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Mission 6

Mission 6

Mobile Suit ImageNameAP TotalTotal Number in Mission

Mission 6 Maps

Before starting this mission I would recommend removing all the points on the Gunshot ATC & DEF and put them on the Close ATC & DEF because you're gonna need the added boost in defence when you fight Jerrid this time. NOTE: Jerrid's Marasai is only counted once in the above enemy table.

Here we have a Rick Dias, Hyaku Shiki, and the Gundam MK II. Don't get too excited because you only get to control the Gundam. I was looking forward to playing as the Hyaku Shiki too but you'll get it at a later point in the game.

Here's Jerrid in his Marasai and he's accompanied by three Hi-Zack's. All you have to do is defeat the Marasai but I would still destroy the Hi-Zack's for the experience.

You're probably going to have to take care of the Hi-Zack that is near you're starting postion so that it won't attack you when you're trying to get to the Marasai.

Once the Marasai has taken around 300AP damage it will fly off and the Gundam will fly off after it. In the new area you have three Marasai's and one Hi-Zack. As mentioned above you only need to defeat Jerrid's Marasai to progress, which is the one located at the top.

In this new area you probably are going to have to destroy the Marasai's and Hi-Zack's whether or not you want to. They usually fly towards you in what seems to be an attempt to protect Jerrid.

The next two areas are populated with two Marasai's, a Hi-Zack's, and Jerrid's Marasai. All you have to do is defeat Jerrid to cause him to fly off and you'll fly off after it.

After Jerrid has flown off for good, Kamiyuh in the Gundam will fly off and rescue Rekoa.


Mission Complete!

On to Mission 7!