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Mission 25

Mission 25

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Mission 25 Maps

You'll be fighting the forces of Axis instead of the Titans which is a fairly nice change of pace.

Obviously Axis isn't going to have the same mobile suits as their enemies, which means you've got some new suits to see and battle. The Gaza-C, was I suppose very poweful in the anime but it isn't much stronger than a Barzam in the game. Use the same tactics you do for any other mobile suit for these.

Five squads of Gaza-Cs follow the first battle and then Haman comes out in her Qubeley to sum up the battle with a final attack. This could be one of the harder battles in the game.

The first thing that you'll more than likely notice is that you're fighting four enemies instead of only one. The Funnels are quick and deadly, not really but I like to over exaggerate a bit. Concentrate on the Qubeley because the more Funnels will be sent out if you destroy the ones present. The three Funnels do perform a rather deadly attack together. To counter this destroy two Funnels and leave only one; Qubeley won't dispatch more until all three are gone.

The Qubeley is fast but that's it. Qubeley is strong but not AS strong as you'ld think. Besides, this is your lucky day, you only need to deal 500AP damage to win.

Take out three of the four Funnels that the Qubeley has with it but leave one. Qubeley will dispatch four more Funnels if all are defeated. Some time your Beam Rifle will deal damage and sometimes your Beam Saber will; you'll have to pick one and pray that it deals damage to the Funnels.

To defeat the Qubeley simply take out 500AP from it. I use the for this too because it destroys mobile suits/armors quicker than a normal shot. You could always use your Beam Saber but you're going to want to have more than a few Energy-Pacs to repair yourself after the Qubeley's attacks.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 26!