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Mission 29

Mission 29

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Mission 29 Maps

Char heads off to finish the dispute between he and Haman once and for all.

This is the only time you'll get to play a Long Range battle with the Hyaku Shiki so be sure that you use some points and boost it's Sight Speed. Also be sure to get plenty of Energy-Pacs and Gun Magazines because you'll be fighting a Close Range battle too.

This battle is much harder with the Hyaku Shiki than it was with the Zeta Gundam in Mission 25. The Qubeley is stronger AND faster than the Hyaku Shiki could ever hope to be and you'll be fighting Funnels as well as the Qubeley.

The Funnels will become annoying if they're not taken out, but if all of them are destroyed the Qubeley will dispatch more. Do the same here you did with the Zeta Gundam and destroy two of the three Funnels. This will lessen the chances of you getting damaged and the amount of time you have to wait for your turn.

With two of the Funnels out of the way proceed to attack the Qubeley. You probably won't even get enough time to attack it which is VERY frustrating. The Qubeley is ALWAYS the first enemy unit to attack, use this to your advantage. While the Funnel attacks you keep the Qubeley in your sights (the white square) and hopefully when your turn comes you'll be able to quickly get a lock-on before the Qubeley gets to move. If not, wait until your next turn because more than likely you won't be able to catch up with the Qubeley.

Deal around 2000AP damage and you'll be finished. Char in the Hyaku Shiki and Haman in the Qubeley fly into what appears to be a destroyed part of a ship or base. Time for the Close Range battle!

The damage that the Qubeley can do to the Hyaku Shiki is ridiculous. The Qubeley's strongest attack can inflicts 325AP damage to the Hyaku Shiki! If you're running low on Energy-Pacs from the Long Range battle you may want to let yourself be destroyed so you can get more Energy-Pacs at the Prime Point menu. Don't worry about having to fight the Long Range battle again because you won't have to. You'll go right back to the Close Range battle.

I suggest using your Beam Saber instead of your A-Gun attacks. Regardless of whatever you attack with the Qubeley will more than likely attack you with its Beam Saber for massive damage. The Hyaku Shiki's Beam Saber combos, particularly , is more powerful than an A-Gun attack that would only do 65AP damage per hit.

Continue to battle the Qubeley while making sure to heal when needed. Once the Qubeley has taken 1000AP damage it will destroy one of the Hyaku Shiki's legs, and with that leg goes all of your Special Attacks. The battle isn't over yet in fact its far from being over.

The Qubeley will attack and destroy the Hyaku Shiki's arm and other leg before the battle is over. The exploding surroundings is your que to sit back and enjoy your well deserved ending, and I must say Char's ending is the best of the three!

This is the only screen from the ending that I'm showing. If you're familiar with the Gundam universe of anime you probably already know what'll come next...


Game Complete! Congratulations!

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