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Mission 17

Mission 17

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission
Hi-Zack320AP20 (+6)
Marasai280AP20 (+6)

Mission 17 Maps

This is the first Close Range ONLY mission since Mission 1. On the above table the (+6) is explained later on in the walkthrough.

For this mission you finally get to control both the Zeta Gundam and the MK II Gundam. Before you start bouncing off the walls in excitement there's something you should know. The MKII has the exact same stats it had when Kamiyuh was finished with it back in Mission 11. I was only at level 13 but hopefully you were much higher otherwise the MKII won't be much help in the upcoming battles.

I highly recommend that you use this mission to max out your levels and get all of your Special Attacks up to 100%. I personally use the Zeta Gundam to take out all of the Marasais which is rather easy since the Zeta SHOULD be much stronger than the Marasais.

Leveling the MKII up, on the other hand, is a whole lot harder to do. First I recommend removing all the points from any unnecassary abilities (Minofsky), and allocating them to the Items and getting an equal amount of Energy-Pacs and Magazines. Next, go find some Hi-Zacks and move close enough to them so that you'll be in range to use your (Pin Point) A-Gun attack. On your next time use Pin Point on the enemy unit that should deal about 200AP damage. Finally, use a close range attack on your next turn to hopefully defeat the enemy.

Once all enemy units have been defeated another enemy will fly in depending on which enemy type you destroyed last. If you destroyed a Marasai last then you'll fight 6 more Marasais one after the other, or if you defeated a Hi-Zack last then you'll fight 6 more Hi-Zacks one after the other. That's what the (+6) meant up at the top.

After accomplishing the above task Kamiyuh in the Zeta Gundam fly off to face Yazan in the Hambrabi alone. The Hambrabi gives you a rather SHOCKING welcome. This shouldn't be very damaging if you leveled up like I told you to.

The Hambrabi has two main attacks that it hits you with. One being a Beam Saber combo that knocks you back X amount of spaces, and another in which the Hambrabi turns into its Mobile Armor mode and fly in and shoot at you. At level 25 you should be receiving more than 100AP damage and should be dishing out about 200AP+ damage. This battle will be over before it even begins.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 18!