases you and flies off screen and then reappear else where and then attack you. The Dual Shoulder Cannons mounted on the Hambrabi deal about 30AP damage with each and every hit that connects. DODGE THEM!!!

Luckily for you the Hambrabi only has 600 or so AP meaning a fairly quick victory. After the battle Reccoa ejects from the Methas and permanently joins the Titans. TRAITOR!!


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 17!