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Mission 5

Mission 5

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission


Yet another long range only mission and this introduces new suits to you.

This battle starts off much like all of the other ones, with a fight between three Hi-Zack's. You have three battles of three Hi-Zack's per battle to complete before you can move on.

This is a change you actually fight a boss like mobile suit before Jerrid comes out for his daily beating. The Messala should not be taken lightly.

If the Messala ever gets close to you and begins readying a blast you should run and hide because what happens next isn't very pretty. After readying the blast it unleashes all of hell's wraith on you (maybe it isn't that bad but bad none the less) and begins a rapid fire blast on the Gundam. The Messala can easily and when I say easily I mean VERY easily eliminate the Gundam if given the chance to do so. The fact that it is a great deal faster the the Gundam doesn't help either. Hopefully you made a savestate before the battle just in case.

If you're really lucky today then the Messala will transform into its other form that flys around shooting at you but isn't capable of doing the above mentioned attack. This should help you deplete its 250+AP but beware it can change back into the mobile suit mode at will. Good Luck!

Congratulations on beating the Messala! A new enemy mobile suit, the Marasai, will now be a regular enemy in up coming battles. These are a step above the Hi-Zack's a very small step at that and very similar to the Gelgoog seen in the One Year War. Use the same methods you used on the Hi-Zack's thus far to defeat these new Marasai's. You have three battles of three Marasai's a battle total to go before...

Once again Jerrid has come to fight you but this time he's brought a friend along with him. This battle isn't very hard just time consuming.

There is really only one thing besides the increased AP that set these two Marasai's away from the rest. They each have an attack where they'll fly right in front of you stop and act like it's about to shoot you and then it will fly off, when you go to fly around in hopes of dodging any blasts coming your way the Marasai will fly in out of nowhere and started shooting you rapidly. All of the other attacks these two use are no different then what you have seen thus far.

Continue fighting the Marasai's until they start to drift into the Earth and fade away and reappear. Keep attacking and next thing you'll see is Karicorn in his Marasai being sucked in and burnt up by the Earth's atmosphere. Now for a quote from Mortal Kombat: "TOASTSY!!!"

With the Jerrid and Karicorn the AEUG is free to drop their mobile suits into Earth's Atmosphere so they'll be able to continue fighting on the surface.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 6!